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Here is a place where I've been posting for a week:
Referral Link for Unvarnished

If anyone in SPG wants to get in on a little "net activism" there, use my referral link and let me know you've joined and your handle. I've already met a Creator from Europe there. He needs to be CA. Criticism of the Jew is not restricted at Forbidden Truth. Don't go in pushing Creativity until you've gotten your feet wet. 20 posts before the new FT member is taken off moderation. There are a lot of interactive features that I've never seen before. A lot of fired up Youtube-type video technerds there. Cutting edge types, to me.  ???

Will aka "Unvarnished"

StephenMasten (Prison):
I am signed up as Randolph.  Just a few posts from the 20 that I need. 


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