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Deutsches / Bill Haley
Tue 23 Feb 2021
Europa News / Corona Germany
Fri 29 Jan 2021
In Germany there is also the Church of Creativity. I am happy that I am part of it. In Germany there is currently Corona there was a curfew from 9 p.m. All shops have been closed since mid-December and we only have to go out with a mask. We are only allowed to meet with 2 people. There are only discounters and drugstores. Kiosks and pizza and kebab shops open. Pizza and kebab is only to take away or to be delivered. At the moment, you may not be further than 15 km from home. Banks also have open. A huge vaccination center will be set up in the town hall, usually the hall is for concerts. We have to wear a mask outside and inside.
Creativity Alliance in Germany now has a new email address where you can reach us. It is:
There is currently a pandemic here in Germany the Corona Virus is about.

Here are all shops except discounters, pharmacies, doctors and hospitals and some kiosks. Money is only accepted with pliers or with gloves. Some wear a mask.

It is currently an exit ban for 2 weeks. Everyone is at home or free. It's very empty outside. But it is slowly becoming spring on some days it was already 20 degrees + warm outside.

Many stores are completely empty, people buy like crazy in the discounters, there is no toilet paper to buy anymore. There are hardly any pasta or other things to buy. You should also buy 3 milk per person and take 1 flour and 3 of pasta if you buy more than 3 milk you have to pay 180 Euros for 1 milk. That is the law.

There were also long traffic jams here on the motorway, 40 kilometers long.

I hope the shops will open again soon and the curfew will be lifted and the Corona Virus is gone.
In Germany there is now also The Church of Creativity. I am a Creator from Germany.