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Topics - Br.IanVonTurpie

Cheese N' Egger Upsets Nigger;sa=view;id=3900

Grounds for a Chimp out?

Maybe this dish could be up there with:- Melons  KFC and washed down with Grape soda?
Ancient Rome vs Africa Today;sa=view;id=3899

Who ever thought?!
Not surprised!
Brit Word for Smokes;sa=view;id=3897

You'll get POLICED by the WOKE!

This one is for the kids ...
Movie About Bin Laden;sa=view;id=3896

It's a Biopic of the Goat F***ER!
Comedy/Humor / Such a Shock!
Tue 27 Feb 2024
Such a Shock!;sa=view;id=3895

Go live on the street ya dog?

Put it in the rubbish!

Metal band BITCH BAND Scaphis have been playing together for about 10 years.

During that time, its members say, they've glimpsed the dark side of the metal scene in Australia. 

"We were supposed to play a certain gig around September," members of Scaphis told Hack.

"Out of coincidence, a fan of ours discovered that one of the bands on the bill had very clear signs of being pretty 'fash' (an abbreviation for fascist)." 

Ultimately, Scaphis decided to pull out, to make a statement. 

"Fascism shouldn't have a place in metal, and it shouldn't have a place in the Melbourne scene or anywhere," the band members told Hack. - But Commie "Kill Whitey" bands should be there?

Nazi bands in metal an 'open secret': Researcher

An investigation by PROUDLY ANTI-WHITE triple j Hack suggests the situation the members of Scaphis say they found themselves in is neither isolated nor unusual. 

Insiders say that white supremacy and so-called "Nazi bands" have become an open secret within the metal scene in Australia. 

They say National Socialist black metal — known as NSBM — is an established sub-genre, and that while the movement is mainly underground, with many NSBM events backyard gigs or invite-only, there have been times when a "Nazi" band has played at a mainstream Australian venue. 

Independent scholar in musicology and ethnomusicology Dr (((Ben Hillier))) studies the metal scene closely. 

"Any kind of discrimination or hatred is still just discrimination and hatred," Dr Hillier says. 

'Who's the real fascists?'

The group that prompted the Scaphis decision to withdraw from its gig last September was a Tasmania-based band called Ignis Gehenna.

The band, which did not respond to a request for comment from Hack, uses a modified black sun as its logo, printed on band merchandise and posters. 

Boo fucking hoo. Let's just cancel every fucking band because someone ate a piece of Nutri-Grain that slightly resembled one of H*tl*r's landscape paintings. Who's the real fascists?

Legit who wants to support or work with a bunch of losers who cry Nazi to cancel gigs.

Fuck you and your politics, SCABBERS! If you don't like someone's views, walk away and move on with your fucking life, like an adult, you fucking pussies!!... KEEP YOUR SHIT TO YOURSELF AND PLAY BRUTAL METAL.. Or FUCK OFF and DIE, yourselves!!

The headlining act, Misery, sent Scaphis a message, blaming them for the cancelled event.

Scaphis replied with the specific reason it had pulled out. 

"And basically, the response we got from that was, 'We don't care if you have beliefs or values or if you're uncomfortable with things'," Scaphis members told Hack. 

"The only thing we care about is music and we'll play with anyone.

"They think that people should be able to say the most offensive, obscene bullshit and get away with it, because metal's about being tough (but) that's not what free speech is, it's not freedom from consequences." 

In a statement, Misery told Hack that the band plays for their love of heavy music, "playing live to everyone, excluding no one". 

If Only a Real Video Game Existed;sa=view;id=3894

Be fun to SHOOT BLACKS and MISCEGENATORS in a first person shooter!
Jews Got a Nose For $$$;sa=view;id=3893

How do you know how many blacks live in your street? Get a coin, roll it down the road, count the hands coming out of drains then subtract one hand to account for the Jew that got the coin!
The Titanic Middle East Version;sa=view;id=3888

We should tell them we are building a Mosque on a de-commissioned aircraft carrier, float it out to sea and torpedo the thing. Then we won't have to watch this film again and again!
Albanese is a Clown to All Races!;sa=view;id=3887

Albanese or Albasleasy the Clown?

I'll bet everybody is sorry for voting him in?!

No circus would take him either
Sleepy Joe is Delirious!;sa=view;id=3886

He's running the country in a trance!
Wake up!
Comedy/Humor / Trans Toilet
Mon 19 Feb 2024
How to Calm a Transwoman;sa=view;id=3884

We all knew it's a freak - Ugly thing!
Niggers vs Flash Camera;sa=view;id=3883

Better not to be seen at all!
Stay away from everybody!
Nike Signature George Floyd Shoe;sa=view;id=3881

He's sponsored! No Air!
Comedy/Humor / African Simpsons
Thu 15 Feb 2024
African Simpsons;sa=view;id=3879

It's a wonder there's a house left!
Comedy/Humor / I See Dead People
Tue 13 Feb 2024