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2019-04-20 Threat From & Reply to John A. Logan College President


A threatening letter from John A. Logan College President ...

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The Reply ...

To Ron House
President, John A. Logan College

First off I'd like to start this letter by stating the fact that I want to "appeal" (even though this is not a court of law) the bogus allegations that you have brought against me. I believe that this is no more than a fishing expedition and that you are seeking someone to blame.

I understand the likelihood of me receiving an "appeal" is slim to none. Especially due to the fact of your leftist/anti-White agenda that you're pushing at your college. Plus in your minds you all have already deemed me as a scary "White Supremacist". So instead of begging for your forgiveness, I will just leave this letter to express some of my concerns.

I noticed the news articles regarding the Flyers. So I assume we're referring to the Flyers that state IT'S ALRIGHT TO BE WHITE. I do wish you could inform me to how that is not a positive statement. Under the First Amendment rights of the tax paying citizens who help fund your college, shouldn't they be allowed a voice? Now we all know if this was Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or even an Open Borders group, the letter that you had delivered to my house would read more like a Thank You letter. Also I would like to point out before you start spewing lies and hate about an organization, you should do a little research about it beforehand. The members of THE CHURCH OF CREATIVITY are  not neo-Nazis or White Supremacist. If anything, they are WHITE LOYALISTS, but prefer to be referred to as CREATORS. The Church promotes 100% non-violent activism to spread love, primarily for the survival of one's species. Just as nature has instilled in every species on this planet for millions of years.

Even though I have plenty more to say, I understand that you are too mind polluted and will not consider anything that I say with an open mind. You will continue to push your agenda and indoctrinate the impressionable students as you please. You will also continue to say, To hell with the First Amendment rights of anyone who is not Black, Brown, or Queer.

As I've said before, I know this will land on deaf ears, but I felt the need to speak my piece. Even though I know your Leftest/anti-White agenda won't allow it, all I ask is one thing from your college from now on. I ask that you be a little more accepting of people of different diversities.

Reverend Dibbs
Church of Creativity


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