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Messages - Mikey

A good documentary is ICE AGE COLUMBUS. Also, if you can find it, THE MYSTERIOUS ORIGINS OF MAN and THE MYSTERY OF THE SPHINX.

Graham Hancock has more than proven the superiority of the White Race in his books:
The Fingerprints of the Gods
The Message of the Sphinx
The Mars Mystery
The Magicians of the Gods

And don't forget MARCH OF THE TITANS!

Einstein was a fraud ...

How Intermarriage Sparked Some of Einstein's Greatest Discoveries
Forward (New York)

Albert Einstein is remembered as one of modernity's (and Judaism's) great geniuses. But, according to a recent article from Scientific American, many of Einstein's most influential works were not the products of his individual genius, but rather born from intellectual collaborations with his first wife, Mileva Marić ... Marić, herself a brilliant physicist, was responsible for jumpstarting the young Einstein's career ... Their marriage saw them continue their intellectual partnership, with Marić reportedly playing a large role in the development of the theory of special relativity, among other famous scientific achievements credited exclusively to Einstein ... One of the most celebrated figures in Jewish history owes much of his legacy to his marriage to a non-Jewish woman from Serbia.
 Serbia seems to be getting all the blame for letting them pass through. They just let them get out of here who cares where they go. The entry point is Greece just like it's always been. Years ago Greece tried to put a wall up on the Turkish border and the EU wouldn't help them and bull*ted them out of the idea.

Angela Merkel is a big liar and only pretending that Germany will take all the "migrants" if she can bull* every other country into taking massive numbers of them. Hungary knows it, that's why they put up the wall. Which by the way, the wall isn't stopping anything but it is a sign of resistance. Why is there no talk of a wall at the Turkish border in Greece and turning away boats full of them? Because the EU wants it that way.

Don't believe the news, look at what actually is going on.
I'm sure that not all of you agree with me on this but I don't care. I know it's true.

Here in Serbia 30,000 more people die than are born every year. Statistics show that there is on average 60,000 abortions per year in Serbia.

In every white country whites have very small families if they have a family at all. There it is people, you want to save our race? Give it a future by having kids and fighting abortion. We are committing genocide on our own by killing our children.

By the way, looking for a good woman to have my kids probably just like a lot of you out there.
I wish you all the best in South Africa, from what I hear the farm murders are becoming an epidemic and of course the outside world completely ignores it.
What really makes me sick is Eastern European communists that think Mandela was a hero, they do not understand that African communism and it's bastard offspring American communism (although not nearly as far along, it is in the same vein) is of a completely different nature than the old Soviet bloc or Yugoslav style communism. African communism is blatantly kill whitey. Their theme song is "Kill the Boers". Eastern european communism was bad but not as blatantly racial or violent. They think it is like what their communism was and they are completely wrong. There are also a lot of American communists who have never heard of genocidal incidents like Zimbabwe. If whites in Europe knew what was going on in South Africa, socialism/communism would have a massive decline immediately.

The only way to spread the word of things like this is Youtube and other sites like it. If the masses of whites knew about this, not only would white countries be forced into trade sanctions (through massive public outrage) with South Africa, it would also shed light on the true nature of modern day communism in other white nations.

I sincerely hope White South Africa survives.
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