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This is absolute torture of a child. This fat, disgusting, walking, breathing pile of BILE should be fired and shipped off to prison, and put in the electric chair. But nope - she keeps her job and only gets removed to teach even younger children - isn't that grand? These school districts are just as culpable since they do nothing. This stuff was UNTHINKABLE even back in the bloody PC nineties. Putin mentioned in his speech last week about the obvious pedophilia being promoted here. This is another tentacle of it. Pedophilia and Transvestism being pushed as good things... and on children... good god. There's bad, and then there is the most sick perverted bottom of the barrel bad - Which is this. And this goes straight up to the piece of filth "administration" in D.C. A pedophile installed fake "President" and his Nigger-Dyke White House Press Secretary are just two obvious examples.


NY teacher forced girl, 9, to use male pronouns — causing suicidal thoughts: suit - SICK SH$T
By Priscilla DeGregory
February 28, 2023 4:09pm  Updated

A Long Island teacher "forced" a 5th-grade girl to go by a male name and pronouns, confusing the child so much that she had suicidal thoughts, a lawsuit alleges.

(((Debra Rosenquist))) — a 5th-grade teacher at Terryville Road Elementary School in Port Jefferson Station — started calling the 9-year-old Leo and using opposite gender pronouns toward the beginning of the 2021-'22 school year, according to a lawsuit filed in Suffolk County Court by the child's parents last month.

The parents say they were only clued in about what was happening in January 2022, when the school principal called them telling them their child – referred to in court papers as A.V. – had drawn a picture of a girl, writing "I wanna kill myself" and "I feel sad like a lot," the filing claims.

The principal also informed the parents that A.V. had even met with the school psychologist telling the mental health worker that she "was confused about her gender identity," the court papers say.

Despite Rosenquist, 62, having referred to the student "for months at that point" as Leo, it was only during the Jan. 27, 2022 call that the parents were asked for the first time if this name was okay, the suit claims.

The parents were supportive "as long as it was A.V. who had requested the name change," the filing said. But they had doubts she had asked to be called Leo to identify as a boy — in the past, she been called that by a friend but in reference to her astrological sign.

A.V.'s parents also became concerned when they saw complaints against Rosenquist on Facebook, claiming the teacher had been reported for abuse but that the school district had done nothing about it because she was tenured, the suit alleges.

During a deeper dig into the social media comments, the parents found that Rosenquist didn't follow the school curriculum and taught her students about transgender people and told kids to "try being gay" or try going by the opposite gender, the suit claims. - WTF?!

The educator even made her own LGBTQ+ book called "I Am Neither" for her 9 and 10-year-old students and assigned a book called "When Aiden Becomes a Brother," according to the lawsuit. - WTF?!

While the parents weren't concerned by the topic, they were worried that it was being taught at too young an age and were also worried that Rosenquist "had significantly deviated from the district's curriculum," the suit claims.

One of the parents met with the principal, the superintendent and the assistant superintendent on Feb. 3, 2022 where the administrators "admitted that the issue was 'not handled properly'" and said they hadn't known about the off-curriculum materials that Rosenquist had been using, the filing alleges.

While they said they had investigated, "it was clear the investigation was superficial at best," the suit claims.

The parents are accusing the school of negligence in failing to properly monitor Rosenquist's classroom and train and supervise staff.

The parents "were incredibly concerned about the well-being of their 9-year-old daughter," the court papers say. "They have and will always support A.V. but worried that A.V. was being persuaded by Rosenquist to be transgender when she had not expressed any such inclination."

A.V. was placed in a different classroom but now is the subject of bullying and alienation, the filing alleges.

Some of her classmates even have a text message group where they discussed leaving A.V. out with comments including: "literally tho what is she??? Girl?? Boy???" the court paper say.

The whole ordeal has caused A.V. to suffer from "humiliation," "anxiety," "emotional pain," and "trauma." And the family has had to pay for psychological treatment and lawyers fees.

The family is suing for unspecified damages.

Rosenquist was removed from that classroom but is now teaching younger students, according to the family's lawyer Debra Wabnik.

Wabnik told The Post in a statement that Rosenquist "manipulated a pre-teen female into changing her gender identity when the child did not feel any inclination to do so." A working number could not be found for Rosenquist Tuesday.

"The psychological and social damage Rosenquist caused this child and her family was immense," Wabnik said. "Incredibly, the district still has Rosenquist in the classroom where she can similarly harm other innocent children."

A.V. "prefers female, as she always did. At no point did she identify as male," the lawyer said. "The notion that she identified as male was foisted upon her by Rosenquist."

Comsewogue School District Superintendent Jennifer Quinn said they investigated and took action in accordance with the laws and union agreements.

"The Comsewogue School District fosters a caring atmosphere conducive to learning free of any behaviors violative of our goal of dignity for all students," Quinn said in a statement Tuesday.

"The health, safety and welfare of our students and staff are always the district's top priority."

She declined to comment on Rosenquist's job status and declined to comment on the allegations citing pending litigation and student confidentiality. - Because they aren't going to do anything. That's why.

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Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on Tue 21 Feb 2023Noted Comment

Fr. Philip Kontos

Ironically in debunking these videos you actually have given more information on the black inventors and the improvements they made (and also educated others on their contributions to society) much more than these "readers digest" type of videos that give no background or info on the inventors, just names.

Blocked Comment
Rev. Cailen Cambeul[/b]

LMFWAO! That's HYSTERICAL. Good one, Reverend Cambeul.  =))
Nothing new here. Israel doing what it does... The UN doing what it does... The US Government doing what it does... No changes.


RT NEWS (Russia Today)
21 Feb, 2023 04:00
Home / World News

US thwarts UN resolution on Israel – media

Statement on settlements reportedly downgraded due to pressure from American officials

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has issued a statement denouncing Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, deeming them a major obstacle to peace in the region. While a separate resolution would have called for an immediate end to all settlement activity, it was successfully thwarted by American negotiators, according to multiple outlets.

The Security Council expressed "deep concern and dismay" over the further expansion of settlement outposts on Monday, citing recently announced plans by the Israeli government to legally authorize nine existing settlements in the West Bank.

The UNSC "strongly opposes all unilateral measures that impede peace," including the "construction and expansion of settlements, confiscation of Palestinians' land, the 'legalization' of settlement outposts, demolition of Palestinians homes and displacement of Palestinian civilians," it said, adding that ongoing settlement activity is "dangerously imperiling the viability of the two-state solution."

The 'two-state solution' is among several blueprints proposed to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict over the decades, envisioning an independent state of Palestine based on the territory's borders as they existed before the Six-Day War of 1967, after which Israeli forces occupied both Gaza and the West Bank.

While Israel's troops withdrew from Gaza in 2005, the military continues to occupy the West Bank, often providing security for Israeli settlers building homes and communities on Palestinian land.

A long line of humanitarian orgs, as well as the UN itself, have repeatedly denounced the settlements as violations of international law – namely Article 49 of the Geneva Conventions, which states that "occupying powers" must not "deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies."

However, with hundreds of thousands of Israelis now living in the West Bank, the government has insisted on their right to remain in the area, creating major complications for any future two-state solution.

The US has consistently supported Israel amid criticism of the settlements and other policies toward the Palestinians, frequently using its veto power at the UN to shut down resolutions seeking to condemn or curtail Israel's actions. Washington has similarly opposed efforts to seek accountability at other global bodies, such as the International Criminal Court.

According to the Associated Press, Monday's UN statement was deliberately "watered down" following a pressure campaign by American diplomats, who reportedly led "high-stakes negotiations" to kill a legally binding Security Council resolution which would have required immediate action on the settlements. After heavily promoting the resolution, the Palestinian Authority ultimately "agreed to suspend its efforts" thanks to "US pressure and mediation," Axios reported.

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The same overlapping bosh from the Insane Asylum that is the Niggerist left: Implying a non-White politician as a "White Supremacist."

             "uses her brown skin to launder white supremacist talking points." - Give us all a break :ok


Nikki Haley says left targets her age, race because she's liberals' 'biggest threat'
By Mark Moore
February 21, 2023 3:34pm  Updated

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said Tuesday that she's been the target of vicious smears from the left over her age and her race because she is the "biggest threat that liberals have ever seen."

Haley was asked by Fox News host Harris Faulkner to respond to Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali, who said on MSNBC over the weekend that the former ambassador to the United Nations "uses her brown skin to launder white supremacist talking points."

"It's not a surprise," shrugged Haley, the former South Carolina governor and daughter of Indian immigrants. "They've done this for a long time.

"You read the poll numbers of how I do with independents and suburban women, and all of those," Haley went on. "They know that I am the biggest threat that liberals have ever seen and they're scared about it."

Haley then responded to "CNN This Morning" co-host Don Lemon, who claimed last week that the 51-year-old Haley "isn't in her prime" after she called for politicians over the age of 75 to undergo mental competency tests.

"You want to tell me I'm past my prime? Hold my beer and watch this," she said. "Because I'm telling you, where we are going to take America is going to change all of that, and they know how hard I'll work and they know how tough I am. Bring it, we're ready."

Haley has been a regular on the cable channel to respond to the likes of Lemon, 56, and Ali, as well as "The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who attacked Haley Monday in response to her call for a "new generation" of leaders.

"You're not a new generation. You're 51. What are you talking about?" Goldberg said, later adding: "She may be younger than most of those people, but her rhetoric is the same. She's saying the same BS." - That's funny coming from you. You've been spouting BS your entire life.

"Look at how hypocritical this is," Haley told Fox News' "Hannity" Monday night. "If a Republican had said this about Kamala Harris​ — if a Republican had said this about any Democrat​ –​ they'd be asking for people to be fired. You're not hearing any of that​.

"​I mean, the ​first day it was Whoopi Goldberg​. ​T​he second day it's Don Lemon. You know, today ​'The View​'​ picks it back up again​," she said. ​"​And they're trying to glorify ​[Sen.] ​Dianne Feinstein​ and ​[Rep.] ​Maxine Waters when I say we should have mental competency tests for people over the age of 75? You know, we've easily struck a nerve, but I'll wear it as a badge of honor​."

​"​They can't stand a conservative minority female not being a Democrat," Haley added. "And so they will continue to throw everything — When I first won the governorship in South Carolina, it was liberal minority Democrats that said, 'She's not a minority. She's just a conservative with a tan​.'"

In an interview earlier Monday on Fox News' "The Story," anchor Martha MacCallum had asked Haley once again for her reaction to Ali's comments.

"This is one more example of how hypocritical the liberals are," she answered. "They're very quick to judge. They're very quick to throw stones. But when it comes back at them, they act like we're the ones that are bad. I think they're really showing themselves for what they are​."

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Racial Greetings. Welcome to the Forum brother.
23 R!
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