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PC Myspace Activists Wanted


How’s it going? I need a couple home based PC  activists for creativity. I do a LOT of myspace friend adding for creativity.  More ground would be covered if I had a hand or two for a few hours a week. In theory, with enough help, we could find a popular band or person, filter everyone out except the white people, and hit  every white person they know on myspace with a request from the alliance.

Want to give me a hand? Well first you need an adder and the best one I know of ( tried over a dozen type) is Friend Blaster Pro.

  You need the unlimited license for like 50 bucks. These sites get shut down fast but a brand new one can be made in 5 mins.  The acceptance rate is low and you will get tons of hate mail but myspace is still the hottest social networking site on the planet and I feel we should be exploiting it before it just become too much of a fad and collapses. It will eventually, they all do.

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