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Description: Over 30 years, Still Remembered.
Brian Kozel- Creator

I had spent hours making some kick ass REMEMBER DRESDEN and REMEMBER GULAG ARCHIPELAGO stencils for the upcoming genocide remembrance event. Now I've blown my cover and the stencils owner would only be too obvious. DONT POKE HORNETS NESTS WITH STICKS!
General Jabber / The Hornets' Nest
Thu 12 Jan 2023
I saw signs for a Holocaust remembrance at the local library for a month and a half, also posters for multi culturism, race talks (anti-white) , diversity, all funded by tax money. (Note, I'm a four year old WRL since my racial awakening.)

I was dropping into the library to print documents and there was the Holocaust "expert" setting up his display directly inside the front doors where everyone is forced to see. I loomed behind the little Jew, observing his fraudulent display, towering over him. I ask a few questions, within a minute he was crying "holocaust" denier. I don't like being called names. Then comes up the young female librarian to the little Jews aid, by the way after a little research on this expert after I saw his posters a month and a half ago, I found he was also married to a man and a high school teacher. Next thing I know the female is calling out White Supremacists and White Privilege like a good little goy. The beta male librarian chimes in with "This is hate crime" and threats of calling the police... I got in my last choice words to the librarians and walked out the door past the Jew and delivered some choice words to him on my way out.

I woke up at midnight and the lesson was clear, I sent this by text to the two racial comrades I called when I was still on fire about this debacle.

What I did yesterday was equal to poking a hornets nest with a stick and swinging the stick in attempt to fend off the growing swarm of hell bent sting happy hornets. I had to get stung enough times to realize the danger of the growing swarm, the odds were stacked against me. Conclusion: don't poke hornet nests with sticks. Thanks for the consolation yesterday brother, you won't get anymore calls from little Artie  poking a hornet nest!

Adolf Hitler - Hitler's Second Book (Zweites Buch) (1928)

The Zweites Buch (German: [ˈtsvaɪ̯təs buːχ], "Second Book"), published in English as Hitler's Secret Book and later as Hitler's Second Book, is an unedited transcript of Adolf Hitler 's thoughts on foreign policy written in 1928; it was written after Mein Kampf and was not published in his lifetime.

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Trump is an actor directed by Kikes.

He told those with any patriotic blood what they wanted to hear, he is a giant pacifier for infant minded men.

He did not build a wall.  Yes, He did make more jobs... For invaders.

He is not a leader or a hero.

The white race needs strong, honest leaders not flabby Hollywood actors that kiss Jew butt.

The System feeds on consumers and attention. Unplug the electric Jew.
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