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VNN "poster" arrested by fedZOGjewSA on bodgie bomb "charges"



he used to post as "Joe Snuffy" on the VNN forum!

more here: ;

the corrupt, kike maggots @ the "SPLC" tried to "tie in" Creator Craig "Chain" Cobb with this crock of sh*te "charge"!

(neither of the abv two articles specifies exactly which bunch of ZOG-botz made the arrest, although the MSNBC article says that FBI agents "found" the bomb on "the parade route"......uh...yeh....right!....if such a bomb actually existed and IF it was found....then, it is more likely than not that either a cop, a security guard or a member of the general public found it!.....NOT the FBI!.....)

question: how do you stop a jew from lying?

answer: BURY the maggot!



*correction* the MSNBC article says that "three city workers" found the also gives the impression that the "back-pack" had been sitting there (on a bench) for some time.....but.....the bomb was supposed to have "a remote detonation device"....if so....then....why would any potential bomber leave the bomb sitting there "for some time" (presumably: hours!).....?.....the usual modus operandi is to place such a device at the target location abt - hr before-hand and, then, detonate it via remote control.....from a safe distance!

nah!!.....this whole think stinks of "false flag" !

more here.......

I remember years ago a Creator Sister was arrested under anti-terrorism laws. They charged her with having bomb making material. What was the material? Some fertiliser, petrol for her lawn mower and a bag of nails. At the press conference, the JOG produced a leather jacket, a knife and a history book on NS Germany as proof that the Sister was a terrorist. What they were really after was to shut down her poor White kids'  clothing charity that she was running. They succeeded and later dropped the charges.

So, we've seen it all before.

Pontifex Cambeul.

Years ago now i remember ZOG turning up at my house in the dark rushing in as i was drying my two year old from having a bath. After going through the house including the kids bedroom. they found a book about poisons after looking at the section on racin, i was asked have you used this ?
I said yes did you not hear about the thousands dropping dead in London.  If i had not been for the fact they would had had to look after my kids i would have spent some time in a little cell. Just for saying that. so its not new ZOG has always looked for any excuse for putting us away for any little thing real or not.


father of accused "bomber" says that his son is "totally innocent"....was nowhere near "bomb site" on the day!



*note* ...the "striking similarity" between the alleged "bomber" and OKC bomber Timothy fact: Harpham looks like McVeigh with a beard!........  :o ........jews are soooooo "predictable"!  ::)

JOG is always want to make up sum crazy ass B.S. They found on McVeigh the Tuner Diaries and I have never seen a little book hated so much. Does owning a book make you a "bad person"? I seen on JOG t.v. and it was saying that the Turner Diaries is the new White Bible. I think its all BS. I enjoy the reading of the book myself.


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