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Quote from: Br.IanVonTurpie on Today at 19:55when Trump gets shot there is a woman behind him to our right. She pulls out a phone and records instead of taking cover pronto. Who's gunna do that naturally?

These days? Any retard that cannot put together the concept of BANG BANB BANG followed by DEATH and MAIMING.
Trump supporter, 80, putting up political sign in his front yard is run over by Biden/Harris supporter - before Democrat does the world a favor

An elderly Trump supporter has been seriously hurt in a 'politically motivated' incident after being run over by an ATV while he was putting up a campaign sign in his yard.

The 80-year-old Michigan man sustained critical injuries after the vehicle plowed into him in front of his home in Hancock on Sunday.

The suspect was identified on Monday after he called police to confess to 'a crime involving an ATV driver in the last 24 hours', according to their statement.

However, when cops arrived they discovered the 22-year-old Biden/Harris supporter dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police alleged the driver had vandalized two other vehicles prior to the hit and run, and was linked to three 'politically motivated' cases in total.

Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on Mon 22 Jul 2024Who pays Reparations?

Kamala Harris' great-great-great-great grandfather was 'notorious' Irish slave owner who bought Jamaican plantation and travelled to London to fight abolition, historian claims

Martin Robinson | Daily Mail (UK) | 23 July 2024

Will Kamala be unburdened from paying Reparations?

Excerpt: Kamala Harris is descended from an owner of 120-plus slaves who ran a Jamaican plantation and fought against the abolition of the abhorrent trade, a British historian claimed today.

The Democrat would-be President is of Indian and Afro-Jamaican descent with her late mother, Shyamala Gopalan, born in Madras, now Chennai, while her father, Donald Harris, is from Jamaica.

The Vice-President's father, a Stanford University academic who is 85, was born in Brown's Town on the Caribbean island – named after Hamilton Brown, who is believed to be Kamala's slave-owning great-great-great-great grandfather.

In an article published by the Jamaica Globe in 2019, Kamala's father Professor Harris wrote: 'My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown) descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown's Town, a town in Jamaica.'

Northern Irish historian Stephen McCracken said today that Brown was a 'notorious' slaver and 'not nice fellow' who was born in Antrim but later settled in Jamaica.

Brown travelled to London to protest against the abolition of slavery and then turned his attention to enslaving Irish migrants when he was no longer allowed to enslave Africans, Mr McCracken told the Belfast Telegraph.

'He would come back to Ireland to take migrants back to Jamaica to work once slavery was abolished. A quote refers to him as "making slaves of migrants" in Ireland.'

In 2019, it was reported that Brown owned at least 121 slaves in 1826.

Kamala is not believed to have spoken publicly about these roots, which take her all the way back to the UK. Reuters fact checkers have said that Kamala is likely to be a descendant of both slaves and slave owners.
When the White House announced that Biden had Covid, and you could see he was physically suffering, I thought it was just an excuse to get rid of the demented old sod. Then, as soon as I heard that Biden had stepped down as a presidential candidate, I thought he needs to quit as president as well. And I'm not the only one to come to these obvious conclusions. You probably thought the same ... but Israel's favourite father-in-law, Donald - Wanna-Buy-a-Daughter? - Trump, has said the same in the MSM.

Trump claims Biden 'never had COVID', says 'if he can't run for office, he can't run our country'


Devious Democrats used to sabotage Biden's campaign and their bombshell threat if he didn't drop out of race

The Democrat Party plot to get Joe Biden to drop out has been long in the works, a Biden insider claims.

That plan came to fruition on Sunday, when the 81-year-old president dramatically announced the end of his campaign before endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris.

However, a source close to Biden's family is saying that the party put together a 'palace coup' over the course of recent weeks, with the president fighting it until he was threatened with being forced out.

The insider says that the disastrous debate against Donald Trump on June 27 - the earliest presidential debate in history - was part of the strategy.

'That debate was a set-up to convince Democrats that he couldn't run for president,' the source told the New York Post.

Though publicly, most of the faces of the left stayed behind Biden, in the shadows, party powerbrokers were threatening to invoke the 25th amendment.

Section 4 of the amendment allows for removal of a president who is deemed incapacitated by any kind of illness, injury, or mental impairment.
RAPEFUGEES: Australian woman 'gang raped by five men' in Paris just days before the Olympics - Flees into nearby Kebab Shop

There is no mention of who or what raped her, but you can bet your balls that the rape has a connection with something that rhymes with PISSLAMIC.


Excerpt: The distressed 25-year-old woman told police she had been attacked by five men 'of African appearance' after seeking refuge inside a kebab shop just metres from the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret theatre at about 5am on Saturday.

The woman, who was described having 'her dress inside out' and carrying her underwear in her hand, also claimed her mobile phone had been stolen.

Parisian police want to avoid fear being spread among tourists as hundreds of thousands flock to the French capital for the Olympic Games.

Armed guards have been spotted patrolling the streets, metal barriers now line the Seine.

A huge force of some 45,000 police officers drafted in from 43 countries and 18,000 soldiers will make up the defence system.

Some 1,700 members of the British police force are already supporting French officers in Paris and Marseille as well as UK sniffer dogs that have been handpicked by French authorities.
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