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activism is not just passing out fliers or voting
its also how you spend your money

I would like to see a collective effort for an official CA boycott list
anything on that list would be against our religion like pork is to islam

I think anything kosher, owned by/made by muds, any company that donates to planned parenthood or homosexual/antiracist causes etc
but this is just the gist of it, we need an official list

even though we are few, and won't make a massive dent right away, it's the principal of this idea
integrity, this way of thinking should be passed on as your kids see you refusing to buy certain things

Good idea Brother Mikey.

I suggest that people make a a conscious effort to be more aware of how and where they spend their money. Any business that is owned by muds, or supports muds should be avoided unless you simply cannot get by without it.

Buying newspapers when the vast majority of news material is completely free online is an example of this, why put money in the heads of the Jewish media moguls unless absolutely necessary. The big fast food outlets (McDonalds, KFC etc.) are another example of large scale companies that do not deserve our business, any large corporation such as has a hand in the promotion of multiracialism.

Even the smallest action is furthering our White struggle.


yes newspapers and fast food is a good idea, I try to avoid fast food not just for health reasons but they hire muds and have nigger loving advertising campaigns, sometimes I cannot avoid it if travelling but I try my best, a lot of times I forget to pack a lunch, but I am working on it, self improvement should be a part of every creator
newspapers thats self explanatory, why pay for nigger loving propaganda that we despise anyway

another idea, sports
I do not like team sports as they push nigger loving mixed race teams
I like individual sports like boxing, you can have white vs black in boxing whereas you cannot currently in team sports
mh favorite fighters currently are the Klitschko brothers

I like the idea but in practice it would be nearly imposable as you would need to know who owns the business in question. i also buy most things i need from the market but over here it is easy as most people sell there own home grown things direct. So you can see who you are buying from. I know most people are not in the position to do it but growing your own food etc is the only way to be sure not only is it not from muds and so on but that it is healthy. And not full of chemicals.
If there is members close to each other may be they can rent or buy land to grow food

for over the past few years I have been boycotting paypal/ebay for their donations to UNESCO which militantly pushes for abortions in eastern europe in countries where the abortion rate is higher then the birth rate like Russia, Greece etc

* the UN and anything and everything that has to do with them, there are pro life boycott lists already easily available. killing unborn whites is infanticide and how it has been done on a massive scale in recent times it is genocide.

for those of you who do eat fast food, boycott mcdonalds they have a pro-nigger hiring campaign currently for niggers only in corporate positions. so far they are the worst of the fast food chains with their nigger loving propaganda


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