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Think Racially -- Act Locally!

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When talking about a particular Jew, Jewish groups, Zionists, Israel or Jews as a whole, then I use the word Jew. When talking about a blend of different things which traditionally people with our political beliefs blamed solely on the Jew, I use Global Elite. Unless it's a specific blame that can be layed at the feet of a Jew or Jews, I won't use it.

The average White person is coming to our way of thinking, but has been trained to respond with instant repulsion when a non-Jew uses the word Jew without due care. I wont go into the Kosher cast's trigger words and their Pavlov's Doggy style reactions, but that is precisely what I'm trying to avoid with my own particular style of writing.

On the other hand, there are times when I really did feel that Jew would be a more appropriate word to use, but given the audiance I was writing for and the specific rule I set for myself in regard to that audiance ... Global Elite remains my chosen substitute.



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