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Posted on Gab and on Rahowa site.

White Farm Community

What it is to be White.
25m ago
creativityland trustland voucherstop white genocideWhite Community Funding
In Klassen we trust

#racialawareness #racialloyalty #rahowa #hitler #hitlerwasright #hitlerdidnothingwrong #georgelincolnrockwell #williampierce

The achilles heel of the #whiterace is #christinsanity due to its trust in the #antiwhite #holodomor loving #jews for #jesus
To correct this corruption, Add in #jewfree community building based on #pagan economics advanced with #cryptography #permaculture #thulesociety #creativity #creativityalliance #creativitymovement tweak it with #eugenics Protect it with #nationalsocialism Celebrate it with #whiteculture making it tribal.

None of this can happen without (((asset))) confiscation and the #madagascarplan Without any of this #newgab will be a total and utter failure built on #controlledop and #ZOGrule Also remember #jewsrapekids #jewsdid911 both by using #mossad, so your vote doesn't really matter when #itsthejews who are in charge.
DS Daily Stormer
Not sure if this is right spot to post an opinion but here it is:

The DS uses pyschological warfare. They want you to believe that they are on your side. Then the second you question their methods or criticize them they go #fulljew on you, by bullying, threatening, doxxing. They are like #jewish rejects out to take it out on someone when their shekels are threatened. So don't fall for their emotional traps. Don't be gullible. What a Creator is not
It's quit easy for Australia to be able to debunk this ,as Racial Purity there is stronger than all of Europe due to a history of  isolation. Europeans are subjected to having their DNA tainted with propaganda that there's a chance they are Jewish or African . The DNA tests are tainted from other results mainly of Jews that have mixed with the white race and share >1% of DNA. The African theory can't even be possible unless ancient ancestors had spaceships to connect the dots. DNA tests can be twisted by reverse evolution with the help of the one drop of blood propaganda that works againsts whites and mudding up the results with social science nonsense.