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Messages - Nigel

I used Opera years ago and found it had a slow affect on browsing, but I am impressed. It feels light and that VPN doesn't slow speed and the fact that it can run alongside the browser without having to turn it on manually is a good feature also.

Where I am living now I cant get fibre at all so we still on copper and I have nothing but problems, 4 engineer visits and a free set of network extenders is all British Telecom can come up with.
WE have our symbols, much like any like minded group, so perhaps it might be best to think about what you personally like, and then get one of our wonderkid artists to integrate them?
No, it wasn't them, but a local group that apparently added them as a 'if you are interested' set of links. Harmless, if ill timed, given the whole thing about the gangs being 'outlawed'.
As most of you will know, we have Brothers, who are in gaols all over the world, but one that I trust you will all know of is our Brother  Reverend Dr Esposito. He has been in jail for nearly 20 years, and is constantly fighting to stay true to our Religion of Creativity.
Even though it absolutely hammers any 'reward' chances he may have, often loosing privileges taken for granted by others.

As I said, I am sure many are aware of his circumstances, and have read his letters to us via the PM.

It has come to my attention that we, as fellow Creators, might be able to help make our Brother's life inside a bit more bearable. and for next to nothing. A connection to the outside, albeit biased, but still something. A TV.

Now, of course we always mention jewtube, and how bad it is for our people, and that is absolutely correct.. but in
Reverend Dr Esposito's case, it will give him a view of the world around him presently denied. He is a smart man, and has probably forgotten more that I will learn, so it isn't going to influence him in the way we see the majority of our racial kinsmen, all ZOGbotized.

So, this is the thinking... it costs about $250 for a wee TV, and the PM will pay for it immediately, as he is wont to do. Now, whilst this is great, I am thinking that there are enough of us to lessen the load.. even 10 of us would make it just $25 each, which is nothing these days.

I will be donating my $25, and I hope you guys are able to chip in as well. We are Brothers, Racial family, and together, even the big loads can be shared and carried.
No Br Ian.. believe me, at the minute they are squealing about the stickers and posters, but know that they are not 'illegal' and in themselves can't be called 'hate crime'. Essentially, if and when one of us does get a knock at the door, they have nothing, and will not be keen to take it to court.. more a 'please don't do this anymore'.

Now, if something happened in regards to a tangent, such as you suggested, they will fall on us like a towerblock. This would be then used to hammer us anytime we get coverage.
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