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Tom Metzger and Will Williams defend PM Klassen in radio interviews

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Interesting Internet radio with Jimmy Giles of Radio Free Mississippi, linked here: (First 20-25 minutes.)

Qualified Creators feel free to bump that thread @ VNNF with a civil comment. Metzger needs to be a friend of CA, not TCM.

BTW, Glenn Miller, who started the VNN thread for me, just sent a check for $667 to Matt Hale's mother. Don't believe the smears of Mr. Miller.

Here's an old thread from six and 1/2 years ago where Jimmy Journalist challenged me to a fist fight over the exact same argument we had in his interview with me on 8/2/10: (About 2 minutes long.)

I would get on there and comment Rev, but I attempted to sign up at VNNF and my account was deleted without even being activated. I have the distinct feeling that somebody with power over there is either anti-Creator or at the very least, anti-CA.


--- Quote from: Rev.Scott on 06 August 2010 at 11:58 ---I would get on there and comment Rev, but I attempted to sign up at VNNF and my account was deleted without even being activated. I have the distinct feeling that somebody with power over there is either anti-Creator or at the very least, anti-CA.
--- End quote ---

Who knows? Linder has a definite bias against Creativity and most Creators. Still, someone from CA should be monitoring VNN and other boards for prospective Creators and avowed Creators who are yet unaware of our Alliance. There's just such a prospect at VNN with the username "Hilda" who posts there thoughtfully. She expresses herself well, but for some unknown reason is abused by her host, Mr. Linder, rather than encouraged. He has tended over the years to drive away the best talent attracted to VNN and showcased some of the worst characters ever to pretend to be WN. I have requested a couple of times for someone from CA to contact Hilda and invite her to visit our forum where her Creative contributions will be appreciated. This forum could use a few accomplished posters, especially female ones like Miss Hilda. How difficult is it for someone in the Alliance to join the VNN forum and PM Hilda? I'm permabanned from VNN forum so can't PM her myself.

Anyway, there are plenty of other race-oriented sites on the 'Net now that permit frank discussion of religion, and without all the potty mouthing and chaos of disruptors. Here's a new one for the more intellectually-minded race-thinker where I was allowed to provide a link back to the CA forum:

Will Williams
Posted October 30, 2010 at 5:52 pm

That essay by Dr. Pierce was his editorial for the monthly internal National Alliance Members BULLETIN 28 years ago. Dr. Pierce’s intellectual honesty should have been apparent to anyone reading this statement:

“Any Alliance member who is also a member of a church or other Christian organization which supports racial mixing or Zionism should decide now where he stands, and he should then resign either from his church or from the Alliance.”

I sure remember how that sentence grabbed me on first reading. I must have distributed hundreds of copies of that editorial to others who I thought those words by Dr. Pierce’s would resonate. It was an effective Alliance recruiting tool, until, that is, The Alliance went “big tent” after Dr. Pierce’s death, and the policy procribing Xianity as an opposed ideology to that of the Alliance was reversed. It was all downhill for the NA from then on. What had set it apart from the other big tent organizations was jettisoned.

You’re right about Creativity, Ragnar. Check out the Creativity Alliance:

Hadding Scott just put up another long lost editorial by Dr. Pierce from a 1992 National Alliance Members BULLETIN here:

Now, tell me, why isn't Mr. Ragnar helping us with Alliance-building? Recruiting the strong self-starters who are already on board with us is more effective than waiting around for warm, uninformed bodies who haven't bothered to read to stumble onto us. PM Klassen called this style of head-hunting for the best of our race to become Creators taking the "high percentage shot" -- a sports metaphor.

Excellence attracts excellence. Creativity's stereotypical image as a bunch of Skinhead thugs and ex-convicts is reflective of it's unfortunate history since circumstances leading up to its Founder's death. It shouldn't be that difficult for us to shed that false image of the Creator to attract the best and brightest and most responsible of our race to their exclusive religion.

If allowed to at this Counter-Currents blog, I'll post the section of our CA Handbook that deals with Xianity as an opposed ideology. Fans of Dr. Pierce will be especially pleased to see more of his sober writing on this subject that's so vital to Creators.

It might be noteworthy to mention that the owner of the C-C site, Greg Johnson, an otherwise excellent racial observer with an exceptional blog, is a resolute fan of Harold Covington, and foolishly promotes his writings from his page, despite protests from those who know of HAC's decades-long documented history of disruption and smears, including against "Creatards," as he calls Creators. To have his C-C blog allow my post through moderation with a link to Dr. Pierce's 1992 expose of Covington as a lying fraud is a positive sign of progress for CA, to me.

I attempted to join VNNF but my account was never activated, Linder deleted it as soon as he saw it.

I speak to ppl on the Nationalist forums but don't go on them myself. I think that there has been a concerted effort by states such as Israel. The EU and the CIA to infiltrate, corrupt and lie on pro-white forums. I even found a link, while looking at EU anti-racism policy that the EU parliament has a whole floor employing 2000 individuals on $80,000  per year to troll pro White forums, lie, attack decent individuals, post filth , act idiotic and foul mouthed etc, etc so no-one decent will go on them. Unfortunately the link is now gone but it seems to make sense. The system is terrified of the White Race waking up and will pull out all the stops to shut us up. Fortunately there is a decent forum like the CA one that is decently policed and doesn't tolerate crap.


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