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Messages - Rev.Cambeul

Trump is SHOT in the side of the head and left with blood strewn across his face in LEFTARD assassination attempt

Associated Press is reporting the shooter wasn't inside the rally venue

Will Potter | Daily Mail (UK) | 14 July 2024

Excerpt: Donald Trump was seen bleeding from his ear after being injured in a shooting at a re-election rally where a bystander was killed by the shooter's bullets.

At least eight bullets were fired moments after Trump got up to speak after 5pm ET Saturday, at Butler Farm Grounds in Butler, Pennsylvania.

The president was seen ducking, with blood pouring from his ear as screams from terrified onlookers rang out. His team says that he is 'fine.'

It has since been reported that Trump was struck by a piece of flying glass from a teleprompter shattered during the shooting.

Secret Service agents could be heard shouting 'the shooter is down' in the ensuing chaos. The agency confirmed the incident is being investigated as an attempted assassination.

Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger told reporters the shooter is dead and that a bystander had also been killed in the bloodbath.

The identities of the shooter and the dead bystander have not yet been confirmed. It is also unclear where the shooter opened fire from and what kind of weapon was used.

In an image that has already gone around the world, Trump was pictured repeatedly pumping his fist with blood dripping from his face while being surrounded by Secret Service agents.

Moments later, he was rushed away to safety. Trump's team said further updates on the former president's condition will follow soon.

Nearly two hours later in his first address since the assassination attempt, President FJB Biden declared, 'The idea that there's political violence like this in America is just unheard of,' he said.

It is? Sitting U.S. presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, James Garfield and William McKinley were killed by assassins. Teddy and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan all survived assassination attempts. It's actually all too well-heard of.

This election isn't going to get any more civil; far from it.


Trump shooter identified as Thomas Matthew Crooks

The FBI has not identified the motive

The gunman who attempted to assassinate former President Donald J. Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday was identified by the F.B.I. as Thomas Matthew Crooks, a 20-year-old from Bethel Park, Penn., but officials released no additional information about him.

The gunman did not have a criminal history reflected in Pennsylvania's public court records, and officials said they had not identified a motive.

Federal campaign-finance records show he donated $15 to the Progressive Turnout Project, a liberal voter turnout group, through the Democratic donation platform ActBlue in January 2021.

Thomas Matthew Crooks opened fire from a rooftop 130 yards from where the former president was on stage speaking to thousands of fans in Butler at 6.15pm on Saturday night.

Trump suddenly grabbed his ear and had blood covering his face after at least eight shots were fired and the crowd started screaming as Secret Service agents swarmed around him.

He then got up, raised his fist and shouted 'fight, fight, fight' as he was rushed away from the scene and to hospital. Just a few hours later he released a statement saying he was fine and describing the moment he felt the bullet rip through his skin.

The attacker killed a member of the crowd before he was shot and killed in the terrifying incident that has sparked questions of how law enforcement allowed him to open fire on a former president.

'I hate Republicans. I hate Trump': Old video of Thomas Matthew Crooks goes viral

An old video of the shooter, who attempted to assassinate the Republican Presidential candidate for 2024 elections, was revealed in which he expressed his hate to republicans and Trump.

In the video, the attacker, who was seen wearing a blue t-shirt and glasses, said: "My name is Thomas Matthew Crooks. I hate Republicans. I hate Trump."
Got an ordinary dressing on now. No more machines sucking at my stomach causing bad night sweats. I may even get sufficient sleep now. And of course I can move around a lot better now. It'd be perfect if it wasn't for that shit-bag stuck to my stomach.

The nurses will be around three times per week to change the dressing.

Count the Months ...

 - It'll be another month with this dressing until I'm healed - as long as nothing goes wrong.

 - Then another three to six months doing chemo.

 - Finally the colostomy bag will be taken off and reversed.

The initial plan was surgery, five days in hospital, and then the chemo a few weeks later. No colostomy bag! The hospital screwed up by discharging me after the initial surgery without paying attention to the growing infection in my bowel. An MRI had showed I did not have a "chest infection" and that was good enough for them. All they had to do was pay attention to my rise in temperature indicating an infection somewhere, listen to the symptoms I reported and LOOK AT THE BOTTOM of the MRI!

Incompetent bastards!
Quote from: G.L.R. on Wed 10 Jul 2024Unfortunately I have a short fuse for arrogant, deceitful or egotistical types.  My approach should probably not be adopted for potential reverends...

I'm the same. However, due to our stance within the community, and ongoing unfortunate dealings with law enforcement, skinhead gangs and rival White groups that set themselves up as the enemy of Creators, Creativity's Reverends need to be tougher of mind than the ministers of any other religion. A short fuse combined with self discipline can be a good thing. With experience, a Creator Reverend will know when to light that fuse early ... or whether to talk peace.
* The Church of Creativity has no connection with Aryan Nations. If you see a member of Sadistic Souls MC wearing a Creativity patch, you have the Church's blessing to take that patch. ~ @Cailen.

The video is garbage, but everything it says about SSMC and its founder has long been verified by former Aryan Nations friends.

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