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Fasting DOES have major benefits... but there's one major caveat that will be a deal-breaker for most people
New findings reveal that prolonged fasting sheds unhealthy fat in the body

* Researchers at Queen Mary University in London revealed the findings

Excerpt: Fasting may have multiple health benefits, scientists say — but only if you do it for at least three days straight.

A new study in the UK revealed that prolonged fasting not only sheds unhealthy fat, it gives multiple organs, including the brain, a 'significant' boost.

But researchers at Queen Mary University in London found the benefits only kick in after at least 72 hours without food.

The study, published in the journal Nature Metabolism, found that protein levels in several organs change after about three days of fasting, indicating that the whole body is responding to the fast.

These proteins, including ones that make up the supportive structure for neurons in the brain, help organs operate more effectively.

This can help to maintain the function of organs and improve their ability to cope with pressures, such as fasting.

The body also changes its source and type of energy, switching from glucose calories that come from food to its own fat stores.

The study's test subjects, who fasted for seven days straight, lost an average of 12.5lbs. The weight stayed off even three days after fasting ended.

The paper involved 12 volunteers — five women and seven men — who were in their 20s and 30s and weighed 171lbs on average at the start of the study.

Scientists sampled blood every morning and evening during the seven-day fast and for a week afterward and two days beforehand.

Fat mass had dropped by 5lbs by the end of the seven-day fast and then stayed at this level a week later.

Muscle mass had fallen by 7lbs by the end of the fast, but then rebounded by 5lbs in the week that followed. There were also shifts in other measures such as bone mass.

* * * *

Losing weight by intermittent fasting can 'drastically change' the way your brain works - both positively AND negatively

Intermittent Fasting means skipping meals regularly through each day: Skip breakfast and/or lunch each day. Or only eat every second day. Any variation on those themes.

Excerpt: Researchers studied the effects of intermittent fasting on overweight and obese participants and found the regime led to a decrease in brain activity that plays a role in appetite and addiction, as well as an increase in the gut bacteria linked to attention, emotion and learning.

The results could point to how intermittent fasting could do more for people than just help them lose weight.

Researchers studied 25 overweight and obese participants from China who followed two different regimens of intermittent fasting diet for two months.

The researchers noticed decreases after both fasting phases in the activity of brain regions implicated in the regulation of appetite and addiction. This may mean that people are less hungry.

Researchers saw increased activity in brain regions for attention, emotion and learning, meaning people may be better at carrying out tasks requiring those skills.

In the gut microbiome, researchers saw the bacteria Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, Parabacteroides distasonis and Bacterokles uniformis increase sharply.

Faecalibacterium prausnitzii increases the immune system's capacity to fight inflammatory interactions, while P. distasonis is thought to help alleviate obesity and Bacterokles uniformis enhances the gut barrier.

Meanwhile, E. coli bacteria decreased. The bacteria can help with appetite control by releasing hormones that tell the brain the body is full. With less E. coli bacteria, people may have less control over their appetite.

Participants also lost an average of 16.7 pounds during the study.
This imam had lived in France since he was 12. But after he called the French flag 'satanic', he was arrested and deported back to Tunisia within eight hours. He tells the Mail: It would never happen in Britain!

Excerpt: The swoop was made with ruthless speed and stealth. It came just as the Muslim preacher was settling down to read his newspaper after enjoying a family lunch.

Shuffling to the front door to see who was banging so loudly, Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi found himself confronted by 15 plain-clothes police officers.

They had emerged from a convoy of cars and descended without warning on his home in Bagnols-sur-Ceze, a quaint, 13th-century town near Avignon where British tourists often stop off en route to the French Riviera.

After marching inside they ordered the imam (who had lived in France for all but 12 of his 52 years, never troubling to apply for citizenship) to hand over his Tunisian passport.

Then they thrust an official-looking document before him and told him to sign it.

After he had put his name to it they arrested him, giving him a few moments to collect his belongings before they took him away.

It was only that evening, after he had been flown to Paris and processed at a police station, Mahjoubi tells me, that he realised he had signed a governmental order bringing an abrupt end to his four decades of residency in France.

Issued by Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin — the equivalent of our Home Secretary — under powers bestowed by a tough new Immigration Act which came into force last month, it authorised the imam's immediate expulsion from his adopted country.

And at 8.30pm, on Thursday, February 22 — just eight hours after that first knock on the door — he was bundled under guard onto an Air France plane bound for Tunis.

I've been to London, I've been to France,
I've seen an Imam deported in his underpants!


So what had this bespectacled, scholarly-looking man done to warrant being exiled with guillotine-like swiftness and finality?

During his weekly sermon, three Fridays ago, Mahjoubi described this unassailable banner — an emblem of Republican democracy since the French Revolution — in terms that would shock and offend many proud Gauls.

Addressing 500 male congregants crammed into a nondescript breeze-block mosque in Bagnols-sur-Ceze (and 12,000 more Facebook followers who watch his weekly sermons, delivered in Arabic and French) he insulted the flag as a devilish symbol that causes division among Muslims.

To translate his exact words, he said that one day, when the world ends, all ruling authorities would fall, and then 'we will no longer have these Tricolore flags that gangrene us . . . the only value they have is a Satanic value, in the eyes of Allah'.

Coming to Britain from France!
400 in a single day is old news from 2020
Today it's more than ever & the numbers are growing

Given the huge obstacles the UK government must overcome before banishing even the most dangerous of resident non-citizens, many would doubtless like to see the British authorities handed similarly tough powers.

One thinks of the 12 years and millions of pounds in legal fees expended to send the poisonous hate-preacher Abu Qatada, whose videos were found in the 9/11 hijackers' lairs, back to his native Jordan.

Then there is the bureaucratic nightmare of trying to rid these shores of murderers, drug-dealers, robbers and rapists who inveigle their way into the UK and remain here with help of resourceful lawyers and generous legal aid.

But then, when it comes to handling these matters, our countries are not just separated by a Channel. They are oceans apart.

'The French authorities have a long-standing right to remove someone who is not a French citizen, provided it is to a country that is not unsafe,' says former Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption. 'The right to remain in France is a police matter and regarded as discretionary. Britain has a completely different legal tradition.'
Help! / Embedding KLA.TV Videos
Tue 27 Feb 2024
Testing Embed Methods:

Method Used:
Copy and paste video page address.
Then right click on the video and copy and paste the video address.

WEF, Great Reset and their masterminds
Is there a world conspiracy after all?

Australia's Unelected Censorship Czar Fines Twitter for Misinformation.

Angry that previously banned (by Leftard anti-White Twitter) Australian Twitter accounts have been reactivated. She treats this as a crime by Elon Musk.

Plans to go global with the censorship of misinformation/dissenting truth.

Did you know this twat used to work for Twitter under the old anti-White regime? Who was that the old Twitter regime worked for? What group is the most vocal against Musk, with straight out abuse and blackmail of Twitter's advertisers? Can you see who's behind this? Can you see who rules the anti-White world?

If you have a solution to all these problems, then do please share. However, don't go giving us a list of repeated solutions, updating them as you go. Keep it simple and just share your final solution.


Quote from: Canadian JOGThis enactment amends the Criminal Code to eliminate as a defence against wilful promotion of hatred or antisemitism the fact that a person, in good faith, expressed or attempted to establish by an argument an opinion on a religious subject or an opinion based on a belief in a religious text.

Yves-François Blanchet Beloeil—Chambly, QC moved for leave to introduce Bill C‑367, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (promotion of hatred or antisemitism).

Mr. Speaker, it seems to me that a modern Parliament worthy of its name needs to address certain things that we are long overdue in addressing, things that perhaps never should have happened in the first place.

There is a cost to living together and to living in harmony in society. That cost may simply be to refrain from giving inappropriate and undue privileges to people within a society who use them to disturb the peace and harmony, especially if those privileges enable people to sow hatred or wish death upon others based on a belief in some divine power.

That is even more true in a country that claims to be secular or that claims that there is a separation between church and state. That is why it is high time that someone took action.

I would ask the House to quickly support the act to amend the Criminal Code throughout the process in order to prevent the promotion of hatred and antisemitism.

(Motions deemed adopted, bill read the first time and printed)

In short, anything that the JEW does not like will be banned as ANTI-SEMITIC. However, the JEW will not be chastised for ANTI-WHITENESS. And you can bet that Muslims will be left alone as well. So this law will only effect Creators, Christians, and Odinists and other Pagans.

The effect on Christianity will make it evermore subservient to the JEW.

Odinists and other Pagans are pissant religions that don't really take on the JEW anyway. So not much to lose there.

While Creativity will be outlawed completely.


At this moment, there is no standing law preventing the peaceful practice of Creativity within the confines of national and state laws in any of the formerly White Nations of this Earth. Therefore we shall wait and see what the future brings us. No matter what, our response will always be inline with the 23 Words.

@Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E., C.A.
Church Administrator - Church of Creativity

* * * *

Optional Protocols for Declaration of War - Example Only:

This morning, the Leading Creator in London/Berlin/Toronto/Wherever handed the British government a final note stating that unless we heard from them by 11 o'clock that they were prepared at once to withdraw all Anti-White Bills and Laws, a state of war would exist between us. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently the White Man's Religion of Creativity is at war with Britain.

Compare Image Searches: Black vs White vs Golliwog
It's quite clear who's being erased and replaced

Google pauses its Gemini AI tool after critics blasted it as 'too woke' for generating images of Asian Nazis in 1940 Germany, Black Vikings and female medieval knights

* Some users claimed Gemini 1.5 refused to generate images of white people

* In response, Google announced it is pausing the feature to address complaints

Excerpt: An avalanche of users began to criticize the AI for generating historically inaccurate images, instead prioritizing racial and gender diversity.

The week's events seemed to stem from a comment made by a former Google employee,' who said it was 'embarrassingly hard to get Google Gemini to acknowledge that white people exist.'

From a Comment: Jack Krawczyk, the guy behind the project, is Jéwish and will either call himself a "white man" or "not a white man" depending on the circumstances. This keeps happening over and over again.

Jack Krawczyk, the product lead on Google Bard, apologized Wednesday for the "inaccurate" images, stating: "White privilege is fucking real. Don't be an asshole and act guilty about it — do your part in recognizing bias at all levels."
America's dumbest cop? Mississippi officer is arrested for shoplifting in UNIFORM after being 'caught stealing $140 pair of shoes from a Dick's Sporting Goods'

 * Robin Conner, 33, was in uniform and driving her police cruiser when she was caught 'stealing' a $140 pair of shoes from Dick's Sporting Goods

 * The Columbus cop was arrested and charged with misdemeanor shoplifting

The pavement ape also thinks it looks good :sick
Illegal Aliens SEIZE Control of MILITARY!

From the @VeteranBiker

FYI: I was offered recruitment (without needing to go through Basic Training) in the US Army based on my service in the Australian Regular Army. All I had to do was turn up at a US Embassy. Over time, I'd be given backdoor US Citizenship. In other words, I'd have to prove myself. So the system they are talking about has long existed. Just, instead of it bringing in proven allies, it's to bring in enemies of the state without the security checks.

This is DANGEROUS! Do you want the Chinese/Indian/Chindian-Spanish Military to wear UN Blue down your streets making sure you do not leave your home?

This is not the beginning of the end, this is just the end of the beginning. War is Coming. RAHOWA!

23 Words.

Salubrious Living, Read by Ben Klassen A.I.
Created & Presented by @LeaderlessResistanceMedia

PDF eBook Link: .../eBook-BenKlassen-SalubriousLiving.pdf

Holybook Audio Page for SL: Coming Soon

Against the Evil Tide, Read by Ben Klassen A.I.
Created & Presented by @LeaderlessResistanceMedia

PDF eBook Link: .../eBook-BenKlassen-AgainstTheEvilTide.pdf

Holybook Audio Page for AET: Coming Soon

The Klassen Letters Volume 1, Read by Ben Klassen A.I.
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A Republic, Not A Democracy by Dan Smoot 1966 Apr 18


Just so you know, Australia is not a Democracy. Australia is a Constitutional Republic masquerading as a Constitutional Monarchy. Britain too is a Constitutional Monarchy .... Although, how much of that is true? Since the UK Govt does dismiss and appoint the Monarch as it pleases.

Britain, Australia and America are ruled by their parliaments. Britain has a Monarch that will be sacked the moment they throw their weight around. Prime Ministers are hampered by Parliament - but not by their Governor Generals that are their chosen friends. The American President is the only one that retains the rights and powers of a Monarch AND is able to wield them as Presidential Decrees.

The King of England CAN do that, but he'd be replaced quick smart by Parliament for crossing them.

King Brandon has declared that the White Race is the biggest threat to Americans. Don't like it? King Brandon's FBI is hunting you for disagreeing!

What's the Choice?
Make America Great Again?
Or Kill Whitey?

Or should the next Presidential Decree be: SAVE THE WHITE RACE!

Randy and Dennis Quaid are Brothers that Care ...

Randy Quaid:
The Day of Reckoning is NIGH.

Dennis Quaid talks with Tucker Carlson re sun flares


* Texas is going its own way, arming the border in defiance of the Fed

* Trump was just convicted of a non-crime by a Black NYC AG with a hatred of Whites

* Truckers refuse to deliver to NYC

We CREATORS know that Trump is far from pro-White. In fact, he cares about America as any business owner cares about his business. Trump is Israel First, Business America Second, Black Americans Third, and White American Patriots denounced as Nazis. However, our racial enemies are the ones that attack him based on his so-called "White Supremacism". That doesn't mean we need to support Trump, but we nevertheless watch, we will wait, and we will applaud the escalation that sooner leaders to Racial Holy War. The war is coming, whether we or you like it or not. RAHOWA!

What's fat, Black, stinks like elephant shite & is politically litigious?
Letitia James - NY AG

New York Attorney General Letitia James welcomed Judge Arthur Engoron's staggering $354 million fine against Donald Trump on Friday

Letitia James ran for Attorney General in 2018 calling Trump an "illegitimate" president and vowing to use the law to pursue him.

There were no victims: the banks did their own due diligence before lending to Trump, who paid all of the loans back, on time. There was no evidence that Trump intended to mislead anyone; loan applicants frequently overestimate their assets' values.

Quote from: TrumpTrump issued a statement Friday responding to the ruling:

"I paid over $300 Million Dollars in taxes to New York City and State, and they want me gone. They are Crazed Lunatics who are destroying everything in their way. It all starts with Biden's attacks on his Political Opponent!"

'F*** Around and Find Out': Pro-Trump Truckers Boycott NYC After Civil Fraud Verdict

"I got about three drivers that I drive with... they already fought with the boss telling him they ain't going to New York City," he continued.

Ray went on to denounce Engoron's ruling, which barred Trump from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation for three years on top of the massive fine.

"I'll tell you what, you fuck around and find out! We're tired of you motherfucking leftists fucking with Trump," the trucker said. "Leave Trump alone with the bullshit... you know you ain't got shit on Trump, so cut the bullshit."

According to Ray, "Our bosses don't care if we deny the load, we'll just go somewhere else!"

He added, "Truckers are for Trump. I mean, we're like 95, 96 percent... all Trump. Ain't no motherfuckers for Biden."

On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War, Read by Ben Klassen A.I.
Created & Presented by @LeaderlessResistanceMedia

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RaHoWa This Planet Is All Ours, Read by Ben Klassen A.I.
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Building a Whiter & Brighter World, Read by Ben Klassen A.I.
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Expanding Creativity, Read by Ben Klassen A.I.
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