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A Perth resident has taken aim at property investors who are flocking from interstate and jacking up rent and house prices for locals.

The frustrated local revealed their rent had increased by more than 50 per cent over the last year-and-a-half and that they had been frozen out of the property market.

western Australia's capital has seen a huge population boom in recent years and drawn increased interest for its affordable property market.

The city boasts some of the lowest prices in the country with the median house price at $735, 276 compared to $1,414,229 in Sydney.

Some 2.9million residents call Perth home after the population grew by 3.3 per cent in the year to September

An increase in population and growing interest from interstate buyers has seen house prices rise by 20 per cent over the past year.

The increase has had a flow on affect with renters with residents seeing a median increase of $80 a week - with some being slugged with much more.

The outraged Perth local took to social media to tell others not to move to the city as his rent has increased by $260 a week in just a year-and-a-half.

Having initially paid just $350 per week for the Perth rental, the resident blames property investors for the total $610 he now forks out every week.

'I earn good money but house prices coupled with everyday expenses doesn't allow me to save enough to buy a home,' he wrote on Reddit.

'I have friends who have made offers but investors are out bidding them every single time (by $50,000-60,000).'

The local then took aim at the increasing cost-of-living impacting Aussies, saying 'health care is no longer bulk billed , food is stupidly expensive, same with fuel and services ... WTF are we meant to do?'

The post caught the attention of locals who chimed in, many of which claimed it stems from a number of issues such as housing supply and immigration.

'Immigration is one issue, absolutely, but the main cause to all of this is the lack of housing supply,' one user wrote.

'Perth - and practically the entirety of Australia - don't have enough tradespeople to build enough housing at a decent rate.'

'We have enough supply for owner occupiers, just not enough for for both them AND all the investors,' a second wrote.

'If they could drop the demand on using property for investment then the demand drops and the supply we need to provide would reduce.'

Another said Perth was starting to lose its charm as a slower, quieter and more suburban city.

'No insane traffic in the morning, basic expenses weren't through the roof (though inflation has def contributed to this), and the overall atmosphere was nice and slow-paced,' they wrote.

Having lived over east in the past, it scares me that Perth is slowly turning into Sydney or Melbourne.
Obama vs Louie the Fly;sa=view;id=3951

Straight from Garbage Tip to You.
Dirty and filthy and mighty unclean.

Comedy/Humor / Where Black Jew$ Go
Thu 28 Mar 2024
Where Black Jew$ Go;sa=view;id=3950

How many Sammy Davis jr 's are there?
Cleaning the oven would be hard.
Anybody Want to Buy Some Slaves?!;sa=view;id=3949

They speak the language of violence, that'll fix them!
Turn them into fertiliser when they are broken!
Beaner's Favorite Activity;sa=view;id=3948

Give them to Israel to put over their wall!
What Biden's Invasion "Free For All" Costs You;sa=view;id=3944

Who needs more?
Got enough beaners yet?
Niggers Will Tolerate This Confederate Statue;sa=view;id=3942

Where'd they be without KFC?
A Confederate God?!
Where Muslims Belong;sa=view;id=3941

Somebody put her there!

Smelly snatch,
Smelly snatch,
Stinkin' of last week's catch,
Sittin' in the thatch,
Lettin' your eggs hatch,
You aint no love catch,
You're a mismatch,
That makes me ratch,
You belong in the vegetable patch,
You failed slow match,
Devoid of merit badge.
Hitler Sponsored by Gillette;sa=view;id=3939

A close shave!
Vegetarian! Not tested on animals.
Baywatch is Now Gaywatch;sa=view;id=3938

They just have to fiddle with every show!

Try something new for a change: Bring White Straight People to TV.
Why Do Blacks Fight in Fast Food Restaurants?;sa=view;id=3937

A common sight!
Somebody isn't happy about the last piece of KFC being bought?!
Don't Forget to Chain Your Slave Up!;sa=view;id=3928

Niggers will pinch your bike!

Probably only smart enough to chase birds off the roof?
I$ra-hell Gangstas in da House!;sa=view;id=3927

Destruction at every footstep.
Coming to your neighbourhood!
Gooks in Widescreen Vision;sa=view;id=3926

Normally you could blind fold them with shoe laces!

If they had proper eyes they'd still be pests!
The "London" Fashion Look;sa=view;id=3925

You are in fashion looking like a pillar box.
Go to a club all the chicks look the same!
Comedy/Humor / Rambo Goes Sambo
Mon 18 Mar 2024
Rambo Goes Sambo;sa=view;id=3924

Look out for Sambo!
Give them weapons and you know what happens.

Because You Just Have To?;sa=view;id=3923

Can't have it!
Not a free for all!
Rapefugees? Just Don't Do It!
Was the Wiggles Before Disney Channel Got To It!;sa=view;id=3921

The Niggles - Reminds me of Smarties now! Chocolate in the middle!

Coming to flog your Big red car!
Which One of Them is a Muslim?;sa=view;id=3920

The one in the "pillar box" stand up!
Do You Really Want a Black Slave?;sa=view;id=3919

We all know how they work right?

Cotton pickin' bastards need extra rights and benefits just to survive in a technological community.
Now Crawl Back Up Yo Momma's Cûnt Birthday BOY!;sa=view;id=3918

We don't need black mofos to be born!

He does belong in the zoo!
Black Currant or ..Black Cûnt?;sa=view;id=3915

Only the Jam/Jelly will be allowed in my home!

Fetch the rope for Gollywog!
He wants to swing!
So...They Want to Stop Racism?;sa=view;id=3914


Simple Simon says STOP BLAMING WHITEY!
All Sleepy Joe Can Think Of;sa=view;id=3913

Real issues don't matter - Joe is a foe
What Every Guy Feels!;sa=view;id=3912

Can't relax or be happy for 1 min!
All the Cyber Curry Munchers Want;sa=view;id=3910

These plague people pop up everywhere in the world trying to scab anything they can!

The "new Jew$"
Super Hero or Villain!?;sa=view;id=3909

MutAnt Jigaboo!
Going to prison!
We All Can Really See It!;sa=view;id=3907

Oh such nice people all here to work and do jobs you don't like. They'll fit right in with us right?!

Some think race isn't real and doesn't matter. Some just don't think.
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