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Being ignorant and clueless about the real world will invariably come back to bite you in the a*s.
I'm willing to bet somewhere down the line she forgave her attacker and said this is the result of the lifetime of discrimination he suffered.


Father of Girl Choked by Freaky Nigger Tranny Cheerleader Says His Daughter is Pro-LGBTQ, Blames Herself
Happy to be a part of something that is working to save our race.
The link below shows some of what is being done to us--RaHoWa!

[video width=480 height=380]
Don't send your kids into the belly of the beast--the public school system and any college---Brainwashing from the instructors in these schools and colleges, as well as harassment from the niggers and muds in public schools is guaranteed.
Homeschool your children--then again--most people in Creativity probably know this.
Also, teach your boys to become strong and able to defend themselves, and when needed, be able to kick a*s.
Yeah--the military is all about diversity now--homo/trans rights and promoting their twisted hatred of any white male with a set of balls and pride for who he is.
The U.S. military is now in a very weak and vulnerable state. They can't get recruits and are offering huge financial incentives to join up.
Here's the reality regarding the terrible condition of our youth in this country--just saw this fact in the newspaper--only 27% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 years are seen as fit to serve in our military.
As part of Creativity-- I keep my body fit--work it daily--test it regularly--don't pollute it with shit food--drugs and mindless entertainment. I have better things to do then watch others play sports.
I work my mind as well as my body. We should be shining examples of the Creativity beliefs we espouse.
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