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Topics - CreatorGöth

Well life utterly fell apart on me and I haven't been able to check in, but I'm back. 

My beautiful White Mother has terminal cancer so I've been taking care of her the past several months. Not an easy thing to go through. 

My activism for Creativity hasn't stopped. I leave a creativity card wherever I can. Even if life does get challenging you still gotta keep pushing Our Message. 

Brief hello, but I'm still here.
Show off Creator Activism;sa=view;id=3592

I've had these made and am waiting on the collar tabs to arrive so I can put them together on a button up shirt. I've have extras so please feel free to contact me if you'd like one.
General Jabber / Niggers Gonna Nig
Fri 19 May 2023
I found this video yesterday of an insane nigger who hauled off and killed her baby. I'm not surprised by this as they perpetually seek to destroy their own kind, as well as Us. But I'm posting this video so everyone can see how depraved niggers are, how uncivilized they are... I could go on. But I digress. This video only confirms what we Creators have been saying for decades.

General Jabber / Roots? WTAF
Mon 01 May 2023
Roots? WTAF;sa=view;id=3417

I found this in my home after my sister was here. We're both adopted and she's nothing but a stereotypical mongrel mixed mud race. And she has the audacity to leave this in my home? I'm thinking it's time for a good old fashioned book burning.
A.H. 134 Years of Remembrance;sa=view;id=3407

Celebrating Der Führer's birthday today with a fresh batch of fliers to pass out while in the city today. Happy Birthday, Uncle Adolf!

Heil Hitler!!!
General Jabber / Keep It Legal
Wed 15 Mar 2023
"CREATIVITY is a LEGALLY RECOGNISED Professional, Non-Violent, Progressive Pro-White Religion for White people, by White people."

I'm not a reverend, only a Church Prospect, but I'm telling you I live by what Creativity says. I do not tolerate unprovoked violence, only self protection of yourself, your loved ones, your property, and even a fellow White Brother or Sister being harmed on the streets. It is absolutely abhorrent to me to commit a crime without provocation. If we're in an actual state of war do what you must.

Remember what I said about Positive Propaganda? Look at this screenshot: It is NOT positive and stains the name of Ben Klassen and those Creators who are simply trying to get the name of Creativity and our religion out there.

What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin. -23W


Note: The following screenshot is from an insane idiot living in Austin, Texas. You can clearly read he is promoting concepts and ideas that would ultimately hurt other Whites. Things, like mentioned in the screenshot, only backfire - just look at Matt Hale. (Yes he did introduce me to Creativity and for that I'm grateful, but he totally screwed up and gave Creativity a bad name.)

   [attachthumb id=0 msg=44311]
General Jabber / Family Heritage
Mon 13 Mar 2023
Family Heritage;sa=view;id=3383

How lucky am I that I can trace my White heritage all the way back to Emperor Charlimane?
RaHoWa, puppies and kittens,

Sorry I've been out of action for a bit so let's get into it.

Some years ago, my early 20's, I sat and listened to a White Race Traitor (WRT) tell me about an experience she had that altered her appearance forever. I asked her why she wore the head covering of the oppressive religion of islam and this was her answer:

She told me a story of being in a position of rendering first aid to a child who broke its arm and the mother had gone into shock, leaving her incapable of helping the kid. This WRT was not wearing the head covering at this time and heard someone in the crowd say, What a Christian thing to do. The WRT never wanted to be considered Christian so then on always covered her head, just in case she rendered first aid again.

This has gotten me to think about us. Are we wearing Creativity on our sleeve? Are we showing the onlookers that we are not this evil gang of hooligans the Jew media pretends we are? In our everyday life wearing something showing we are Creators is positive propaganda (more of a way to fight back against the jewish menace media) and show fellow White Brothers and Sisters we aren't ignorant idiots. As we conduct ourselves as upstanding, law abiding citizens, our White Brothers and Sisters will see our Church logo, whether a shirt, pendant, hat, what have you, and become curious as to what makes us tick. It's why many other religions, political movements wear their emblems: It creates positive propaganda.

I'm encouraging you to wear Creativity as a beacon to our brothers and sisters lost in a chaotic world. We are the only guiding light to bring our people together and lead them to The Truth Ben Klassen gave us 50 years ago. Disseminate Creativity with missionary zeal. RaHoWa!*

*Be tactful
*Do not break employment rules
*Never let your wearing of Church logos lead to violence, but if it does, defend yourself DO NOT BE THE AGGRESSOR

***This photo shows the sticker on the back of the notebook I carry everywhere***

Ben Klassen Infallible;sa=view;id=3378

In Honor of Ben Klassen
General Jabber / Ponderings
Wed 22 Feb 2023
Now that I've figured out how to post in the forum, I thought I would share the latest thing my mind grabbed hold of and started chewing on. Too often we hear of different rights groups popping up and being applauded for their efforts and how brave they are for undertaking such a monumental task - but that's not the White Problem. We could blame the nigger, but again, not the White Problem. We could blame the vermin, the Jew, for our problem - still not the White Problem. The White Problem is this: Whites not sticking together. We don't stick together and suddenly every two to four years (in the USA anyway) we end up with more November criminals plaguing our halls of Government. We've ended up with so called diversity in government which has paved the way for the nigger, the kike, fags, and all mud races to gain full attention to their cause; and guess what: they are applauded. But why is it that when White Men and White Women stand up for their rights they become a byword, a hiss? The only reason, the only answer is: The White Problem, Whites don't stick together. Our aim, as Creators, is to awaken our White Brothers and Sisters to the truth: The Truth of Creativity. Yes hand out those flyers and Church cards, but do more. Talk with your loved ones, teach your children, and stand the * up for the right to celebrate your White Heritage until it becomes normal for the majority of Whites to celebrate Winter Solstice instead of Xmas. Fight for your rights as if your life depended on it, because guess what, my friends, IT DOES.

Do nothing illegal: fly the White Man's Flag, share flyers, share your own personal journey and do it with missionary zeal. Now, more than ever, it's time to crush the White Problem.


Racial Greetings; I wanted to introduce myself, so Hi. Hope to develop some meaningful friendships and spread the message of CREATIVITY RAHOWA!!!

My Awakening:
My awakening happened when I was 13 and met Matthew Hale. He gave me 3 books: Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious Living. I read them and found there was so much I agreed with that I knew then, I was a Creator.

Later on in life, my sister hooked up with 2 niggers: The first one beat her and raped her. The second nigger married her and used her for 8 years to basically bring up his daughter from a previous marriage. I. Was. Livid. I could not believe she would bring shame upon my family and our community, which up until recently was all White.

Now mud race crime plagues my home town and I aim to show my community a better way. RAHOWA!!!
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What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.

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