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Shocking video has emerged of a rampaging mob attacking police cars with rocks while calling for vehicles to be torched and the officers inside to be dragged out

The disturbing incident saw up to 30 people targeting unmarked police vehicles about 2.30pm on Sunday, November 26 in the remote community of Mareeba, 63km west of Cairns in far north Queensland.
Footage shows the enraged group throwing rocks and at one stage smashing the window of a white ute and kicking its sides. 

'Drag the motherf***er out of the vehicle,' one person shouted.

There are also calls to 'Set it on fire. Burn it, burn it'.

Police said 12 people were charged with damaging multiple vehicles during the melee.

An officer was also struck in the face but did not require medical attention.

The crowd were attempting to stop officers from arresting  27-year-old Algen Donahue, who was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and contravention of domestic violence order during.

Mr Donahue's twin brother of Aubrey Donahue, was shot dead by police during a four-hour siege at Love Street on Saturday, March 25.

The shooting has led to ongoing tension between police and local residents.

The footage was posted on Facebook by Atherton Tablelands youth worker Ken Harley.

'Who would want to be a cop, just another day, just about every day somewhere in FNQ....and seasoned police say this is a mild one,' Mr Harley commented.

Among those charged over the incident are a 15-year-old boy and two 16-year-olds.

They face charges including  wilful damage, serious assault police officer, unlawful use of motor vehicle, enter dwelling and breach of bail condition.

The 15-year-old was refused bail to appear in Mareeba Childrens Court while the other 16-year-olds have court dates for Atherton Childrens Court and Atherton Magistrates Court respectively.

An 18-year-old Mareeba man was also charged with one count each of willful damage and willful damage of police property and is scheduled to appear in the Mareeba Magistrates Court on December 18.

A 22-year-old Mareeba man was charged with one count each of willful damage and commit public nuisance and  is scheduled to appear in the Mareeba Magistrates Court on December.

I read that woman's article. In addition to it being costly, the trip was longer due to the charging.

I heard in the US people are vandalising the charging stations to pinch copper from them? If they are all vandalised the economy is going to be at a loss!

Plus China is buying up the Lithium mines, they are going to own it all!

The lack of arrests at a white supremacist march in regional Victoria has been defended by the local mayor, despite him dubbing the group cowards.

The men, masked and dressed in black, marched down Sturt Street in Ballarat on Sunday chanting and holding a banner reading "Australia for the White Man"

1920's Medal

There were police cars behind and in front of them as they walked.

Videos and photos on social media pages show the men shouting and holding signs. There are also images of them posing for photographs outside the Ballarat police station.

The demonstration was unplanned and police say they are investigating reports a Nazi salute was performed.

A 15-year-old boy who was not attached to the group was spoken to by police. Charges are yet to be laid.

Ballarat Mayor Des Hudson condemned the balaclava-veiled group of 20 or 30 men, calling them out as hateful "cowards" for hiding their faces - {But he's OK with Muslims, Abos and Commies hiding their faces in his town). But he did not criticise police ushering them down the road, especially given the ad-hoc nature of the demonstration.

"Everyone was caught by surprise," he said.

"At the time, escorting them through and getting them out of town has probably been a fairly effective strategy, rather than taking them to task, which I probably think is what they were looking for."

Hudson earlier told the ABC he doubted the men were local to the area.

"This group, whether they have targeted Ballarat because of Spilt Milk [festival at the weekend] or the 169th anniversary of Eureka ... I doubt these people live in our community," he said.

"I had an email from a concerned member from our African community [who] said, 'How do I know? It could be my bank teller, it could be the person I buy coffee from ...'

"I would suggest Ballarat has had a visit from these people, and now they will target other areas."

Victoria in October outlawed Nazi gestures and symbols in public, with fines of more than $23,000 or 12 months in prison.

The change was triggered by the same group performing the salute outside Victorian parliament in March.

When the ban was first announced, Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation director David Slucki said it would do little to eradicate Nazism.

Sunday's march was entirely unsurprising and police could have used racial discrimination and incitement laws to arrest the group, Slucki said.

"Maybe a situation like this calls for arrests because it feels like that becomes protected speech," he said.

While alarmed as a member of the Jewish community, Slucki stressed the group were a "very tiny group of loudmouths".

"I also caution a little restraint that we don't look at these clowns and thinking that it's 1938 Germany," he said.

He questioned the feasibility of banning demonstrators from wearing facial coverings but flagged some members remained unidentified, potentially avoiding consequences from their employers.

"There's protests and then there's rallies that incite hatred and violence and a blanket ban on face coverings, I don't know how you enforce something like that when you're on the back end of a global pandemic," he said.

Police Association secretary Wayne Gatt said officers were limited in what they could do to counteract the protest.

"If it was up to us, it would be dead-set illegal," he told Nine's Today show

The French politician added that after the man's arrest, he expressed anguish that "so many Muslims are dying in Afghanistan and in Palestine

So ... they reckon by just targeting any old non Muslim in a Western nation that it settles the score ? Gaza and Afghanistan both "basket cases" Nobody can do anything with if they tried.
Gotta Supervise Robo Vac;sa=view;id=3786

Going to get a haunted house if you aren't careful!