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Messages - JefSlatts

Never trust somebody who from the get go offer you some kind of service, nobody in this damaged world wants to do something for free and not even get some kind of shoutouts. You are being groomed! Never give anyone your details within a few correspondences.

Too many rats in this game and because he shouts Racial don't mean he is Racial or at least they could have been one time racial but like Rev C. Knows there are too many Jog/Jewdenrat agents who want lighter sentences or out of their gangs and want protection.

Many years here and only Rev.C knows my address and details..Trust is a privilege
Europa News / Re: UK Mud Crime
Tue 30 Jun 2020
They are still clawing at the thought of people believing that this is nothing to do with Terrorism but of course it was terror related and he was amongst friends and co-combatants. A interview was given by a Muslim and he wore all the hallmarks of a fresh Jihadi that has just infiltrated the U.K. or just returned from a few tours in the desert.
Rahowa Mr.Deth

Thanks and good to be back

Thanks Brother and it's been a long time and should never have happened but here we are again taking up the fight and slapping the Wogg and Jog in the lips...
With regards to the chimpout "BLM" crap the nuggets have been dragging their knuckles all over our major city's and the council's in these city's have been taking down monuments that celebrate our achievements around the globe and pandering to the filth, what makes me mad is nobody has or will make a true stand so no rental trucks or pipe bombs or even one lynching with a hanging lol

Not too far from me is the first city to have its second lockdown "Leicester" and it's no big deal as it's a very brown place to live anyhow

Regards and Rahowa!!!!!