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Swastika - The Most Awe Inspiring Symbol on Earth


Racial Greetings,

I have nearly lost all patience with the fact that I don't know personally (in real life, face to face) one single racially loyal white. The survival of our race is constantly on my mind, it's practically all I think about. I fall asleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it first thing every morning.

The Swastika is without a doubt the most awe inspiring and powerful symbol on the planet, it shakes people up to see one no matter which side they stand on. I have often wondered what would happen if I were to deck my car out in Swastikas and go for a cruise. Would it inspire other proud whites to stand up and be forthright? Would I end up getting run down and shot by a troop of raging niggers, jews and liberals? Would the police * with me? 

I'm beginning to seriously consider this as an option. 

Does anyone fly the Creativity symbol on their vehicle? Or are most of you keeping the fact that your a racial loyalist secret, and if so, why? Please clarify this for me, It seems like we don't stand a chance if their is no straight forward outward display of racial loyalty. I might be naive as to how all this works but I'm the kind of person who usually jumps into things head first and learns by trial and error.

Sneaking around and being cowards is for Jews right? I have never been good at keeping secrets, I have openly spoken up for the white race to those I know well and those I just meet. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Swastikas don't particularly interest me these days. For me the swastika is more a part of my past as a biker. A symbol that shows disdain for society - a negative F.T.W. attitude - rather than the positive, forward thinking and revolutionary attitude that Creativity's Church Logo represents. Yes, that's everything that the old NS of Germany said their swastika represented at that time.

The fact however is, we want to recruit new people to Creativity. And the swastika forces unthinking anti-White knee-jerk reactions from people we would otherwise call our brothers. Why? Because people have been indoctrinated to react first and think later. Thinking people are already difficult enough to find. And while I may hope for the best, due to experience, I have very low expectations of people. So don't use swastikas, and you wont unnecessarily antagonise those we may be able to recruit.

I have a drawer full of Creator T-Shirts I rarely wear these days because gook quality is shite. I do wear a leather wrist band that says RAHOWA, a Creator pendant on a chain around my neck, and a badge on my hat. I'm also in the process of designing and having manufactured a new range of Creator patches, which I'll add to a jacket in due course.

My car has iron crosses on the tyre valves, and on the windows. And I have a Creator number plate on my car. I intend to add a Creator car badge to the grill, but that's about $300. A luxury I can't afford at the moment. I used to drive around with Creator flag magnets on my car, but they were too small, so they sit on my fridge now.

The original white iron crosses on the windows are old and cracking, and will soon be replaced with a different style.

My home is filled with Creator flyers, pictures and photos, newspaper clippings and flags. I wear what I want when I choose to, jackets, leather vest, shirts .... And I always carry plenty of cards to distribute. With my style, I may not be the average Creator, but when P.M. Joe is Free in 23, you'll see the exact same style with him. R!

Excellent. Thanks Brother Cambeul. Your feedback makes perfect sense. I am a highly skilled artist and have in fact designed a few patches in the past. What do you have in mind for your new patch designs?
-Brother Scott

No worries. We have to get a new supplier for our old patches that go back to Founder Klassen's Premier COTC: That's the Logo, Nature's Finest, Flag and Rahowa Fist.

Then there's the ones I designed and added. We're running low on the CA patches. And there's others that I designed and some incompetent fat useless rich bastard promised to get done, but instead got us alienated from every American patch store. Well, I've found places on the net, I'm still poor but I've got some money at my disposal, so I've spent the last year experimenting with patches - buying one, having it sent, checking quality. All of that has taken a year, because postage just takes too long these days.

So, in short, most designs you can see at the link below: The already existing Klassen era and CA era, then the as yet unmade Supporter patches, In Memoriam patches, and not shown rocker designs for the back and sides of jackets and vests.

Rocker designs are the easiest: Just choose what we want written: RAHOWA and NATURE'S FINEST as a couple of examples. Pick a design and colour scheme, pick the store, order and that's it.

White over Black is a good colour scheme for us
The font is called Bones
2 Piece Top & Bottom/Side:
1 Piece Bottom/Side:
Name Tags:
We have to remember that Creativity is a religion, and there are different types of people that are with us. Patches and other paraphernalia are not for everybody. So, while wearing patches in Creativity is not mandatory, if you do wear the patches, you wear them as we tell you. If our flag is worn on the arm, it must be on the right arm so that the Creator Arrow is always pointing forwards. Perhaps the back rocker will be RAHOWA for the top and AUT VINCERE AUT MORI on the bottom, and maybe a gold wreath Creator Emblem in the middle - debate is open for that until the final decision is made. Or maybe just the CA patch like I wear, with maybe your state or town as a bottom rocker? We're not trying to turn Creativity into a Motorcycle Club, but we are trying to give options to different types of people. The reign of the skinhead in Creativity is long gone. Although PM Joe lived with Ben Klassen on occasion, he and I do come from a similar background, which we are bringing to Creativity as an option for all Creators.

An artist's conception of @Rev.Dibbs distributing flyers
Riding out of the sunset on your colour tv screen
He wears a Gold Wreath patch on a Sleeveless Vest
Sporting a Pickelhaube Helmet and Leather Knife Pouch
Along with a Stripy T-Shirt with Black Leather Boots & Chaps
He's out for all that he can get . . . . . .  If you know what I mean
He's TNT - Oi!
Name Tag and Side Rocker Examples: CHURCH OF CREATIVITY, CREATIVITY ALLIANCE, [url=]Creativity Movement[/url]LOL, PREMIER CREATOR, RAHOWA, NATURE'S FINEST, IN KLASSEN WE TRUST, 23 WORDS, CREW 23, TWENTY-THREE, 1973, W23.LINK, TEN YEARS, TWENTY YEARS, THIRTY YEARS, FORTY YEARS, WHITE RANGERS, KOZEL CREW, DELENDA EST JUDAICA, AUT VINCERE AUT MORI, ACCA ... WHITE POWER, HITLER WAS RIGHT, SEE KYLE, AUSTRIAN PAINTERS RULE ... With the Name Tags, the limit is your imagination, but we'll end up supplying several basic/main ones. Everything else, including your own names and Local Primary Group or State or Nation patches, you get yourselves.

What else ...? Circle and Diamond patches with numbers are good. We need a new Brian Kozel patch design. We're at 48AC, so we need a 50th Anniversary patch design for 23.

Basically, if you want them, get them now. We're definitely not going to supply everything I've mentioned, but you have the links that I recommend, you have the colour stipulations of always White over Black. You have the font style for the rockers. If I had the cash, sure we'd have everything already, but being a Creator means sacrifice. Anyway, you don't need to wait for me to be the first, shake my arse on the catwalk and get on the cover of the Rolling Stone. All you need remember is ...



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