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General Jabber / The Hornets' Nest
Thu 12 Jan 2023
I saw signs for a Holocaust remembrance at the local library for a month and a half, also posters for multi culturism, race talks (anti-white) , diversity, all funded by tax money. (Note, I'm a four year old WRL since my racial awakening.)

I was dropping into the library to print documents and there was the Holocaust "expert" setting up his display directly inside the front doors where everyone is forced to see. I loomed behind the little Jew, observing his fraudulent display, towering over him. I ask a few questions, within a minute he was crying "holocaust" denier. I don't like being called names. Then comes up the young female librarian to the little Jews aid, by the way after a little research on this expert after I saw his posters a month and a half ago, I found he was also married to a man and a high school teacher. Next thing I know the female is calling out White Supremacists and White Privilege like a good little goy. The beta male librarian chimes in with "This is hate crime" and threats of calling the police... I got in my last choice words to the librarians and walked out the door past the Jew and delivered some choice words to him on my way out.

I woke up at midnight and the lesson was clear, I sent this by text to the two racial comrades I called when I was still on fire about this debacle.

What I did yesterday was equal to poking a hornets nest with a stick and swinging the stick in attempt to fend off the growing swarm of hell bent sting happy hornets. I had to get stung enough times to realize the danger of the growing swarm, the odds were stacked against me. Conclusion: don't poke hornet nests with sticks. Thanks for the consolation yesterday brother, you won't get anymore calls from little Artie  poking a hornet nest!

Adolf Hitler - Hitler's Second Book (Zweites Buch) (1928)

The Zweites Buch (German: [ˈtsvaɪ̯təs buːχ], "Second Book"), published in English as Hitler's Secret Book and later as Hitler's Second Book, is an unedited transcript of Adolf Hitler 's thoughts on foreign policy written in 1928; it was written after Mein Kampf and was not published in his lifetime.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Take a look at a horde of white blood cells attacking a nematode larva. It's a time-lapse shot over the course of 80 minutes as eosinophils (a type of white blood cell) migrate towards the roundworm and release digestive enzymes

And if you thought that was interesting, take a look at this white blood cell literally chase a Staphylococcus aureus bacterium through a field of red blood cells.

Serbia today, 100,000 people march in Belgrade to preservation traditional family, religion, identity and traditional moral values. Event censored by European media
I'm beginning to loose my patience. Those of us who know our dilemma are one in a million it seems, maybe less. My brow no longer raised, my eyelids settle down, the predator is awake.  The enemy surrounds and the parasite eats away at the white minds still asleep. What might reach they're heart's and alarm  them to the danger we face? What can I do as a white man who knows our plight? I've pointed at the enemy time and time again to find fellow whites pointing there fingers back at me with a screeching clawing act. They're minds are gone, infected with foreign programs, alien agendas, I cannot shake them loose. They are bound in mental chains and shackles. Is they're a key to the shackles or must I watch them disappear?

We are a dying breed
I sounded the alarms and none could hear.
We are a dying breed
Can I be more clear?
We are a dying breed
We are loosing our patience
We are a dying breed
We will survive!
General Jabber / Mind Pollution
Mon 18 Jul 2022
It seems  I'm constantly on guard, it's as if my life is threatened when no immediate danger is present. Of course the danger to the survival of our race is grave and I have taken it upon myself as a duty to let this danger be known. I have taken it all to heart.

Any sign of white racial decay, and their everywhere , puts me on the edge and then I get drained, similar to the rise of adrenaline and the crash after a fight. But my body is running out of adrenaline so I'm in a drained pissy state for days on end and it's hard to shake.

I have an urge to express the urgency of rahowa to everyone I come into contact with and it takes a great deal of energy attempting to get through to folks, with little to no positive feedback. 

I'm on the wrong track and need to think and go about this task in a more creative, healthy way, or it could destroy me.  Perhaps flyering again will feed the urgency within and at the same time keep me from loosing my mind and composure.

I have no racial comrades known on a face to face level. I continue to learn more from reading Klassen books as the whites around me seem to be trapped in a racial amnesia. I've reached a state of alienation that makes me wonder if the approach I'm taking might be jew programming that still operates in my subconscious mind... I've hit a psychological crossroad and if I stay on this path failure is almost certain.

There must be other ways. I wondered many times, why are Creators not out in the open, why do they all seem to keep a low profile, I've never seen one in real life. Every now and then have what seems to be a childish hope that just maybe there out here watching my back... Likely this is a residual mindset from the "God is watching us" lie that has taken form to match my current racial mindset.

I've been racially awake it seems almost 3 years now, an infant, so I suppose it would do me well to not beat the hell out of myself for not knowing how to operate like a pro. I've got a lot to learn. I'm beginning to see why creators keep a low profile, it's easier to survive that way.

Please if you can relate to this and have overcome this childish stage, post your victories, your strategies or insights for those of us banging our heads on the wall.And if you see holes and faults in my thinking please be critical.
Fellow Creators,
I'm confused as to what the obsession with talking about politicians is. Is it not true that they are all actors in a political theatre? Like chess pieces being moved across a board? Who's moving the pieces? Who's directing the Political Play? The Jews is the obvious answer.  What is the purpose of constantly re hashing these stories? Of advertising their garbage for them? Rev. Cambeul has told me several times we must use the MSM to advertise for US. Why are we advertising for them? Please give me clarity on this if you can. How is sharing and re posting MSM trash good for the White race?
An [al]ternative [de]finition for the modern black plague.

A dark skinned brute, disheveled nappy braids bouncing, gangly arms swinging violently, displaced from the African bush, swaggers hectically down the sidewalk swigging a 40 oz. glass bottle half filled with malt liquor, semi automatic 45 caliber tucked and concealed into the waste line of his sagging pants, he's headed northbound to the neighboring white community, the last one left in the vicinity.  Pulling a high-tech cellular communication device from his left front pocket he says aloud "siri, call Jabreezi", the phone begins to make a ringing sound through its unseen speaker and a raspy, dark and sullen voice answers "wuzappeninigga?"  "Come by da cowna' uh Mawcuhm street en' White-taown widda' gang, weez gonna' get us sum white gowuhz."   "aaaiiiiight,"

Jabreezi and his 3 top dogs are loading the Premier Cadillac Escalade they bought with their reparations check last month. Ak-47's Tech-9's, they have all the latest bells and whistles on the weapons they tote.  Meanwhile in Africa Jabreezi's brothers and sisters are cracking an ostridge egg on a rock, frying it on a pile of hot smoldering cinders and ash for a mid day snack, they plan to put fresh mud and grass onto their huts today, and need the nutriment to keep them going through the day.

"Aiight niggaz, weez gonna get us sumadem' fine white bitches tonight."  The goons chuckle and scheme as they guzzle liquor from the truck they hijacked a few days prior.

Artificial Intelligence, think of it, less than a year ago Jabreezi and Shameek were on the African bush chasing wildebeest with sharpened sticks, living in mud huts and shitting in the same river they bathe in... Today they own state of the art weaponry, state of the art automobiles, state of the art communication devices and more... Does Intelligence get more artificial than that? White man created all these inventions and the civilization these apes now inhabit. These innovations are not native to the African bush man, the Asian or any race other than the White man, but now they wield the power of these inventions... Is this not Artificial Intelligence? Is indoctrinating a horde of mud people to carry on tasks in the modern world not artificial intelligence? Think about it. The powers that be want us to believe that AI is some kind of computer program, of course those exist too, but is not a more accurate definition for Artificial intelligence exemplified in the primitive apes that wield the techknoledgy of the white man today?

Is it our fault for handing these over to our mortal enemies? Or do we wag our fingers at the Jews who brainwashed the majority of our race so thoroughly generation after generation? Will that do us any good? What can we do about this? Most whites are cowardly to the point they won't even THINK racial thoughts let alone speak out for their own kind. For us, WRL's it is a different story, we know what we face, now what are we going to do about it? What can we do? We hold the key.
Anger: Powerful medicine and deadly poison.

    To those who see clearly the parasitic nature our mortal enemies exhibit,  it seems the latest mud crime or jewish swindle comes as no surprise. Assuming most readers to be aware of the character that slithering semitic slime and it's legion of murderous mud puppies embody, does a reasonable explanation for parroting or regurgitating the latest media ploy exist? Does a reasonable explanation exist for exposing oneself or ones kin to the enemies perverted political theatrics? Does absorbing hollywood hellscapes, media muck and political poison do one bit to fuel the creation of strategies to embolden  our beautiful brilliant endangered species? Or does it solely serve to feed the media monster and aid in it's growth?

  There appears to me one obvious answer: When enemy propaganda is collected and carefully organized into a presentation that sheds light, exposing the filthy festering pestilence's rotten core it can become a potent catalyst for racial awakening.

  Anger. Anger can be a key to unlocking the psychological shackles that hold our racial kin in bondage to the psychopathic shekel slinging circumsizers. It's no mistake that anger has been painted as a "negative" "toxic" trait by the MSM. To a newly awakened white racial warrior the initial eruption of rage explodes, naturally blowing a life time of racial confusion to smithereens. Fury is a natural response to that which poses threat to our survival. Yet once the blazing rage has done it's work, to burn off the blinding layers of semitic psychological sludge, whats the use in making sport of swimming through a scum frothing slough of kosher media sewage?  Whilst red with rage, to the point of steam shooting from my ears, constructive thinking appears out of the question. With day after day of repeated exposure to media muck, emotional responses act like a drug, the initial high can never be reached again and the drug eventually becomes the merciless master, and the consumer the dastardly slave. Coupled with the alienation that commonly walks hand in hand with a newly awakened racial loyalist, in this often lonely stage of awakening one can easily be sucked into a screen and utterly isolated.

  It's one thing for new born racial loyalists to feed on anger, this newly tapped source of energy, as it makes one feel alive and awake again, but do those of us who know the enemy inside and out have logical excuse for diving deep into the turbulent frothing sea of media slime ever so religiously? Perhaps under one circumstance, to create an inspirational presentation that reaches out to those of yet another of the countless splinters off our racial family tree.  Other than that it seems like a lazy, cowardly and fruitless endeavor to me.

  Anger, a flying leap from the dark dungeon of apathy, like a powerful medicine and a deadly poison it must be handled with great care and caution in this age of push button "entertainment". Our religion is Creativity, we are Creators, I'll be frank and ask, "What have you created lately?"


Brother Art
Racial Greetings,

This thread is to be a collection lessons I have learned in my conversations with Rev. Cambeul. For a little background, I have only been WRL for 2 years, grew up with the traditional racial views of a generation X'er with non WRL parents. Moved to the country as a boy, isolated form the mudness of the big city. My hope is that sharing these will inspire those with similar background as myself.
This is message from Rev. Cambeul on the nature of hatred.

"Hate does not bother me. It bothers you because you have the traditional version of hate. As Creators, Love and Hate are two sides to one coin. If one doesn't concern themselves with their Loves 24 hours per day, why should they concern themselves with their Hatreds at all? The truth is, most people don't understand what love and hate are. When I decide I hate someone, to me they cease to exist in my world. They are non-people/mud people. If they are White and cross me, they simply cease to exist and take on the characteristics of the mud. Muds already don't exist in my world. If it wasn't for the hypocrisy that arises from forced cohabitation with muds in today's society, they just would not be on my radar.

Extrapolating Hate further, vengeance is something we can all crave, but one doesn't often get an opportunity for vengeance in modern society. Hence seeking revenge or vengeance, or seeking retribution for the trespasses of those we Hate comes down to opportunism. That's why the Christinsane choose forgiveness - it is they that cottoned onto the idea that Hate is Waste.

The Jew, however, lives in a world of Envy, Hatred and continuously seeking the opportunity for Vengeance in their daily life. Every Sabbath, the Jew congregates to reaffirm its Hate of the Goy. That's the pure, seething Hatred and Vengeance of the Christinsane kind they dump in their forgiveness bin. They bitch about the Babylonians, the Romans, the Nazis, Me and You. The Niggers do the same whenever they reaffirm their desire for vengeance over 400 years of slavery and 40 years of The Jefferson's. They each have their daily/weekly Affirmation of Seething Hatred. Think of Orwell's Minute of Hate. That Seething Hatred is something CREATORS shouldn't concern themselves with until the opportunity arises.

One could say about CREATORS is that Flyering is our Business. We are told we flyer because we are filled with the Rage of Hatred, but it's nothing personal. It's just business. Recently the NZ MSM has taken note of our flyering and given our Racial Enemies a platform for their Rage Against Whiteness. It is their choice to vocalise their wallowing in victimisation, but it's our choice to seize the opportunity for a little harmless revenge. Hence my thorough enjoyment in directly goading the MSM, and indirectly goading the race-traitor professor and Maori instead of playing their game by their rules. So they cry and bitch about what should otherwise be rather innocuous statements. It's a Little Victory of sorts - It's a little revenge for what they put Whites through every day. We take what we can get.

The motto of Clan Campbell is Ne Obliviscaris. It means do not forget me/forget me not. Creators do not forgive. We assign those we hate to Oblivion. If we have reason for Revenge, and the opportunity arises, well then ...."


Excerpt: As well as legitimate war targets, 75,000 of 220,000 homes in Dresden were destroyed.

It is considered one of the most controversial acts of the war and then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill tried to distance himself from the bombing.

He wrote in a memo in March 1945: "It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of bombing of German cities simply for the sake of increasing the terror, though under other pretexts, should be reviewed.

"Otherwise we shall come into control of an utterly ruined land. The destruction of Dresden remains a serious query against the conduct of Allied bombing."

No one involved in the bombing of Dresden was ever charged with a war crime but many believe it to be so.
Brian Kozel Memorial Patch 2022;sa=view;id=3053

Over 30 years, Still Remembered.
Brian Kozel 1971-1990

Patches for Creators By Creators
If you can set aside the fact that this video contains footage of one sided JOG induced views on National Socialist Germany and also contains a bit of christinsane jargon, this video contains importantly a condensed version of the shipping/banking/war history of the past few hundred years, And leads any interested onto a path of learning about shipping/postal wars and how to control your own vessel within those wars through grammar and postal mechanics.

Admin Comment: "Allso"??? He claims to promote some ideal legalese through the correctness of grammar, but cannot spell "also." LOL! ~ @Cailen.
General Jabber / Creative Fighting
Mon 28 Feb 2022
I read a post on about guns and found these comments:

Yes buy guns defense weapons, but i would take it another step forward
White people need to stop keeping both eyes backwards (are you a people of the past or future?) at "old weapons" and keep an eye forward. A simple microwave can be turned into a even stronger weapon of defense than a gun literally subduing multiple intruders at the same time. Lasers are more capable now. Black walnut husks can be turned into one of the most eye irritant ever devised nature and can be shot via water cannons to cause temporary blindness(hours long). Guns can be temporarily neutralized by a simple mixture of metallic paint and oil

Excellent! I always thought it'd be nice to have one of the giant magnets from the junk yard that picks up cars, mounted to the front of a pick up truck... When the horde comes chasing the decoy down the street towards the magnet truck, put on the super blinder high beams, spray the two concoctions you mentioned and crank up the magnet disarming the hordes. Never hurts to brew a "special" brew for the hordes, they'd love some free beer. We invented guns, if we unplug from the media, stop allowing the JOG theatre to occupy our homes and minds our creative spirit returns, who knows what we'll come up with next! It's an exciting time to be alive and if you love a good fight this just may be THE ONE we've ben waiting for.

A Poem by Brother Art

Ignorance tempts to silence White Racial Loyalty,
The fighting instinct grows within,
Incubating to one day hatch...

Darkness threatens to poison our blood,
To snuff White brilliance into the shadows,
The few that stand proud,
Signal to lost kindred like a beacon upon a lone light house...

Our White Racial family loosing hope,
Lashing out in confusion and desperation,
Are crying for help,
Wasting no time with pity nor explanation,
The darkness is uprooted at once...

Our legacy torn from history's pages,
Twisted by alien tongues,
It's essence will remain,
So long as our blood is White,
Our forbearers flow though our veins...

Our fighting White spirit largely forgotten,
Emerges from our hearts a blazing White fire,
On the edge between life and death...

Brother Art

Type in your tax id number or social security here to see where your "live" stock is being traded.
The race war is also a shipping war. That's how they get all the muds here, they ship em in!
All copyrighted, the documentation is available online.;id=3048

More evidence Covid was tinkered with in a lab? Now scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began
This guy has been clearly traumatized and is right. Circumcisers deserve to be decapitated. Any one who thinks circumcision is ok has major brain pollution and needs a serious "re-education".

Los Angeles Police: 12 White Female Bodies in Garage Freezer Tagged, "Black Lives Matter"

The Los Angeles Police Department came across a gruesome discovery today when several neighbors called concerned about suspicious activity at a home in their neighborhood. Several 911 calls directed police to the 800 block of Woodland Avenue on Wednesday morning. Upon arriving at the scene, police knocked on the door to be greeted by a man who seemed "under the influence of drugs." Upon further investigation, they found 12 White Female Bodies in Garage Freezer Tagged, Black Lives Matter.

The bodies had several things in common – they were all white women in their mid-20s, blonde hair and all had the writings marked on them which read "Black Lives Matter" and "BLM." Mathis, who was known for his involvement in the 'Black Lives Matter' movement was arrested without incident and booked into the county jail on no bond.

They are not releasing the names of the victims until the families are notified.

"There are many things we can do to help destroy and obstruct jewish influence, and one of the most effective is to point at and broadcast those things that are jewish and urge other White people to boycott them."
-Ben Klassen (Creativity Commandment #8 DESTROY JEWISH INFLUENCE)

The imagery and message of the Mainstream Media is parasitic in nature just as those who have devised it, like father like son. It festers in the minds of TV watchers like a shifty mischievous goblin. As if it were sitting on your shoulder saying "tell every one what you saw on the TV today!" >:D

Ask yourself next time you flip on the boob tube, "would I invite this person into my home?"  as you look at the creatures on the screen...  Well you have done just that, you have invited them into your home to influence you and your family.

The Mainstream Media is exactly like the Muds, no need to defeat them, just don't FEED them and they will wither on the vine.

The moment ya' stop spending your precious time, attention and energy feeding the Mainstream Media is the moment you have the chance to Create, to be Creative for the sake of the White race.


Brother Art


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