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It is actually the opposite: serotonin does not calm people down because it increases cortisol, the stress hormone, which can trigger anger, depression, anxiety, psychosis, adhd, and dementia because it lowers testosterone and causes a collectivist mindset that induces an intense fanaticism and desire for romantic relationships: feminizing men and lowering their intelligence, creativity, and individualism by damaging the pre-frontal cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, and cerebellum which stunts decision making, concentration, memory, learning, impulse control, creativity, and motor skills, respectively. Cortisol also causes muscle atrophy, muscle stiffness, bone atrophy, impaired regeneration, slowed metabolism, inflammation, weakened immune system, high blood pressure, vasoconstriction, weakened cardiovascular system, and decreased lifespan.

This study shows that the 5-HTTLPR gene or serotonin transporter gene is less prevalent among whites, note that the USA, UK, and Australia only have a prevalence of 43% because 43% of the population are non-White racial minorities:


Other races, especially Arabs, have higher levels of cortisol, caused by the serotonin transporter gene which signals the hypothalamus to secrete serotonin, which goes into the pituitary gland to trigger the secretion of ACTH or adrenocorticotropic releasing hormone, which then goes into the adrenal glands to trigger the release of cortisol, which then binds to glucocorticoid receptors in the sympathetic nervous system comprised of the medulla oblongata, brain stem, and spinal cord to trigger the fight-or-flight response, which is why they are more likely to be hotheaded fanatics of religion and politics.

Who created the leftist ideologies of communism, socialism, liberalism, and SJWism? The Jews, and the Jews, especially the racially pure ones, are hotheaded leftist fanatics who think that revolution, riots, and protests are the solution to everything.

Other races are also collectivist to the point of being mindless, fanatical, idiots who value relationships over individual freedom and independence.

This is why romance is actually an Asian invention because Asian countries like Korea, Japan, and China are more collectivist and feminized than Western countries.

In the West, Valentine's Day is the only romantic holiday, but in Japan, they also celebrate White Day and Tanabata along with Valentine's while the Chinese celebrate the Qixi Festival also in addition to Valentine's Day.

The Koreans are the most romantic because they celebrate Valentine's and the 2 Japanese holidays in addition to celebrating their own local romantic holiday called Chilseok and making every 14th of the month a romantic holiday, giving them 14 romantic holidays in total.

The Korean males are also vain and use plenty of makeup, cosmetics, and plastic surgery, making them the most feminized males in the world.

The Asians are also the ones who introduced romantic holidays because the Qixi Festival in China and Chilseok in Korea has been celebrated since the 200s BCE, while Tanabata has been celebrated in Japan since 755.

While Valentine's Day was originally called the Feast of Saint Valentine's and was originally a religious holiday. It was not about romance but was a commemoration of Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr.

Even today, Christian denominations still officially classify Valentine's Day as the Feast of Saint Valentine's and celebrate it as a commemoration of the Saint's Martyrdom as opposed to a romantic holiday.

The Feast of Saint Valentine's was only turned into a romantic holiday in the 1400s because during the Renaissance, increased trade and contact with Asians such as the Persians, Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans caused the originally Eastern notions of courtly love to spread to the West which caused the Westerners to inaccurately convert the Feast of Saint Valentine's into a romantic holiday despite it being a religious holiday.

Interestingly, the 1400s was also the time when religious conservatism started to decline in the West and people started becoming increasingly liberal and romantic, culminating in the publishing of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx in 1848.

The Soviet NKVD deputy Yakov Agranov even introduced sexpionage in the 1920s for their spies to use romance as a tool to manipulate their enemies into disclosing state secrets crucial to national security.

Agranov later created a school named the Lenin Technical School to teach sexpionage and the school was opened in 1931 by Vyacheslav Menzhinsky, who was the head of the Joint State Political Directorate.


Fairy tales like Cinderella originated in China and were only adapted by Western authors like Charles Perrault and the Grims Brothers, which means that Western society never originally promoted white-knighting or romance.

The story of Cinderella for example is originally known as Ye Xian and it was published in 850 by Duan Chengshi and was only introduced to the Western World in 1697 by Charles Perrault, who translated the story into French and changed the title.

In fact, the genres of speculative fiction that originated in the West such as fantasy, science fiction and horror in the 1800s and military fantasy and military science fiction in the 1900s contained no romance or white-knighting at all and even modern works of Western speculative fiction focus on action, war, and horror.

If there are any relationships depicted in classical and modern Western literature, they are usually casual hook-ups where the characters have casual conversations and then suddenly kiss and have sex without engaging in hyper-emotional melodrama or over-acting. They do not even blush or get nervous like the Asian characters do.

Mark Millar even commented that Asian comics, TV shows, and movies are sappy.


The practice of courtly love was already present in the Islamic world before it spread to the West, according to this source:

QuoteGiven that practices similar to courtly love were already prevalent in Al-Andalus and elsewhere in the Islamic world, it is very likely that Islamic practices influenced the Christian Europeans - especially in southern Europe where classical forms of courtly love first emerged.

The reasons why Asians are like this and it is even present in their literature is because they are collectivist and place the group over the individual, which is why in their stories, the protagonist even white-knights and places their lover, kin, or any larger social group on a pedestal.

Western works of fiction that are not derived from Eastern influences place more emphasis on individual ambition and achievement.

There are many stories of people going on adventures in ancient ruins in order to find items that would either make them rich or give them magical powers.

There are also stories of people fighting wars and climbing up the ranks of the military until they either become the supreme commander or even rule the country.

There are also survival stories involving people trying to survive on their own after an apocalypse.

Then there are success stories that involve people achieving success in their chosen field, some of these even involve geniuses making groundbreaking inventions or discoveries.

Many Westerners even avoid romantic relationships and marriage in order to focus on personal ambitions, while Asians place marriage and children above all else.

A quote from the article:

QuoteValentine's Day is popular across the world, but in South Korea, it has a little twist. Unlike most countries where guys have to worry about flowers, candies, and cards, Valentine's in Korea is all about the men. This is a day where women show the love by giving chocolates and gifts to their husbands/boyfriends. Of course, everything changes on March 14. Known as White Day, this is the holiday where men buy gifts for the girls, but there's a catch: A guy is supposed to spend three times the amount of the gift he received on Valentine's. And, as you might have guessed, the gifts are often in the color white.

However, these aren't the only lovey-dovey days in South Korea. In fact, the 14th day of every month is a romantically themed holiday, or at least a day for reminding singles how unlucky they are. Some of these, like Kiss Day (June) and Hug Day (December) are pretty self-explanatory. January 14 is Diary Day, when couples and friends give each other blank diaries. The sappiness of Photo Day (September), when couples take photos of each other, is rivaled only by Yellow Day/Rose Day (May), when lovers dress in yellow and give each other, yep, roses. The saddest day of all is April 14, depressingly known as Black Day. This is when singles mourn their lack of love by eating "jajyangmyeon," which are sticky, black noodles, all the while hoping to meet someone special before the next romantic holiday rolls around.

QuoteSouth Korean men are obsessed with cosmetics. It turns out that South Korean men are spending close to $900 million a year on makeup. BB cream foundation is the product of choice, but facial cleansers, anti-ageing moisturizes, and eye creams are also extremely popular. There are even TV shows dedicated to the subject of the manly makeover. Up to 20 percent of the male population, known as the grooming tribe, use makeup regularly, but it's not so much about fashion as it is business. The South Korean job market is extremely competitive, and wearing makeup is all part of the game. These guys want to make good impressions in their job interviews by hiding their blemishes and looking like celebrities. It looks like in Korea, makeup really does make the man.


The lack of serotonin because of the lack of the 5-HTTLPR gene among Whites means that Whites have lower levels of cortisol which leads to greater levels of intelligence, creativity, improved pain regulation, increased blood flow to the brain, physical strength, speed, regeneration, faster metabolism, decreased inflammation, stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, increased blood flow, stronger cardiovascular system, and increased longevity. This explains why Whites have the most discoveries, mathematical formulas, inventions, works of art, sports champions, and billionaires. We dominate everything.
Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on Sun 21 Apr 2024That also explains why my car wants to really take off now that I changed the stock air filter for a Growler Cold Air Intake. A CAI really lets the car breathe as it naturally should. The standard air filter choked it, forcing it to reach for more fuel. Both automatically drop down a gear, but the stock air filter wants to jerk and jump forwards, while the CAI is a much smoother acceleration with less fuel needed. So that combined with the new iridium spark plugs saves fuel as well.

And it also sounds a lot better. More GRUNT! :D

The iridium spark plug boosts fuel economy because it is more durable which means that it can function properly for longer periods of time, ensuring that the fuel-air mixture is properly burned in the combustion chamber with no un-burnt residue being exhausted out of the engine. The iridium sparks plugs can last for 160,000km of driving.

But if you do not want to change spark plugs at all, just use a diesel vehicle because it uses no spark plugs. A diesel engine is also 17% more fuel efficient than a gasoline engine because it operates at a higher compression ratio because diesel fuel is designed for compression ignition. The higher compression ratios means that the air and fuel molecules are packed in more tightly which makes it easier for them to transfer energy to each other when the mixture is ignited and this is what increases the diesel engine's fuel economy.

The diesel engine also uses a turbo-intercooler which combines a turbocharger with an intercooler to pack more fuel into the combustion chamber. The turbocharger was invented by Sanford Alexander Moss in the USA in 1918 and it works by using the energy of the exhaust gas to drive a turbine which is connected to a turbopump that is used to compress the fuel and air going into the combustion chamber to increase the compression ratio even further and increase power output by packing more fuel and air into the engine.

The intercooler on the other hand, is where the fuel-air mixture goes in after being compressed by the turbocharger, so that it can be cooled down to prevent it from auto-igniting and causing engine knocking because compressing the fuel-air mixture in the turbocharger increases its temperature. The intercooler works by running heat exchanger coils around the pipe that the fuel-air mixture goes through and connecting it to the engine liquid cooling system so that the coolant goes through the intercooler 1st to absorb heat from it before absorbing heat from the engine and going into the radiator to reject the heat.

Quote1893: Nikola Tesla gives the first public demonstration of radio in St. Louis, Missouri, just seven years after electromagnetic waves are discovered. One of the greatest geniuses of his time, Tesla revolutionized electrical engineering and electronics with his alternating current inventions. He would famously advise "Never trust a Jew."

Tesla: Man Out of Time

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