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Messages - P.M.JoeEsposito

My Brother,

I received your two texts, and the one from Lord Connecticut. @Rev.JohnBarletta 

I want the Fonzie style jacket. Real leather. Not the fake. No fur. I'll get my size when I can get measured by my captors.

As for me, I am well and doing okay. How is your mom?  And your dog, the new N?

Well I'll close. Send Lord Connecticut my respects and a R*23.

Thank you for everything!

My Brother,

Received both your messages, and I spoke to @Br.DustinFletcher on the phone. He has a place for me to go to upon release, so you will be able to mail me things for my release.

Are the real leather jackets still for sale by the slopes?

My brother I thank you in advance for the money. I am always thankful for whatever you do.

Well, I close now.

***R-23***Rev.Dr.Joe P.M.

R-23 just wanted to make sure about the money; I have no trust in the swine!

I am glad @Br.DustinFletcher has made contact. He was getting a bad feeling with JOG.

Thank you for the cash.

Well, I'll be in touch R-23!
To @Rev.Cambeul

My Brother,

I must ask you a question? My monthly shows you sent me $23.00 is that correct? I don't trust the jog agents as you already know. {Yes, it was me. I sent P.M. Joe $23. ~ @Cailen.}

It's good to here Lord C. @Rev.JohnBarletta will receive those discs. Can't get anything in this mud state.

Brother @DustinFletcher needs your text info, so send it to me. He is having trouble contacting you.

Glad to hear your mom is doing better. I did write Brother @Br.AnthonyS last week!

Hope all is well with you. As for me I'm good.

Well, I'll close.

R out R*23*

Rev.Dr. Joe P.M.
R**23** My Brother,

Good to here about the Klassen AI. Your work is exceptional and White people will take notice!!!

@Br.AnthonyS has wrote me and told me of his situation. I am writing him this week. {Admin Edit: He's in the hole for defending himself against a raging RedNig. All email is printed, so I'm sending him a chapter of our books each day. He does phone when he can. ~ @Cailen.}.

Trump should win. He is better than the coward Biden and his pet chimp!!!

Glad to here your car is in better shape. As for me I'm well and continue to remain strong, and I will not be broken.

14 months till this WHITE MAN is released from JOG's gulags.

Well I close, bro. Send a big ***R***23 to Lord Connecticut @Rev.JohnBarletta and Brother Adam B.

'Till next time.

Rev.Dr.Joe P.M.
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