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Topics - Jimbo

i couldn't really give a stuff wtf happened to this the title sez, this is, indeed, a cautionary tale!

wtf to do with these effin' feminist bitches/slags (and, make no mistake, there's heaps of these cnts!...especially over, say, 25-yrs of age!) is gunna be one of the major conundrums facing any new white home-land.....obviously....they can't be tolerated in their present mental state, if @ all!!

maybe ship 'em all to darkest Afreaka and let the knuckle-dragging nogz sort 'em out.....uh.....ha ha ha....that's if the nogz would put up with them for more than a day....maybe they'll just chop the bitches up, cook 'em (in one of those big, black pots they used to cook 'missionaries' in!) and, then EAT 'em!

I 'twittered' this t'other day ... dunno if Hale can still appeal to the SCotUS ....

Some of the VNNf posters think that he can't!

Here's a copy of the so-called 'judgement (from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals) ... it's a sick, jew joke!
sincerest thnx to Rvrnd Col for his recent invaluable help & advice in dwn/ldng audio codecs &c for me new (2nd hand!) cmptr!  8) i said: yr blood's worth bottlin' !



ps: please "post" this to as many white nationalist forums as you can......VNNf, SF, e-nationalist....&c.....i'm BANNED from them's fk ALL i can do!

pps: the "stealing" thing is just made up BULL-*e to try and "excuse" TMB...."typical mud behaviour"
a license to drive a car.....

a license to fish....

a license to gather fire-wood.....

a license to own a fire-arm....

a license to own a cross-bow....

a license to own a dagger.....

and now.....wait for it.....

a license to smoke a ciggie....


is 0zz on the verge of becoming North Korea mark II ?

the nanny state gone SPASTIC!'s a slightly different perspective on "smoking"......

(could the claims made in the abv link be true?....maybe....maybe makes SENSE....why?....because wtf the controlled, corrupt media says and what highly qualified scientists say in peer-reviewed journals are usually two completely different things!....i'd "hazard a guess" that plutonium particles would be abt 1000X more dangerous than ciggies any day of the week, eh?!?)

yeh...ban ciggies.....?.... try it, you Stalinist pricks...just fkn TRY it!

*for the record*.....i'm an ex-smoker!



Well....I guess that's wtf you get for fighting on the wrong side in a Race War, eh?  :-\

(That's WWII I'm talkin' abt, eh?!?)



uh.....UGH!...imagine living next-door to this fat, fkn 'groid! ....the stuff that night-mares are made of! :(

uh...yeh!!....nice to see MSNBC up-holding the standards of political correctness there, eh?!?

In an epic incident of the pot calling the kettle rude....uh.....shouldn't that be........In an epic incident of the pot calling the kettle BLACK  :-\

uh...yeh.....just a "final thought"....if that was A WHITE PERSON, wtf's the "bet" that they would'v called out Home-land Security, eh?!?  &:(

fkn filthy mud vermin!  &:(



WTF can u say?  :(

Except: "TNB"......"typical nog behaviour"

A leopard has got more chance of changing its spots than a nigger has of changing its behaviour!

It's genetic, CAN't be changed  ::)

Oh yeh....notice how the news-ppr "article" makes some feeble "excuse" for the TNB.....there's ALWAYS an "excuse" to explain away wtf niggerz do best.....rapin', robbin' & killin' ! rarely, if ever, see them providing an "excuse" for those very rare occasions when white people wilfully commit violent crimes

Worth a "peruse"........


can you actually believe this fkn SH*Te?

mentioned on our FB gun group.... ;

these "travellers" are gypsies, right....?.....sort of sub-human variety of semites......maybe even lower than jooz...if that were possible, eh?  &:(

*check out the TNB of these low-life nogz when they were confronted by the woman on her own land....IMHO, she should'v fkn SHOT the lot of the fkn maggots!*  &:(


ha ha......oh yeh!!!......the good ol' days!......when a white man could "walk tall" in 0zz!  ;D  8)  :)


the Australian Army had Leopard I mbt-s and, then, "ditched" them for that bucket of worthless ZOG bolts.....the M1-Abrams....but....."check out" these Leopard II-s......absolutely frickin' AWESOME....10000 of these "babies" and the White Race could conquer the Earth......HAIL the New White Imperium!

Leopard II specs......

the Russian T-95 "Black Eagle"....worth a look, too!

("Wiki" says that the T-95 project was 'cancelled'.....not sure abt that, eh?!?)


Hawthorne player called "black c*nt"....declare state of national emergency!


Tassie must be chockers with racists, eh?!?

just as well they took their guns off knows wtf might have happened OTW, eh?  :o

give 'em a "serve" on FB....... 


were WWII Wehrmacht troops "high" on 'speed'  ???

200mlln "pervitin" tabs 'doled out' to the troops?

(*please ignore the ZOG-bot "atrocity stories"*)

umm....guess that makes "crystal meth' " the White Man's drug-of-choice then, eh?!?  :o we's one that "the Mail" missed.....where is Elie's tatt'?


ever seen a termite mound?

or a cockroach colony?


then: check this out!....... ;

in fact: it's worse!

termites and cockroaches, in Nature's Grand Plan, perform at least some useful functions!

wtf "useful functions" will 40+ mlln stinking, verminious CHINKs "perform".....?.....except to destory our beautiful planet which, by rights, belongs wholly & solely to the White Race!

come to think of it.....what "useful functions" do mud people perform, period?

can't think of ANY, me-self.....all art, science, literature, music, poetry, philosophy and morality flows from the White Race....only SH*T flows from mud people!

it's ironic that the original "Chinese" civilisation was founded by white people....see... ....and....the Indian....and the Egyptian....and, so i believe, the Incan.....not to mention, of course, the Greek and the Roman civilisations!

imagine if there was a city of 40+ million exclusively for white people? think these ZOG maggots would permit it?

this planet is groaning under the unsustainable burden of these filthy fkn mud scum!

it's past time that burden was removed!



i'v had my doubts abt Herald-Sun columnist/'blogger Andrew Bolt for some time!

despite a recent ker-fuffle/contretemps in the Federal Court of Australia over allegations of "racism" from an article he published way back in 2009, his "ideas"/"public pronouncements" over the years have given "cause for pause" to say the least!

*strike one*
he was a John Howard shill and heavily supported the 1996/1997 gun grab which, basically, dis-armed Australia and left ordinary Aussies at the mercy of thugs, psychos and, now, rampaging mud people like the Leb' mafia and the Somonkey gangsters! (more on that here:;

*strike two*
he's a noted kike-kisser and Isn' un-ashamed apologist for that "blot on the land-scape"....the psychopathic Talmudic gangster enclave of Isn'tReal!

*strike three* ''I don't believe in racial division, between black, white or anything else,'' Bolt told the court soon after entering the witness box for the first time.

A little later he added: ''If I look at the people suing me, I don't find I'm of a different race to them ... I find that notion offensive and it harks back to Nazi Germany. I believe, fundamentally, that there is a human race, and beyond that it's all culture''

that's THREE STRIKES and yr OUT!!, Bolt!

apparently, Bolt is a Sth African kike....(who but a kike would "resurrect" a 70-year old shibboleth like "Nazi Germany" to back up his "defence" in a court-of-law in 2011 Melbourne, Australia?!?).....he left there some-time in the late 1980s when it looked like the nogz were gunna take doubt, aided and abetted by the likes of him!

so....this kike-kissing nog-lover thinks race "doesn't exist", eh?.....k.......well.....perhaps this PoS would care to enlighten us all on this......"one-bullet-—-one-white-infant"/ ?

please explain, Mr ZOG-bot Bolt!



he used to post as "Joe Snuffy" on the VNN forum!

more here: ;

the corrupt, kike maggots @ the "SPLC" tried to "tie in" Creator Craig "Chain" Cobb with this crock of sh*te "charge"!

(neither of the abv two articles specifies exactly which bunch of ZOG-botz made the arrest, although the MSNBC article says that FBI agents "found" the bomb on "the parade route"......uh...yeh....right!....if such a bomb actually existed and IF it was found....then, it is more likely than not that either a cop, a security guard or a member of the general public found it!.....NOT the FBI!.....)

question: how do you stop a jew from lying?

answer: BURY the maggot!



*correction* the MSNBC article says that "three city workers" found the also gives the impression that the "back-pack" had been sitting there (on a bench) for some time.....but.....the bomb was supposed to have "a remote detonation device"....if so....then....why would any potential bomber leave the bomb sitting there "for some time" (presumably: hours!).....?.....the usual modus operandi is to place such a device at the target location abt ¼-½ hr before-hand and, then, detonate it via remote control.....from a safe distance!

nah!!.....this whole think stinks of "false flag" !

more here.......
some excellent quality stuff here........ of them are, almost, like a mini-political treatise in "poster" form!

more stuff here...... anti-judæo-masonic "posters"/"postage stamps"  :o & jews !...they're a team, eh?!?

( like p*ss & sh*t !    :-\ )




from the abv "article":

More than one in 10 of those polled identified themselves as ''prejudiced against other cultures''. The rest may not be racist but 41.4 per cent of Australians believe that Muslims, Aboriginals, Asians or Jews ''don't fit into Australian society''. Broken down by cultural groups, 48.6 per cent of those polled reported anti-Muslim sentiment, while more than one in four - 27.9 per cent - expressed anti-Aboriginal sentiments, 23.8 per cent had anti-Asian attitudes and 23.3 per cent expressed anti-Semitic views.......

(my "high-lighting" & under-lining!)

if it wasn't for "the dirty tricks" played by the main-stream media and the two "main-stream" political parties, Pauline Hanson almost certainly would'v been elected as Prime Minister.....@ her "peak", she had the same or more support than Howard......prblby up to ¼ of "the primary vote"......more than enough to get elected with first & second "preferences"! seems....that her "support base" is still out there.....maybe even more so, eh?!? :o
....worth a listen!

Edit by Rev. Sinn: Right-click on the link above to download.

(featuring Creator Craig "Chain" Cobb)


Have a look at these sub-humanoid, filthy mud mongrel C*NTs...and then tell me that vermin like this should be allowed to exist?

Admin Edit: Video and Images removed at Source

Sure.....some White People are viciously cruel to helpless animals...but....of that (supposedly White) tiny minority, we, quite simply don't know how pseudo-kikish they are....or, indeed, if they're ½ or ¼ kikez them-selves....or, maybe, with a certain amount of mud in them......for instance, I've seen estimates that put the actual White ratio of the US population at less than ¼!

As for these gook vermin.....they're almost ALL sadists of one form or t'other!

And.....there's way, WAY, WAYYyyyyy too many of the germs......100 million of these slime is more than enough.....we've been out-bred 100-to-1 by filthy, *n mud people.....they are a danger to humans (White people) and to all of Nature!

Our first task must be to RID this planet of 95% at least of these sadistic *n vermin!

I say: DEATH! to them!...starting with jews and niggers!



uh....."catch a nigger by the toe....if he hollers 'racist', gotta let him go!"

Chief Commisioner Simon Overland regards allegations as "serious"!

uh....yeh.....but....which ones?

the "allegations" of assault?


unlawful arrest?

or (shock! horror!) the allegations of "racist taunts!"

do nogz living in Victoria now get carte blanche to run amok like the WA nogz?


arrest a nog for murder, rape and/or burglary and he gets a "get out of gaol free card!" if he accuses the rozzers of racism?!?

uh.....hang abt!

"cop" the lawyer's name who's launching the "class action" against the cops..."Peter Seidel"

no "prizes" for guessing his "ethnicity"!   




i must confess that, until reading this recent VNN "thread", i had little interest in or knowledge of this particular subject!

i got my account "suspended" by this drongo bastard but it was because of pressure from the "moderator" of the SFDU sub-forum, "Steel Cap Boot" (SCB),  a police-informing DOG from Perth, West 0zz, which caused that!

"SCB" objected to my continual exposés of the false-flag Port Arthur massacre on April 28th, 1996 at Port Arthur, Tasmania (posted in both the SFDU sub-forum and in the main SF forums!) which, basically, dis-armed Australia and left average Aussies at the mercy of psycho thugs, hoons and nog gangs!

there are strong indications that kikez were involved in the PAM and the subsequent dis-arming of law-abiding, from that perspective, this JackBoot c*nt is, in my books, doubly culpable!

i wonder how long it'll be before some "fed up WN" in the 'Kwa empties a clip into this maggot?

our FB "group" on the false-flag PAM:




.....while jews and their psycho "pets", the nogz, live "high on the hog"!

jews get $a gazillion$ a day in hand-outs from ZOG while white people have to live like that!

you angry yet, white man!

if not: then you FCKN well should be!

time for RAHOWA!....and some massive "ethnic cleansing"!


Quote from: Rev.Scott on Thu 23 Sep 2010The same as anybody else on this planet, we're not entirely sure but at least we are honest about it. Creators generally believe in the theory of evolution and the big bang theory. There is a lot more evidence of evolution and the big bang theory than there is of any spook in the sky.

i'm some-what adverse to "spruiking" evolution and The Big Bang too much, mainly for these reasons:

i/"evolution" has been, pretty much, co-opted by the judæo-marxists; currently, there is not a great deal of mileage that white racialists can gain from it!

ii/scientific theories are being constantly modified/upgraded/changed.....what is "gospel" today is "trash" tomorrow.....only by sifting through peer-reviewed scientific journals and double & triple checking every-thing in them that pertains to a particular topic will you get any-where near the truth of the matter (and, of course, that's a task well beyond the average punter!).....a good example: "scalar electro-magnetics" & Tesla's can be damn sure! that only the smallest fraction of the actual truth of any scientific matter is "getting through" to the general public!

iii/the media, academia and large parts of the scientific establishment are controlled by're not going to get the TRUTH from them.....on ANY-THING!.....also: there is, now, no such thing as fearless, investigative and independent scientists....most of them work for large, multi-national companies (nearly all of which are controlled by "the Guess Who-s") and are given large grant$ to do so..........naturally: they are not going to "bite the hand that feeds them" and publish any-thing those MNCs dis-like!

all in all, there's nothing in "evolution" to benefit us and advance our main aims: separation from non-white races and our own white home-land, as per David Lane's "Fourteen Words"

QuoteI am trying to find the following books for sale. Nature's Eternal Religion,White Man's Bible,Saluburious Living. I can't find them at bookstores and amazon wants way to much for them

these are good, too!.....lots of free stuff......

i highly recommend "Which Way Western Man?" by William Gayley Simpson....the full text is, i think, available as a "pdf" dwn/ld @ the "jrbooksonline" link!



*edit*....sorry!.....WWWM? ain't @ "jrbooksonline"'s on the Covington/NW site.... WWWM? dwn-ld link
No More Brothers Wars: War Remembrance Folly;sa=view;id=1101

The changing face of Remembrance Day/Veterans Day 11th of November
check out this very well-written review of the 1964 movie "Zulu" from the old "VNN"site....before they went all "semi-politically-correct"....a bit-torrent would probably be yr "best bet" for dwn/ldng a copy of this old classic!

"back in the day" used to be "required viewing" for new Australian Army recruits in the Puckapunyal auditorium....saw it my-self there.....very early 1980s......WAYyyyyy too "politically incorrect" for the squaddies or the choccos in these benighted times, of course!

ahh.....those were better and more innocent times!

*hope the "link" works, eh?!?*

Recently re-discovered.....ancient Aryan burial ground near much you reckon they are "covering up" about this and how many other burial grounds are there?

it's clearly verboten to "let  the cat out of the bag" that ALL major civilisations were begun by Aryans and flourished under them!

of coure, to admit that, would also be tantamount to admitting that non-whites CANNOT initiate civilisations because they are genetically inferior to White best, non-whites can maintain them......if that!

(political and racial dynamite!.....enough, even, to start a global RACE war?   :o ...long over-due, some would say, eh?!?)

Here is an extract from William Pierce's biography, The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds by Robert S Griffin (2001), which discusses the origins of The Turner Diaries

Quote from: Robert S GriffinThere has been much speculation about what inspired Pierce to write The Turner Diaries. He had never written any fiction before. Some have guessed that the inspiration was a book by Jack London called The Iron Heel. Pierce clarified that in our discussions. He said that Revilo Oliver was the inspiration. Pierce recalls meeting Oliver through his contacts with Lou Byers in 1970 or 1971, and corresponding with Oliver after that. Oliver had written a review of a book by William Gayley Simpson called Which Way Western Man? for Pierce's tabloid Attack!. (The Simpson book and Pierce's response to it will be discussed in a later chapter.) Pierce said that he had significantly cut Oliver's review. Pierce thought it was too long and that Oliver, who Pierce said detested Christianity, had given over an inordinate amount of space in his review to broadsides against Christianity. At that point--and it is still true today, although to a lesser extent--Pierce didn't want "a war with the Christians," as he put it to me.

Oliver hadn't taken well to Pierce's cuts in his review, but they were on cordial enough terms for the two of them to have gotten together for lunch in 1974 when Oliver was in Washington.

Pierce said he told Oliver at the lunch meeting that he was finding it hard getting a response out of people to the message he was trying to get across. Oliver asked him whether he had ever thought of writing fiction. Oliver told Pierce that many of the sorts of people who would respond to his ideas--those toward the bottom or on the margins of society with less stake in the existing arrangements and less to lose--simply don't read the kind of non-fiction material he was generating. If they read anything at all, Oliver said, it is fiction, and particularly light, action-filled recreational fiction.

"No, I hadn't thought about writing fiction," Pierce told Oliver. "It does sound like a good idea, though. But I really wouldn't know where to start doing something like that--I've never done any of it." Oliver told Pierce that when he got back home in Illinois, he would mail him a book that the John Birch Society had published. It was the kind of fiction that he had in mind for Pierce to think about writing.

A couple of weeks later, Pierce received a photocopy of the book, Oliver had talked about in the mail. It was called The John Franklin Letters and had been published back in 1959.28 Pierce told me he didn't read the book carefully, but that he looked through it enough to get an idea of how he could do something like that. The "something like that" turned out to be The Turner Diaries, a book which has sold over three hundred thousand copies without the aid of a commercial publisher and bookstore distribution and has become arguably the most infamous book of our time.

Pierce still has the photocopy of the book Oliver gave him and I went through it.

The John Franklin Letters is made up of chronologically arranged fictional letters from one John Semmes Franklin to his ninetythree-year-old uncle. They span a two-year period, from 1972 to 1974.

(Recall that the book was written in 1959 and thus its events transpire i n the future.) Pierce told me that the letters format on The John Franklin Letters inspired the idea of a fictional diary, which he decided would be a good format for writing a first novel. With diary entries, Pierce would just have to look at the world through the eyes of one person, Earl Turner. He wouldn't have to put himself in the place of a number of characters, or assume the position of an omniscient observer. No author is listed for The John Franklin Letters. The preface is written by a fictional Harley Ogdon, who identifies himself as a professor of American history at the University of Illinois. He informs us that Franklin's letters to his uncle record the ousting of the "Buros"(Bureaucrats) by the Rangers, an underground patriotic military force Franklin helped form. The Rangers, Ogdon writes, represented the resistance to the excesses of state control of every facet of American life.

They were combatting the government paternalism that was destroying this country. As I read along in the book, I became certain I knew who the author of The John Franklin Letters was--Revilo Oliver himself. I had read enough of Oliver's writings by that time to recognize his thinking and hiswriting style.

"Did Oliver ever tell you who wrote The John Franklin Letters ?" I asked Pierce. "I don't know who wrote it," Pierce answered. "It doesn't give an author because the premise is that this is a collection of letters."

"I believe Oliver himself wrote this book, and that for whatever reason he didn't want his identity known," I said. "It could be that at that time, in the 1950s, he wasn't excited about the idea of the people at National Review or the University of Illinois knowing he was writing this kind of thing."

"That could be," Pierce responded. "All I know is that he didn't tell me that he had written the book. He just said did you ever see The John Franklin Letters? and I said, no, I never had, and he said I'll send you a copy, it might give you an idea of how you can use a fictional medium to get your message out. And he sent me the book." Even though The John Franklin Letters was written fifty years ago, it reflects many of the concerns of those on the far right in contemporary times. For one thing, there is the worry about "big brother," liberal, paternalistic government, particularly at the federal level. In an early letter of this unpaginated volume, Franklin tells his uncle that it all began with Roosevelt and the New Deal back in the 1930s: "By government, the great orator [Roosevelt] did not mean the people of the United States, acting with courage and common sense in their own communities. He meant a parcel of professional experts minding other people's business, who were even then descending on Washington...a flock of theorists bent on confiscating the nation's money through taxation." Later on, Franklin gets more specific, as the tells his uncle: "[The 'experts' have] planned us into economic serfdom; now they'll manage us into organized captivity with an orgy of deficit spending, pump-priming controls and population shifts."

And, then,  there is the disastrous welfare system: "Here's what has happened," writes Franklin. "Anyone can get on the relief roles. All you have to do is convince a Bureaucrat, himself living on other people's money, that you are in need." Elsewhere he tells his uncle, "Charity to those in need has turned into a vast system of 'projects' in the hands of 'social engineers.' Something for nothing--that is now the battle cry."

An anti-black bias shows through as Franklin writes: "One third of the nation's crime is committed by Negroes, mostly in Northern cities--home of enlightenment and integration, you'll notice. The Liberals cry, scarlet with rage, 'Well what do you expect? They live in substandard conditions.' And I add, those rapists, killers, and thieves are behaving in a substandard manner." In another letter, Franklin refers to blacks as a "tax-supported proletariat."

There is the worry about what have come to be called "hate laws." "As bad as blacks are, you can't criticize them," writes Franklin, "because of the Javitts hate literature law, [Jacob Javitts was a Jewish senator from New York at that time] which prevents what is considered to be unfair propaganda against minority groups." Later on, Franklin writes to his uncle about a "Mr. White" (white man?) who is serving a ten-year "administrative penalty" for being discourteous to a black. "This had been regarded as a form of genocide," explains Franklin, "since it could do psychological harm to an entire minority element." The New York Commission on Intergroup Relations had previously been after this Mr White, Franklin reports to his uncle, because he was the president of a country club who failed to include a black among its members. "White's remark to the Commission that he thought he and his friends had the right to choose their own associates," writes Franklin, "was most unwise under the circumstances."

The book also foretells fears about what in these years is called the New World Order. Franklin's letters assert that America's sovereignty is being given over to "world governments," as he calls them, such as the United Nations. According to Franklin, this is part of a movement toward a "world-wide people's democratic government." He tells his uncle that the United States is now being governed by the United Nations Organization and the "Peoples' Democratic Anti-Fascist Government of North America." And there are the gun-control worries. Writes Franklin: "No dictatorship has ever been imposed on a nation of free men who have not been first required to register their privately owned weapons...[However] we are not, as were the Hungarians [referring to the 1956 uprising against the Soviet-dominated government in that country] reduced to fighting with our bare hands and Molotov cocktails [explosive devices made out of soda pop bottles and gasoline]. Millions of Americans still have a deadly and trusted weapon which the Buros tried too late to seize."

In the end, the Rangers win the day. Franklin's last letter, dated July 4th, 1974 (again, the book was written in the 1950s), tells of victory and the re-establishment of "the legal government of the United States of America." Franklin tells his uncle: "Rangers appeared in Washington just before dawn. Within an hour, we had control of the metropolitan police headquarters, the broadcasting stations, and the Buro guard posts throughout the city. Shortly after sunrise, two battalions of Ranger paratroopers jumped from the old military and commercial aircraft about which you know. A command post was set up in Rock Creek Park. We had almost no trouble with the UN and Buro guards around the city. They are,as we found out early in the game, more on the order of custodians and doorkeepers than fighting infantry. The professional military forces which had plagued us for a while--Soviet, Chinese, and Indian troops--had been withdrawn for some months to deal with unrest on their home grounds."

The book ends on an ominous note as Franklin refers to retribution: "Certain high-minded Liberals will be among the first to be executed and they will go to their deaths not understanding why."

Guided by the example of The John Franklin Letters, Pierce began writing what came to be called The Turner Diaries as installments for his tabloid Attack!. Pierce said the early installments received an enthusiastic response from readers, so he kept them going. As with The John Franklin Letters, the basic situation is a revolt against those in control of America in a future time. Instead of the Rangers, in Pierce's book it is the Organization. Within the Organization, there was an elite group to which the protagonist Earl Turner belongs called the Order. In Nazi Germany, the cadre of the best young National Socialist party members was called the Order. When I read Pierce's book I presumed that that is where he got the name but he tells me that wasn't the case. Instead of fighting the Buros as in the Oliver book, Earl Turner and his compatriots were taking on the System. And, of course, instead of writing letters, Earl Turner keeps a diary.

Pierce told me he wrote twenty-six chapters, of The Turner Diaries - -one for each issue of his tabloid Attack!--over a period of three-and-a-half years. He said that the one thing he made sure to do was get one piece of violence or heightened action into each episode in order to keep his readers interested. He said he knocked out the episodes quickly as deadlines were short, and that he had no idea that they would ever comprise a book. If he had known that they were going to receive as much attention as they eventually did receive, he told me, he would have tried to do better job with the writing. A number of times Pierce expressed to me that he didn't think The Turner Diaries is very well written. He seems somewhat embarrassed about the book's literary merits. He thinks that Hunter, the novel he wrote in the mid-1980s and which has received much less attention than The Turner Diaries, is a far better-written book.



racial greetings & sincerest felicitations from The Land Down Under to all white racial comrades world-wide!

(won't be posting here too much for the time being because i'v gotta get me accommodation/domestic arrangements 'sorted'....hope-fully: after that, i will be!)


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