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Topics - Chuck

Will Durant: The Reformation.

Don't say I didn't warn you it is despicable and grotesque.  Much like christ-insanity itself.


We are today so uncertain and diverse in our opinions as to the origin and destiny of the world and man that we have ceased, in most countries, to punish people for differing from us in their religious beliefs. Our present intolerance is rather for those who question our economic or political principles, and we explain our frightened dogmatism on the ground that any doubt thrown upon these cherished assumptions endangers our national solidarity and survival. Until the middle of the seventeenth century Christians, Jews, and Moslems were more acutely concerned with religion than we are today; their theologies were their most prized and confident possessions; and they looked upon those who rejected these creeds as attacking the foundations of social order and the very significance of human life. Each group was hardened by certainty into intolerance, and branded the others as infidels.

The Inquisition developed most readily among persons whose religious tenets had been least affected by education and travel, and whose reason was most subject to custom and imagination. Nearly all medieval Christians, through childhood schooling and surroundings, believed that the Bible had been dictated in every word by God, and that the Son of God had directly established the Christian Church. It seemed to follow, from these premises, that God wished all nations to be Christian, and that the practice of non-Christian—certainly of anti-Christian—religions must be a crass insult to the Deity. Moreover, since any substantial heresy must merit eternal punishment, its prosecutors could believe (and many seem to have sincerely believed) that in snuffing out a heretic they were saving his potential converts, and perhaps himself, from everlasting hell.

Probably Isabella, who lived in the very odor of theologians, shared these views. Ferdinand, being a hardened man of the world, may have doubted some of them; but he was apparently convinced that uniformity of religious belief would make Spain easier to rule, and stronger to strike its enemies. At his request and Isabella's, Pope Sixtus IV issued a bull (November 1, 1478) authorizing them to appoint six priests, holding degrees in theology and canon law, as an inquisitorial board to investigate and punish heresy. The remarkable feature of this bull was its empowerment of the Spanish sovereigns to nominate the inquisitorial personnel, who in earlier forms of the Inquisition had been chosen by the provincial heads of the Dominican or Franciscan orders. Here for three generations, as in Protestant Germany and England in the next century, religion became subject to the state. Technically, however, the inquisitors were only nominated by the sovereigns, and were then appointed by the pope; the authority of the inquisitors derived from this papal sanction; the institution remained ecclesiastical, an organ of the Church, which was an organ of the state. The government was to pay the expenses, and receive the net income, of the Inquisition. The sovereigns kept detailed watch over its operations, and appeal could be made to them from its decisions. Of all Ferdinand's instruments of rule, this became his favorite. His motives were not primarily financial; he profited from the confiscated property of the condemned, but he refused tempting bribes from rich victims to overrule the inquisitors. The aim was to unify Spain.

The inquisitors were authorized to employ ecclesiastical and secular aides as investigators and executive officers. After 1483 the entire organization was put under a governmental agency, the Concejo de la Suprema y General Inquisicion, usually termed the Suprema. The jurisdiction of the Inquisition extended to all Christians in Spain; it did not touch unconverted Jews or Moors; its terrors were directed at converts suspected of relapsing into Judaism or Mohammedanism, and at Christians charged with heresy; till 1492 the unchristened Jew was safer than the baptized. Priests, monks, and friars claimed exemption from the Inquisition, but their claim was denied; the Jesuits resisted its jurisdiction for half a century, but they too were overcome. The only limit to the power of the Suprema was the authority of the sovereigns; and in later centuries even this was ignored. The Inquisition demanded, and usually received, co-operation from all secular officials.

The Inquisition made its own laws and procedural code. Before setting up its tribunal in a town, it issued to the people, through the parish pulpits, an "Edict of Faith" requiring all who knew of any heresy to reveal it to the inquisitors. Everyone was encouraged to be a delator, to inform against his neighbors, his friends, his relatives. (In the sixteenth century, however, the accusation of near relatives was not allowed.) Informants were promised full secrecy and protection; a solemn anathema—i.e., excommunication and curse—was laid upon all who knew and concealed a heretic. If a baptized Jew still harbored hopes of a Messiah to come; if he kept the dietary laws of the Mosaic code; if he observed the Sabbath as a day of worship and rest, or changed his linen for that day; if he celebrated in any way any Jewish holy day; if he circumcised any of his children, or gave any of them a Hebrew name, or blessed them without making the sign of the cross; if he prayed with motions of the head, or repeated a Biblical psalm without adding a Gloria; if he turned his face to the wall when dying: these and the like were described by the inquisitors as signs of secret heresy, to be reported at once to the tribunal. Within a "Term of Grace" any person who felt guilty of heresy might come and confess it; he would be fined or assigned a penance, but would be forgiven, on condition that he should reveal any knowledge he might have of other heretics.

The inquisitors seem to have sifted with care the evidence collected by informers and investigators. When the tribunal was unanimously convinced of a person's guilt it issued a warrant for his arrest. The accused was kept incommunicado; no one but agents of the Inquisition was allowed to speak with him; no relative might visit him. Usually he was chained. He was required to bring his own bed and clothing, and to pay all the expenses of his incarceration and sustenance. If he did not offer sufficient cash for this purpose, enough of his property was sold at auction to meet the costs. The remainder of his goods was sequestrated by Inquisition officers lest it be hidden or disposed of to escape confiscation. In most cases some of it was sold to maintain such of the victim's family as could not work.

When the arrested person was brought to trial the tribunal, having already judged him guilty, laid upon him the burden of proving his innocence. The trial was secret and private, and the defendant had to swear never to reveal any facts about it in case he should be released. No witnesses were adduced against him, none was named to him; the inquisitors excused this procedure as necessary to protect their informants. The accused was not at first told what charges had been brought against him; he was merely invited to confess his own derelictions from orthodox belief and worship, and to betray all persons whom he suspected of heresy. If his confession satisfied the tribunal, he might receive any punishment short of death. If he refused to confess he was permitted to choose advocates to defend him; meanwhile he was kept in solitary confinement. In many instances he was tortured to elicit a confession. Usually the case was allowed to drag on for months, and the solitary confinement in chains often sufficed to secure any confession desired.

Torture was applied only after a majority of the tribunal had voted for it on the ground that guilt had been made probable, though not certain, by the evidence. Often the torture so decreed was postponed in the hope that dread of it would induce confession. The inquisitors appear to have sincerely believed that torture was a favor to a defendant already accounted guilty, since it might earn him, by confession, a slighter penalty than otherwise; even if he should, after confession, be condemned to death, he could enjoy priestly absolution to save him from hell. However, confession of guilt was not enough, torture might also be applied to compel a confessing defendant to name his associates in heresy or crime. Contradictory witnesses might be tortured to find out which was telling the truth; slaves might be tortured to bring out testimony against their masters. No limits of age could save the victims; girls of thirteen and women of eighty were subjected to the rack; but the rules of the Spanish Inquisition usually forbade the torture of nursing women, or persons with weak hearts, or those accused of minor heresies, such as sharing the widespread opinion that fornication was only a venial sin. Torture was to be kept short of permanently maiming the victim, and was to be stopped whenever the attendant physician so ordered. It was to be administered only in the presence of the inquisitors in charge of the case, and a notary, a recording secretary, and a representative of the local bishop. Methods varied with time and place. The victim might have his hands tied behind his back and be suspended by them; he might be bound into immobility and then have water trickle down his throat till he nearly choked; he might have cords tied around his arms and legs and tightened till they cut through the flesh to the bone. We are told that the tortures used by the Spanish Inquisition were milder than those employed by the earlier papal Inquisition, or by the secular courts of the age. The main torture was prolonged imprisonment.

The Inquisition tribunal was not only prosecutor, judge, and jury; it also issued decrees on faith and morals, and established a gradation of penalties. In many cases it was merciful, excusing part of the punishment because of the penitent's age, ignorance, poverty, intoxication, or generally good reputation. The mildest penalty was a reprimand. More grievous was compulsion to make a public abjuration of heresy—which left even the innocent branded to the end of his days. Usually the convicted penitent was required to attend Mass regularly, wearing the "sanbenito"—a garment marked with a flaming cross. He might be paraded through the streets stripped to the waist and bearing the insignia of his offense. He and his descendants might be barred from public office forever. He might be banished from his city, rarely from Spain. He might be scourged with one or two hundred lashes to "the limit of safety"; this was applied to women as well as men. He might be imprisoned, or condemned to the galleys—which Ferdinand recommended as more useful to the state. He might pay a substantial fine, or have his property confiscated. In several instances dead men were accused of heresy, were tried post-mortem, and were condemned to confiscation, in which case the heirs forfeited his bequests. Informers against dead heretics were offered 30 to 50 per cent of the proceeds. Families fearful of such retroactive judgments sometimes paid "compositions" to the inquisitors as insurance against confiscation of their legacies. Wealth became a peril to its owner, a temptation to informers, inquisitors, and the government. As money flowed into the coffers of the Inquisition its officials became less zealous to preserve the orthodox faith than to acquire gold, and corruption flourished piously.

The ultimate punishment was burning at the stake. This was reserved for persons who, judged guilty of serious heresy, failed to confess before judgment was pronounced, and for those who, having confessed in time, and having been "reconciled" or forgiven, had relapsed into heresy. The Inquisition itself professed that it never killed, but merely surrendered the condemned person to the secular authorities; however, it knew that the criminal law made burning at the stake mandatory in all convictions for major and impenitent heresy. The official presence of ecclesiastics at the auto-da-fé frankly revealed the responsibility of the Church. The "act of faith" was not merely the burning, it was the whole impressive and terrible ceremony of sentence and execution. Its purpose was not only to terrify potential offenders, but to edify the people as with a foretaste of the Last Judgment.

At first the procedure was simple: those condemned to death were marched to the public plaza, they were bound in tiers on a pyre, the inquisitors sat in state on a platform facing it, a last appeal for confessions was made, the sentences were read, the fires were lit, the agony was consummated. But as burnings became more frequent and suffered some loss in their psychological power, the ceremony was made more complex and awesome, and was staged with all the care and cost of a major theatrical performance. When possible it was timed to celebrate the accession, marriage, or visit of a Spanish king, queen, or prince. Municipal and state officials, Inquisition personnel, local priests and monks, were invited—in effect required—to attend. On the eve of the execution these dignitaries joined in a somber procession through the main streets of the city to deposit the green cross of the Inquisition upon the altar of the cathedral or principal church. A final effort was made to secure confessions from the condemned; many then yielded, and had their sentences commuted to imprisonment for a term or for life. On the following morning the prisoners were led through dense crowds to a city square: impostors, blasphemers, bigamists, heretics, relapsed converts; in later days, Protestants; sometimes the procession included effigies of absent condemnees, or boxes carrying the bones of persons condemned after death. In the square, on one or several elevated stages, sat the inquisitors, the secular and monastic clergy, and the officials of town and state; now and then the King himself presided. A sermon was preached, after which all present were commanded to recite an oath of obedience to the Holy Office of the Inquisition, and a pledge to denounce and prosecute heresy in all its forms and everywhere Then, one by one, the prisoners were led before the tribunal, and their sentences were read. We must not imagine any brave defiances; probably, at this stage, every prisoner was near to spiritual exhaustion and physical collapse. Even now he might save his life by confession; in that case the Inquisition usually contented itself with scourging him, confiscating his goods, and imprisoning him for life. If the confession was withheld till after sentence had been pronounced, the prisoner earned the mercy of being strangled before being burned; and as such last-minute confessions were frequent, burning alive was relatively rare.

Those who were judged guilty of major heresy, but denied it to the end, were (till 1725) refused the last sacraments of the Church, and were, by the intention of the Inquisition, abandoned to everlasting hell. The "reconciled" were now taken back to prison; the impenitent were "relaxed" to the secular arm, with a pious caution that no blood should be shed. These were led out from the city between throngs that had gathered from leagues around for this holiday spectacle. Arrived at the place prepared for execution, the confessed were strangled, then burned; the recalcitrant were burned alive. The fires were fed till nothing remained of the dead but ashes, which were scattered over fields and streams. The priests and spectators returned to their altars and their homes, convinced that a propitiatory offering had been made to a God insulted by heresy. Human sacrifice had been restored.
This is exactly the sort of thing we Creators warned would come to town, and sure enough, it did!  Just like everywhere else niggers have settled.


The Spoils of War
"Kill Whitey!" Yells Looting Mob in Peoria

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A mob of African-American male youths terrorized White residents of Peoria, Illinois as they shouted "kill all the White people" while rioting in the downtown area late Saturday night.

Krzysztof Wilkowski was hit so hard in the head with a baseball bat that it knocked the motorscooter helmet he was wearing off.

Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as we need to kill alll the white people around here.

"He has no need to embellish or to lie," Peoria Pundit wrote. "That means this is true and it's an outrage. I hope Mr. Jackson of the local NAACP reads this and responds. That will be interesting. This is nothing more than hate and race war against whites."
A Revolution of Values Through Religion : Ben Klassen : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The goal here is to get some of the original Holy Books preserved in their original layout, and in high-resolution, so that they may be suitable for reprinting some fine day in the future.

The cartoons in this book make it a solid and fun read, one of Klassen's hidden gems.

Admin Note: James W von Brunn was 88 years old. He was a friend of Creativity's Founder, Ben Klassen. Look in Creator Forum Gallery for examples of his artwork.

QuoteOne law enforcement official said James Von Brunn, 89, a white supremacist, was under investigation in the shooting, and a second official said the elderly man's car was found near the museum and tested for explosives. They spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss the investigation.

Racist Web site
Von Brunn has a racist, anti-Semitic Web site and wrote a book titled "Kill the Best Gentiles."

In 1983, he was convicted of attempting to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve Board. He was arrested two years earlier outside the room where the board was meeting, carrying a revolver, knife and sawed-off shotgun. At the time, police said Von Brunn wanted to take the members hostage because of high interest rates and the nation's economic difficulties.

Oy vey!  The harder the jew hits you, the louder he screams!
In response to assorted fruitcakes on the web - particularly the Net'Tards over at - who jabber on and on about "Ben Klassen was secretly a jew", I can do no better than quote PM Klassen himself on his family line:

Quote3 There are some (White people) who claim I am a Jew, I must be a Jew, and perhaps both a Jew and a devil, and that Klassen is a Jewish name.

In answer to the above, I can categorically state that (a) I am not a devil, and (b) I am not a Jew. The devil part is, of course, so silly I need not spend further time on it. The Jewish accusation is equally stupid, but since it has such vicious implications I will spend further time on it.

My ancestors both on my mother's side and on my father's side were Mennonites of unmixed White ancestry for at least the last four hundred years, originating out of Holland. In the 1700's a segment of Mennonites (due to religious persecution) migrated to what was then Prussia. Since the Mennonites were both industrious and also raised large families, they multiplied and took over more and more territory in that state.

The Mennonites also had (and still have) a strange little hang- up in their religion about being opposed to going to war and killing other people. They are dedicated PACIFISTS. This did not sit too well with the then militaristic minded Prussians, and new persecutions ensued. A major segment of my Prussian ancestors then decided to move to a fertile area of the Ukraine just north of the Black Sea. This they did in about the year 1804, and Katherine the Great, who was eager to settle these empty areas with industrious, hardworking farmers, invited them in, even signing a pact with them that gave them special compensations, waiving any obligations of having to serve in the military.

The colony my ancestors settled in was called the Molotschna Colony, located on the banks of a river of the same name. Here they prospered and multiplied, two areas in which they were amazingly adept. My paternal grandfather and grandmother had 14 children, of which twelve lived to adulthood, and all, I believe, raised families of their own.

This was the situation in 1914 when World War I broke out. The colony had prospered, the Mennonites in Molotschna numbered 30,000 souls in 50 towns or villages. When the communists took over in 1917, all hell broke loose and the Mennonites were completely unprepared to defend themselves from the marauding criminals that were let loose upon them. Many were killed, some died of starvation during the planned famine of 1921-22, some migrated to other countries.

The latter is what my father did in 1924. Without going into more detail about the Mennonites and my personal history which I have briefly covered in Chapter 22, Part II, Page 455 of NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION entitled "My Own Spiritual Awakening", suffice it to say that my ancestors were White, Protestant Mennonites, who carefully kept their genealogy clean, and there is not a Jew, a nigger or an Indian anywhere in my bloodlines, at least not for the last 400 years.

Now before some swine again rises up (I am using Herbert Hoover's words) and accuses me of being a Jew, I suggest that he, she or it first put up a $1000.00 security to cover a bet that I can prove otherwise, and I will put up my own $1000.00. A late uncle of mine, bless him, devoted a lot of time and researched and compiled an extensive genealogy of the Klassen family. I have a copy of it. I also have copies of numerous official documents, such as passports, (including my father's) church documents, family albums and a mass of other evidence, all of which confirms my White Protestant Mennonite ancestry. If that is not enough, I still have any number of living cousins, nieces, nephews and other relatives in Canada and the United States who can back up my statements, and would not take lightly to the inference that we might be Jews.

So, to the next swine that makes the accusation I say — put your money where your mouth is, or shut up. Klassen is a good Dutch and Mennonite name and has been for many centuries.

-Ben Klassen, Racial Loyalty issue #20

There you have it, folks.  It doesn't get any plainer than that.

A positive, complimentary review of our Religion has been posted here.  Better that a more accurate description of our Faith be given to balance things out than to have some escaped mental patient get all the attention.
I'm very pleased to report that I recently had some extra time to digitize old copies of Racial Loyalty.  You can see the results here:

I have seven editions up now, 3 of which were up earlier.  All editions have been processed into much more convenient PDF files so you can browse at your leisure.

I strongly suggest getting these mirrored on and other sympathetic webpages ASAP.  I'll leave it up to PM Cambul to make a public announcement once they have been mirrored here.

Also, I recommend using FoxIt PDF reader rather than Acrobat.  FoxIt is smaller, faster and – most importantly - more secure and Acrobat. 

I have another dozen or so editions that have yet to be digitized.  These will be done as time permits.  When those are finished, I'll probably start bugging Rev. Williams for more back issues to digitize.  :D

Oh, I'd also suggest someone out there with a full copy of Acrobat make a little pop-up note on every issue which says something like "Brought to you by" which might help to invite the rest of the better Creators over here.


Books / Tales of the Holohoax
Mon 23 Mar 2009
A revisionist comic book online again, with illustrations by A. Wyatt Mann.  5Mb

This goes in the fiction section because, well, the entire HollowCau$e is a work of fiction, from top to bottom, front to back.


Part 1

Part 2

Granted this is for those of us in the US but the same general principle applies wherever you are.

Personally, before looking at the first video I did not know that giving exonerating information to the porkers means that it will simply be prohibited in court when it goes to trial.  Sad but true.



Don't Talk to Cops!    
"I have nothing to say."

"GOOD MORNING! My name is Investigator Holmes. Do you mind answering a few simple questions?" If you go to your door one day and are greeted with these words, STOP AND THINK! Whether it is the local Police or the F.B.I. at your door, you have certain legal rights of which you ought to be aware before you proceed any further.

In the first place, when the law enforcement authorities come to see you, there are NO "simple questions". Unless they are investigating a traffic accident, you can be sure that they want information about somebody. And that somebody may be you!

Rule number one to remember when confronted by the authorities is that there is NO law requiring you to talk to the Police, the F.B.I., or a representative of any other investigative agency. Even the simplest questions may be loaded and the seemingly harmless bits of information which you volunteer may later become vital links in a chain of circumstantial evidence against you or a friend.


Such an invitation not only gives him the opportunity to look around for clues to your lifestyle, friends, reading material, etc; but also tends to prolong the conversation. And the longer the conversation, the more chance there is for a skilled Investigator to find out what he wants to know. Never open your door to an Officer. They can shove their way in. Don't open your door with the chain-lock on, either. Police are known to kick in doors. To reiterate, when you let a Police Officer into your house, it gives him a chance to look around the immediate area for weapons, literature, and other items you may not want him to see, and this can lead to all kinds of problems.

Many times a Police Officer will ask you to accompany him to the Police Station to answer a few questions. Often, the authorities simply want to photograph a person for identification purposes, a procedure which is easily accomplished by placing him in a private room with a two-way mirror, asking him a few simple questions, and then releasing him. NEVER agree to go to the Police Station. Simply say, "I have nothing to say."

If the Investigator becomes angry at your failure to cooperate and threatens you with arrest ... STAND FIRM. He can't legally place you under arrest or enter your home without a warrant signed by a Judge. (There are exceptions to this however, as in instances where he has witnessed you commit a crime, and there are times, too, where he can enter without showing a warrant up front, known as a 'no knock' entry.) However, if he indicates that he has such a warrant, ask to see it. We've heard of Cops waving a piece of paper around, claiming it was a warrant. A person under arrest or located on the premises to be searched, generally must be shown a warrant if he requests it, and must be given a chance to read it. (FYI, a subpoena is different from a warrant, in that you do not have to open your door to be served -- they can slide it under the door or mail it to you.)

Without a warrant, an Officer depends solely upon your helpfulness to obtain the information he wants. So, unless you are quite sure of yourself, don't be helpful. (Note: Don't fool yourself into thinking you can talk or lie your way out of the situation. Don't be smug and think, "All Cops are stupid" and you can pull a 'fast one.' Most Police are smart individuals, they're good at what they do, and the only thing you will do is talk
yourself into jail.)

Remember, talk is cheap. But when it involves law enforcement authorities, it may cost you, or someone close to you, dearly. Remember the 5 words -- "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY." It has worked for us many, MANY times. And it will work for you.

The 5 Words
P.O.B. # 592
Syracuse, NY
Occupied U.S.A.


[Note: We have NO problems with Police that do their jobs -- catching Murderers, Rapists, Drug Dealers, Thieves, Pedophiles, and the like. We DO have problems when they over-step and turn into "Thought Police."]

The many mugs of Henry Earl since 1992.

Ky. Man Arrested Over 1,300 Times

One homeless Lexington man faces his day in court, again, Thursday after his 1,333rd arrest.

Henry Earl, 58, better known to some as 'Downtown James Brown,' was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place.

Earl will stand in front of the Hon. Megan Lake Thorton, Fayette District Court judge, at 10 a.m. for a pre-trial conference, along with the a Fayette County Attorney and his public defender.

Since 1992, Earl has been arrested 1,000 for alcohol intoxication time after time, as well as criminal trespassing a handful of times. But since the '70s, his rap sheet, according the Smoking Gun, records 1,333 arrests, starting with carrying a concealed weapon.

In 2008 alone he has been arrested 35 times. And his latest offense on Sept. 22 leads him to court again.


I laughed my arse off at this one!

Since we have a lot of Aussies here I think this might be appreciated.

And here's a 'Roo fight on a golf course.

Can't they all just get along?
Books / NER Taglines
Tue 14 Oct 2008
This goes here to prevent the rats from The Pissant Movement from stealing our hard work.

These are the taglines that appear at the bottom of the pages of Book Two in the 1991 printing of NER.  Save them all for your future reference and then let's think about ways to get them integrated into the newest printing of NER.


Chapter 1
Nature and Religion
The survival of the White Race is our most important concern.
The Jew is the root of all evil.
Nature's laws are eternal.
Hate that which is evil.
Christ's existence is unsubstantiated by any evidence whatsoever.
Racial Loyalty means Racial Survival.

Chapter 2
Your Loyalty- a Sacred Trust
Niggers are animals.
Christianity and communism are Jewish twins.
Advancement of our race is our highest cultural goal.
The Jewish slave traders brought the niggers to America.
The White Man was destined by Nature to rule the earth.
Communism is Jewish.
What is good for the While Race is the highest virtue.
Nature abhors mongrels.
Hell is a hideous apparition of the demented Jewish mind.

Chapter 3
The Purpose of Life
All civilizations in history were created by the White Man.
Practice and promote Racial Loyalty.
Jews are a parasitic race.
What is bad for the White Race is the ultimate evil.
We must ship the niggers back to Africa.

Chapter 4
The 16 Commandments
Our deadliest enemies are the Jews.
Our lofty goal is to bring about a White World.
Christianity was invented by the Jews as a tool with which to destroy the White Race.
Make at least one major lasting contribution to the White Race during your lifetime.
Christianity is a treacherous mental snare.
The Apostles were all Jews.
A White world will be a world of peace, prosperity, progress and creativity.
The concept of separation of Church and State is fundamentally wrong.
Christianity rapes the minds of otherwise intelligent men.
Your first loyalty belongs to your own race.
We should be pursuing, not fleeing, before the colored races.
Racial Loyalty is the key to our racial survival.
Jewish scriptwriters wrote the Bible.
An all-White world will be a marvel to behold.
To succumb to Christianity is to indulge in a cowardly flight from reality.
Luke 11, v.21 says Christ was a circumcised Jew.
Nature tells you to destroy that which threatens your existence.
The White Race will either overcome the Jew or cease to exist.
A religion should help to preserve, promote and advance the race which embraces it.
The Bible is Jewish.
The White Race is our faith.

Chapter 5
Germany, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism
Shipping the niggers back to Africa is the only logical course.
Christianity despises facts, evidence and reasoning.
The "Sermon on the Mount" is a program for racial suicide.
We shun the creed of humility and submissiveness.
Being a parasite, the Jew can only survive living on the backs of others.
Populate the lands of the earth with White people.
Christianity loves gullible fools.
White people pay 84 percent of their earnings in taxes, most of which goes to the Jews.
Niggers cause over 85 percent of all the crimes in the U.S.A.
We need a new, far reaching reorientation of the White Man's thinking.
Christianity destroyed the great Roman (White) civilization.
We do not believe in "loving our enemies," but in destroying them.
Christianity is a death-oriented religion.
Informed and aroused, the White Race is the most powerful force on the face of the earth.
Confidence in yourself is a prerequisite to success.
The Jew is our total enemy.
Christianity is in conflict with the Laws of Nature.
Our most vital task is to straighten out the White Man's muddled thinking.
The White Race must be preserved ― pure and uncontaminated.
The instant we admit that the Bible is too sacred to be reasoned about we become mental slaves.
The niggers are an obsolete race in today's modern White world.
We must strive to advance the White Race at all times.
Christianity is anti-Nature.
We are a race of world conquerors.
Our philosophy can be summed up in the idea of "Blood, Soil and Honor."
The Christian philosophy is suicidal.

Chapter 6
Racial Socialism
Karl Marx was a Jew.
The Old Testament is full of dirty stories about dirty Jews.
The Talmud is a cradle to the grave program for the survival of Jews.
The niggers of Africa never so much as even invented the wheel.
We must remodel our society to allow for earlier marriages.
The Birch Society was designed to deceive the White Race and protect the Jews.
Christianity is in conflict with Nature.
Once the White Man's thinking is straightened out, getting rid of the parasites on our backs will be relatively easy.
Hate is as constructive an emotion as love, and hate and love go together.
Most of the "great heroes" of the Old Testament were Jewish murderers, whoremongers, and scoundrels.

Chapter 7
The Leadership Principle
Only those species survive that follow the laws of Nature.
After the advent of Christianity the White Race wallowed in the Dark Ages for 1000 years.
We denounce the idea of charity to any other than those of our own Race.

Chapter 8
Foundations of Our White Society
Our instinct is a thousand times more valuable to our survival than our intellect.
The average I.Q. of mulatto niggers is about 80, barely above the moron category.
To the White Man there is nothing more ugly than being a slave.
Christianity teaches gloom and doom.

Chapter 9
The Importance of Land and Territory
Nature has endowed each creature with an instinct to enable it to survive.
The philosophy of the Church of the Creator is in harmony with the laws of Nature.
The White Race will either become master of his own destiny or be mongrelized into oblivion.
We do not wish to enslave anyone ― we are determined to people the earth with our own.
Christianity has enslaved, subjugated and enchained the intellect of its victims.
Think of yourself as a golden link in the endless chain of your Race.
Nature's highest law is the survival of the species.

Chapter 10
Manifest Destiny
We consider sex and the attraction between the sexes as one of Nature's noblest emotions.
The While Race will either regain control of its destiny or perish.
The African niggers never invented an alphabet or a written language.
The Jews must be rendered harmless.
Church and State should be united in the White Man's religion.
Communism is only a smoke screen to protect the real culprit ― the deadly Jew.
Believing in something that is not substantiated by evidence is a sickness of the mind.
Racial Solidarity must be our constant goal.
The Jew's program is to mongrelize the While Race into oblivion.
Natural instincts healthy ― Christian ideas suicidal.

Chapter 11
Mohammedanism ― the Power of a Militant Religion
Hitler was the greatest White Leader that ever lived.
The basic cause of most of mankind's problems is the perfidious Jew.
All colored races are our deadly natural enemies.
Talking victory helps promote victory.
Race is everything.

Chapter 12
Queen Isabella ― the Inspired Crusader
The Winning of the West was one of the most creative periods in the White Man's history.
Christianity is the worship of our destroyer ― the Jew.
A people without vision perishes.
There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and the time for the Creativity philosophy has now arrived.
Our policy to the colored races must be the same as American policy toward the Indians in the 1800's.
To be hated by the Jews is a scar of honor.
Our Creative Religion is not designed for the salvation of mankind, but exclusively for the survival and preeminence of the White Race.
Urban rot is the niggerization of our cities.
Creativity is founded on experience, the lessons of history, the laws of Nature, and common sense.
Niggers are sub-human.
Dare to be great.
Our greatest task is to bring the White Man back to his senses.
Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.
Distributing 20 million copies of this book will save the White Race ― a cost less than a few hours welfare for the niggers.
The Jew is the "Great Master of the Lie."

Chapter 13
Mormonism: a Better Fraud
The F.B. I. is the strong-arm of the Jewish secret police.
The Mafia is controlled and operated by Jews.
Creativity is a life-oriented religion.
The While Race is the Master Race.
Read biographies of successful men and learn from them.
You can't teach "love your enemies" on Sunday and successfully fight them the rest of the week.

Chapter 14
Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins
Today's television is a Jewish idiot box.
The reason previous critics of Christianity have failed to demolish it is because they offered no positive religion to take its place.
You can lake the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.
In order to survive man must have purpose and pursue a goal.
It is our greatest objective to restore the White Man to his natural role on this earth.
The Christian "other world" is as unreal as an LSD trip.
The Jews invented the most hideous idea ever spawned from a depraved mind ― hell.
Turn defeat into victory.

Chapter 15
Creativity vs. Christianity
It is our aim to shrink the colored races, to expand the White Race.
Civilization is plainly the creation and property of the White Race.
We do not condone tolerance of other people's beliefs if they are an affront to our intelligence.
We Creators believe in a wondrous future for our race.
Self-confidence is a prime prerequisite for victory.
Dare to dream big dreams.
Today's universities ruin more good young people than are helped.
Without Jews and niggers we would have practically no crime.
Creativity is a success-oriented philosophy.

Chapter 16
Christianity Peculiarly Vulnerable
"All men are created equal" is a dangerous myth.
Our people must be firmly rooted in the philosophy of racial survival and advancement.
Socialism is organized society.
If the White Race isn't worth saving, what is?
The work of the Church of the Creator is to restore the natural instincts Nature gave to the White Race.

Chapter 17
False Leadership
We believe in enjoying life.
Hate is a constructive emotion when directed towards the destruction of our enemies.
We owe no loyalty whatsoever to a government run by traitors.
Word of mouth is our most powerful weapon.
A psychopathic fear of the Jews has enslaved many a nation.
Become involved in the fight for the survival of your race.

Chapter 18
False Ideas Disseminated by Jews
For the White Man, work and productivity are a blessing, not a curse.
The root of all evil is the Jew.
It is our highest aim to have the White Race fulfill its destiny to rule the earth.
Creativity believes in the supremacy of the White Race.
Creed, propaganda and organization are the keys to a successful movement.
Christianity promotes suicide of the White Race.
Once we have straightened out the White Man's thinking, the battle is as good as won.
Spread the word― words are powerful weapons.
Intense hate for the Jew is the beginning of the White Man's liberation.
Nothing is more important than the survival and advancement of our race.
The Church of the Creator is the White Man's church.
Neglect and fear of fighting the Jew can be deadly.
Creativity believes in leading a full, rich life.
Racial socialism is the ideal society for the White Race.
Finally, under the leadership of the Church of the Creator the White Race has a program for its own survival.
Once free of its parasites, the While Race could virtually build a paradise on earth.
To deprive the White Man of hate is like de-clawing and de-toothing a tiger.
What is more important than building faith in your own people?
To us, the White Race is the most precious commodity in Nature's universe.
Ignorance of the Jewish menace can be fatal.
Creativity is a religion for the survival of the White Race.
Racial Socialism is the White Man's natural social order.
Time is running out. The time for action is now.
The Jew ― the master of perversion.
When Creativity triumphs the White Race will be Jew proof for all time.
While Men of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but Jewish tyranny.
Creativity is the White Man's natural religion.
Danger is a great inspirer of the best that is in us.
There is no great opportunity without great risks.

Chapter 19
Respect for Whose Law and Order?
We are living in an era when fate calls forth the heroes of the White Race.
We not only want believers, but dedicated fighters.
The Church of the Creator wants you to form a church in your area.
The future belongs to the White Race.
History shows that emotion and religion move more mountains than reason.
A united, race-conscious group is much more successful than a group that is neither.

Chapter 20
Facts, Myths and Lies
Whereas Jews are always the first to scream for tolerance and fair play, they never extend such to others.
Racial spirit, like team spirit, stimulates victory in any kind of battle.
Christianity has dulled both the reason and the instinct of its victims.
Religion, true to the spiritual soul of the race, is its highest manifestation of culture.
We care about the survival of the White Race.
To be deprived of race-consciousness is to be deprived of one's roots.

Chapter 21
Evidence, Judgment, Conclusions and Decisions
The culture of a race is irrevocably fused with its religion.
To be race-conscious is to have a feeling of belonging.
Racial religious faith is a great mainspring of human energy.
Pulling the blame on the wrong culprit does not solve the problem.
Racial Socialism is a racial teamwork.

Chapter 22
My Own Spiritual Awakening
The essence of history is the rise and fall of races.
Racial Socialism is the highest manifestation of the team spirit.
Race has been the controlling factor of history.
Jews, being the loudest in denouncing racism, are the most fanatic racists themselves.
We must fight fire with fire in the racial war that is upon us.
White racial solidarity is the key to survival.
It is the Jew's avowed goal to darken mankind.
When Creativity triumphs the White Race will be Jew-proof for all time.

Chapter 23
Guideposts Along the Path of Life
Creativity is the White Man's natural religion.
Racial Socialism is the White Man's natural social order.
White Men of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but Jewish tyranny.
Time is running out. The time for action is now.
The Jew ― the master of perversion.
Danger is a great inspirer of the best that is in us.
There is no great opportunity without great risks.
We are living in an era when fate calls forth the heroes of the White Race.
We not only want believers but dedicated fighters.
The Church of the Creator wants you to form a church in your area.
The future belongs to the White Race.
"Integration" is merely a fancy word spelling genocide of the White Race.
Our faith is founded on the While Race.
We believe in the White Race.
Courage, good judgment, self-confidence are basic to personal success.

Chapter 24
The Advantages of Being Self-Employed
White leaders are needed in all categories.
Racial Socialism is organized team spirit for the White Race.
For the White Race it is either supremacy or extinction.
Like smoking opium, Christianity is a flight from reality.
Leadership is of supreme importance.
The Horatius Creed also becomes part of our Creed.

Chapter 25
Horatius at the Bridge
Nature teaches us to destroy that which threatens our existence.
Creed, propaganda, organization and leadership are fundamental.
Christianity affects the mind not unlike hallucinatory drugs.

Chapter 26
Latin ― Civilization's Foremost Language
Christianity promises "Pie in the sky after you die."
Creativity is the White Mans religion.
We believe in eugenics and genetic up-grading.
Creed and racial solidarity are basic.

Chapter 27
Road to Greatness
More brain crippling has been caused by Christianity than LSD.
Ideology without action is sterile.
Promote Racial Solidarity for the White Race.
Creativity embodies the racial soul of the White Race.
LSD and Christianity send the human mind off into orbit.
The White Race is the most precious entity in Nature's realm.
A glorious and magnificent future awaits the White Race.
All power to the White Race forever.
Manipulating other people's minds has been a Jewish specialty for millenniums.
The Creativity religion is optimistic, dynamic, and constructive.
The White Man must strive to wrest control of all business and real estate from the Jew.

Chapter 28
Our Brilliant Future
The Latin language will become a unifying bond for all the White people.
It is our aim to have Creativity become the universal religion of the White Race.
Nearly all Christians can be converted to Creativity.
Once a Creator, never again a Christian.
We believe reality is a thousand times more meaningful than fantasy.
The road to the White Man's salvation: dedication, propaganda, organization, leadership.
Books / Tom Metzger's W.A.R.
Sun 12 Oct 2008
Courtesy of Tom Metzger:

I am very fortunate over the years to have worked alongside a fellow Creator who also served beside Terrible Tommy for well over a decade back when TT was living in California.  Metzger and PM Klassen didn't see eye-to-eye on everything, and indeed Klassen took quite a few exceptions to TT's work and general approach  over the years.  Be that as it may, TT's son John nevertheless attended and graduated from Klassen's School for Gifted Boys back when the Church HQ was in active existence and usage, and both Klassen and Tom maintained a (somewhat distant) friendship over the years.  I haven't met the Terrible one yet but he does come across as both a genuine resilient and fun guy.

Personally I have always found things at their simplest and best when I do not have the overhead and worries of a big, fat social club hanging over my head.  I don't want the headaches of having to consider how the stupidity of others who are supposed to be "on our team" might negatively affect my life through no direct fault of my own.  Therefore and thereby I have always advocated a mixture of TT's de-centralized tactics along with our powerful Creed and Faith; a sort of "early-years Mennonite" approach to spreading our rightful religion, and I am overjoyed to finally see it come to fruition here. 

He has the great flag patches for sale for $3 each.  Pins too.  Get them while they're hot.

Note: since the graphic isn't showing up there, I'll drop in this link:

When you do a search for "Creator" you see the graphic for the flag patch we all know and love.
He might not be able to slash to the left, cut to the right and run for the end field this time around...


Las Vegas jury finds O.J. Simpson guilty

The former football star is convicted on all counts, including robbery and kidnapping. He'll be sentenced Dec. 5.
By Ashley Powers, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

October 4, 2008

LAS VEGAS -- las vegas -- A jury convicted O.J. Simpson of armed robbery and kidnapping late Friday night, 13 years to the day after he was acquitted of killing his ex-wife and her friend in Los Angeles.

Simpson and his codefendant, Clarence Stewart, were both convicted on all 12 counts. As the court clerk read "guilty" 24 times shortly before 11 p.m., Simpson grimaced and then nodded slightly, quickly regaining his composure. From the gallery, his sister, Carmelita Durio, wept on a friend's shoulder.

Both defendants were handcuffed and taken into custody. Durio's weeping became wailing as marshals escorted Simpson from the courtroom.

The verdicts mean that Simpson, 61, faces a possible life sentence for a six-minute confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers last year at a down-market casino hotel. Sentencing will be Dec. 5.

The Las Vegas courtroom scene stood in marked contrast to the conclusion of Simpson's 1995 trial, when he smiled broadly and mouthed his thanks to the Los Angeles jury as the stunned families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman wept.

Neither victim in the Las Vegas case was on hand for the reading of the verdict.

Through a court administrator, jurors said they did not want to talk with the media. Prosecutors too declined comment.

Simpson's attorneys pledged to appeal. His longtime lawyer, Yale Galanter, cited jury selection as one basis for a new trial. The defense has charged that prosecutors purposefully excluded African Americans.

"His only hope is the appellate process," Galanter said at a late-night news conference.

Although none of the 12 jurors was black, two of the six alternates were. The panel of nine women and three men deliberated more than 13 hours after listening to nearly three weeks of testimony. Their discussions had begun Friday morning.

The state court case here was marked by hours of secret audio recordings, alleged victims who professed to like Simpson and witnesses who tried to cash in on their ties to the former NFL star.

Prosecutors painted Simpson as masterminding the alleged robbery of two sports collectibles dealers in a hotel room last year. The Hall of Fame running back, the prosecution contended, rounded up five cohorts, told two of them to bring guns and ordered one of the armed men to brandish his weapon and "look menacing."

Simpson and Stewart, 54, were charged with a dozen crimes, including armed robbery and kidnapping, which carries a potential life sentence. Four of their former codefendants agreed to plead guilty to lesser charges and testified for the prosecution.

Despite detailing an intriguing plot with colorful characters, the proceedings paled next to Simpson's months-long, televised "trial of the century" in the slayings of his ex-wife and Goldman. The 1995 case became a culturalƒs flash point that drew huge courthouse crowds and polarized black and white Americans.

A civil jury in 1997 found the Heisman Trophy winner liable for the deaths. The onetime actor, pitchman and sports commentator has paid little of the $33.5-million judgment.

In Las Vegas, the anticipated circus never showed up. Media coverage dwindled as the economy faltered and the presidential election ramped up. On most days, Clark County District Judge Jackie Glass' courtroom was only half-filled.

Simpson, who did not take the stand, was here in September 2007 to take part in a friend's wedding. Simpson has said he and his associates were trying to retrieve stolen mementos from collectibles dealers Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley in the Palace Station hotel room.

"We may quibble with how it was done, what was done," said Simpson attorney Galanter in his closing argument. "You may all say he didn't use common sense. But the real issue is whether he had criminal intent to commit a crime."

Prosecutors, however, say the group stole up to $100,000 in footballs, plaques and baseballs at gunpoint from the dealers, who had been tricked into thinking they were meeting a wealthy buyer.

Simpson and his associates "thought they could spin it that, 'It's all OK; it was my stuff,' " said prosecutor Chris Owens in the state's final rebuttal. That mind-set, he said, showed the football icon's "arrogance."

Simpson maintains he never saw guns during the alleged robbery or asked anyone to bring one, although nearly everyone in Room 1203 testified to seeing at least one pistol. Two men -- Michael McClinton and Walter Alexander -- told jurors they carried a .45-caliber Ruger and a .22-caliber Beretta, respectively, at Simpson's behest.

Thomas Riccio, the auctioneer who set up the meeting with the dealers, surreptitiously taped the six-minute encounter on a digital recorder hidden atop an armoire. He later sold the clip to celebrity gossip site for $150,000. Riccio, who was granted immunity for cooperating with prosecutors, also taped the hours surrounding the confrontation -- including Simpson denying in phone calls afterward that he saw weapons.

Jurors also heard phone calls that Simpson made from jail, a voicemail in which Alexander appeared willing to slant his testimony for money, and a secret exchange between investigators at the crime scene in which they mocked the double-murder acquittal.

"You're just picking on him because you are mad about the verdict," says one investigator.

"Yep," replies another.

The prosecution's strongest audio evidence was probably a 26-minute conversation that McClinton secretly taped shortly after the incident. At the restaurant Little Buddha, a man identified as Simpson asks whether McClinton pulled out "the piece" in the hotel hallway.

McClinton repeatedly says no. "I kept that thing in my pocket till we got inside that room," he says at one point.

Simpson sounds relieved and says he assumes security cameras were monitoring the hotel hallway.

"There ain't nothing on that video . . . ain't nothing he can see," he says. "They gonna see us going in the place. They gonna see us leaving with just the boxes."

The recordings appeared to shore up a case rife with unsympathetic victims and potentially suspect witnesses. Fromong, for example, got choked up while describing his frayed friendship with Simpson. Beardsley blamed Riccio for the altercation, suggested his recordings had been tampered with and told jurors the charges against Simpson should be dropped.

Many of Simpson's cohort sought media interviews and book deals after the altercation -- even defense witness Tom Scotto, who testified that the self-proclaimed gunmen threatened him and tried to extort $50,000 from him or Simpson. Riccio has published a book called "Busted."

Prosecutors, said Galanter, also "gave out so many get-out-of-jail-free cards and so many probation cards in this case that they could get the witnesses to say anything."

But Dist. Atty. David Roger encouraged jurors to focus on the secret recordings and the volume of corresponding witness testimony.

At the end of his closing argument, the prosecutor displayed Simpson and Stewart's mugshots on a screen overlaid with -- in red capital letters -- the word "guilty."


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Klassen Letters Volume 2 and Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs are for sale.

$18 each, plus S&H. 

Anyone interested?
I had an idea some years back about a collector's edition of the Holy Books.  Specifically, the concept I had in mind was a single large-format book that is a combination of the first 3 Holy Books (NER, WMB, and SL) combined into one volume. 

The book would look similar to those quality volumes you get from some place like  In other words we ought to have a definitive edition of our Holy Books in a form and format that actually looks like a high-quality bible.

I had in mind 8.5" x 11" pages, or perhaps somewhat smaller, gold gilding on the page edges, acid-free pages, integrated silk ribbon bookmark, genuine leather covers with gold gilt highlights, saddle-stitched signatures, etc.

The total # of pages for this would be a bit shy of 1,000 by my reckoning.  I'm not sure of the prices per unit but there's more than a few of us out there that would spring for a super-quality edition.

Any thoughts or feedback?

Books / Reprint Little White Book
Fri 16 May 2008
Reprint Little White Book

Not sure where this goes, so it goes here.

Brothers!  Before we get going with reprinting AET we first and foremost ought to see "The Little White Book" reprinted.  The concise distillation of our Creed is a great propaganda for those who are trying to sell our Faith to potential new converts.

I'd strongly suggest we get mass copies of these reprinted for getting the message out.  The only necessary change would be to change the ending address from Matt Hale's in Peoria to a few webpage addresses.
Digitizing Ben Klassen's "Survival of the White Race" Lecture

A little history about that lecture and how it came into Mp3 format is in due order. 

A long-time Creator in town had the luxury of actually meeting P.M. Klassen himself back in the day.  Klassen had on his church property a large shed or garage of some sort, within which he had cartons full of his books, but also a few of this record.  This Creator was given a copy of the record free from Klassen himself, and during my discussions with this guy several years ago he passed it off to me to borrow.

At first I wasn't even sure what to do with it, seeing how I gave away my record player years ago.  So I made a trip to another friend's house about 30 minutes from my place and borrowed his premium home audio record player and brought it back. 

I set everything up and ran the record player through the stereo and into the computer. After a few false starts with getting the proper volume level set, and fiddling around with the software settings I was off and recording. 

The result, however, was quite terrible.  The audio sounded terrible and had plenty of pops, clicks, hiss and warble due to the dust on and the warping of the record.  The voice came through okay, however.  I realized these side effects were why I never really got into vinyl much.  I filtered out what I could and cleaned it up as best I could, but there were still noticeable defects that had to be remedied.

So after getting it read in and hacking around on it a bit, I promptly sent it down to a friend in another state who specialized in audio and video production, and he worked some techno-magic on his end and sent it back. 

The results speak for themselves: We have an audio recording which almost sounds like Ben Klassen is in the same room speaking to you.  The voice is a bit flat dynamically but the quality is unsurpassed and you can now burn in as many copies as you want on CD.  I know of one guy who would leave burned copies in the CD players of rented cars, for example.

For those curious, you see pictures of the original record in the pictures gallery section:;cat=6

Consider yourself lucky: few people these days get to see what the original record actually looked like.

Finally, here's the original text off the back of the record album (which had to be touched up for legal reasons).


This record sets forth in short summary the purpose and goals of the creed contained in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, the Bible of the CHURCH OF CREATIVITY. Basically those goals are the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, the finest and most intelligent creature ever conceived by Nature. It is narrated by Ben Klassen, P.M., Founder of CREATIVITY.

Not only does CREATIVITY have a powerful new creed for the Survival of the White Race but it also has a dynamic program to achieve that goal. It goes beyond that. We not only are interested in the survival of the White Race but also its expansion until it inhabits all the good lands of this fertile Planet Earth. We go further. While insuring its survival and expansion, our program seeks to encourage the genetic, cultural and esthetic advancement of the White Race for the next million years.

Our creed is firmly rooted in the Eternal Laws of Nature. We shun the superstitious beliefs of most past and present religions which cater to imaginary Spooks in the Skies. We believe in reality. We do not believe in "Pie in the Sky when you Die", nor "Fry in the Sky when you Die", nor that there are a host of spooks in the sky controlling our destiny and forever threatening us with eternal hell fire.

We are realists. We mean to bring the White Man back to reality – to the realization that the White Race is the most precious value on the face of the earth. We believe that promoting the welfare and best interests of our own kind, the White Race, here on earth – the only place man has ever been known to live – is a thousand times more important than catering to non-existent spooks in the skies.

In order to help your race and yourself, play this record to groups of your friends as often as you can. Distribute the White Man's Bible, NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION to as many contacts as possible – SPREAD THE WORD.

I hope that fills in some gaps for ya.

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Legal Notices
Due to a 2003 CE decision in the US 7th Circuit Court Of Appeals, the name “Church of the Creator” is the trademarked property of a Christian entity known as TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family of URI®. Use of the name “Church of the Creator” in any context is historical, and is presented for educational purposes only. The Church of Creativity makes no attempt to assume or supersede the trademark. Trademark remains with the trademark holder. [More ...]
The Church of Creativity is a Professional, Non-Violent, Progressive Pro-White Religion. We promote White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination, and White Liberation via 100% legal activism. We do not promote, tolerate nor incite illegal activity. [More ...]

Creator Origins
Church of the Creator: Founded by Ben Klassen - Year Zero (1973CE)
Your Own Creator Forum: Continuously Online Since 25AC (1998CE)
Creativity Alliance & Church of Creativity: Founded 30AC (2003CE)
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23 Words
What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.

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