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Modified the meme in gimp

Ben Klassen - Militant Activist;sa=view;id=2829

"We neither want to impress you nor entertain you. We want to inspire you to become a militant activist."
Ben Klassen
the 'guilty before proven innocent' thing is an argument from ignorance: "Prove you're not a witch! or burn"
I suspected the gosling guy was a christian or something of that nature as he would always make very subtle references to 'old christianity' as if burning people at the stake in the medieval ages was any better than 'modern' christianity...all the same jewish supremacist garbage. I only did the videos with him as the issue seemed pretty legit but admittedly he exaggerated a fair amount it seems.
If you want to come on the show and discuss tactics that would be great as you seem to know a lot and have extensive experience which would benefit the callow youth. Or if there is anyone else on the forum who can give sound advice i would be glad to spread it around.
Admittedly he is a melodramatist...he has wasted alot of my time (I am too courteous) and now seems to have disappeared after some criticisms...a probable fed gathering intel. Still the issue is real as I've experienced personally. Do you want to come on the show PM and discuss things?

"The Aryan Imperative"
topics discussed: Julius Evola's philosophy; jewish gangstalking; exposing shills and how to detect agents


episode 5, August 5th 2020
with Gosling:
and Loki:
topics discussed: the malignant narcissism of the jew; forms of predation and marginalization of dissidents
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