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Author Topic: In Defense of the White Race

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In Defense of the White Race
« on: 22 March 2010 at 19:25 »
In Defense of the White Race
by Reverend Matt Hayhow

In Defense of the White Race

Every White Racial Loyalist group has adherents who believe guerrilla war/terrorist actions are the way to pursue White Victory.  Even our Founder, Ben Klassen, predicted such action might become necessary before all was said and done.  The lessons of history and the current state of our people undoubtedly support this belief.  Yet, such a significant decision—adopting armed resistance against the J.O.G.—cannot be based on emotion, "heroic" fantasies or youthful impatience.  Instead, it should be as a result of necessity and strategic planning.  As the great German military theorist Clausewitz once said, "War is a continuation of policy by other means."  Violence is the last resort.  We can't honestly or logically reach the conclusion that the time for organized violence is now, when no past pro-White group has ever had a sound program for our people nor ever adequately spread the word to our White Racial Comrades.  In the past, White Loyalists have half-heartedly 'preached to the choir', jumped like rats from sinking ship to sinking ship and taken no for an answer (to use a few clichés!).

Part of the problem was no serious and fully explained program existed—when the going got hot, pro-White activists had no moral foundation to support them and urge them on through the trials and tribulations.  Another contributor to this history of chaos, fratricidal warfare and ineffectiveness was the overweening hubris of slimy and ambitious publisher-"leaders". Their sole concern has been, not White survival, but personal power.  Both of these factors have resulted in "leaders" guided by the whims of their members, and members like spoiled children who 'take their balls and go home' at the first sign of discipline or hard work.  These "leaders" compete with each other for the few shekels they can squeeze from the miserly "pro-White" ship-jumpers by telling them what they want to hear, instead of what is truly needed for the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of Nature's Finest Creation.  This 'democratic' toadying to flighty mugwumps has hamstrung efforts to successfully spread our Ideals and made it seem as if it's impossible to awaken our White Racial Comrades.

We Creators do not accept any theory as a "given."  We should not believe that, "We've tried to awaken our people for 50 years and it hasn't worked, so terrorism is the only answer," for in truth, no one really has tried.  Until Creativity, no Racial Idea or party has been wholly based on the realities of the world, has totally reevaluated White Values, nor, most significantly, energetically propagandized the millions of our White Racial Comrades who are barely familiar with our motives and goals.  Only Creativity attacks the root causes of our people's, our society's, and our world's deterioration, and only Creativity has a solid program of propagandizing, proselytizing, and organizing, of putting ten million White Man's Bible's into the hands of our White Racial Comrades to build the foundation for a Whiter and Brighter World!

These reasons, among others, make an offensive strategy of violent, armed resistance to the Jewish Occupation Government (J.O.G.) premature.  Once we have made every effort to awaken our White Racial Comrades and all means for legal ideological resistance to the Jewish vomit spewed by the media, government, and churches are denied us—then will come the time to "continue our policy by other means," but surrendering the battle for the minds of our people before it's hardly begun is no way to prove the truth and merit of our Creed or our own ability to lead our people to a White Heaven on Earth.  Our strategy is to first win the propaganda war.  That can be done with a combination of offensive and defensive tactics.  Attack the lies, misconceptions, and propaganda which cloud White minds while building and maintaining a firm and resilient physical/moral defense against the counterattacks we are bound to encounter.  For, as Creativity gains acceptance, we can expect Morris Dees, dirty Harry Covington, and other minions of the J.O.G. to do their utmost to eliminate the threat to their continued hegemony.

So what can we do to forward Creativity and protect our Church from the quasi-legal and downright illegal attacks of our foes until we have either won the hearts and minds of our White Racial Comrades or are forced to resort to Nature's Highest Law, the Law of Survival?  We need only look to history and the principles of Creativity for the perfect tactics.  "Fortune favors the prepared mind."—Louis Pasteur  Such disparate groups as scientists, priests, soldiers, and the Boy Scouts study and train to prepare for their futures.  Even animals are taught to defend, hunt, etc. by their parents.  It is important for The World Church of the Creator and we Creators to prepare for ours.  Part of this preparation is to be ready for probable future obstacles.  Judging from our past and the past experiences of groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party, and Hitler's National Socialists, we can expect to face slander, physical attacks, and "legal" assaults.  The slander will come from the media and other J.O.G. minions, from FBI infiltration-agitation campaigns, and even from envious racial "allies."  Physical attacks are likely to be formented by Jews and carried out by gangs (SHARP, muds, the JDL, etc.).  We can also expect civil suits by men like Morris Dees and criminal cases against Creators by the Jewstice Dept.—usually based on the efforts of agent-provocateurs, the lies of traitors and/or the "cooperation" of the fearful.

These are by no means the only impediments we face in our quest to build a Whiter and Brighter World for our people.  We will most definitely confront poisoned and obstinate minds, the masses destruction program of the media, and the suicidal prattle of Christians, but these obstructions can and will be overcome by assiduously promoting our Creed to our racial kin.  This offense-oriented plan of The World Church of the Creator has already been well-explained and illustrated by our Founder Ben Klassen, P.M.Matt Hale, and many other Creators.  In the battle for the minds of our people, we are on the offensive, and this will be the cause of the attacks described above.  From its past record, we know the J.O.G. will try to destroy any menace to its power before it becomes a serious threat.  As a result, our program is to construct a solid organizational foundation so we may continue our propagandizing, proselytizing, and organizing with little or no interruption when the J.O.G. turns from its dismantling of the Militia and Identity "movements" and focuses on us.

Creativity is already better prepared to meet our enemies than any pro-White organization before.  It has a sound ideology based on our Three Basic Books.  This has already enabled us to do something very few have been able to accomplish-to survive the death of our Founder, agent-provocateurs, Morris Dees, and treachery at the top.  If we look deeper into the writings of Ben Klassen and other Creators, we will find further plans for a steadfast defense from the malignant forces of the J.O.G.  Let's review five of these strategies in order to prepare ourselves and The World Church of the Creator—the only realistic hope for the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of the White Race.

1) A Solid Foundation.  Creativity is a way of life based on the Laws of Nature, the Lessons of History, and Logic and Common Sense.  There is no compromising these facts of life.  Creativity, unlike Christianity, is not open to distortion or argument, and is clearly elucidated in our many books.  Christianity's contradictory and nebulous Bible, on the other hand, allows different people(s) to interpret its teachings in myriad ways (usually the easy way).  It is impossible to rely on such a vacillating moral foundation.  Contrarily, Creativity's well-defined stand for the White Race and basis in reality made possible our rapid reformation and election of a new Pontifex Maximus after the tribulations of the early '90s.  Easterners and Westerners; urbanites and the rural born; skinheads, collegians, and our elders all overcame hubris and dissension because they had a distinct program and concrete system of values to rally around.  Our Holy Creed is the primary bulwark against J.O.G. aggression, but walls alone do not make a home—it also takes the labor of energetic and able craftsmen.

2) Propagandizing, Proselytizing, and Organizing.  Creativity's program of propagandizing, proselytizing, and organizing was—and still is—a large contributing factor to the survival and growth of the World Church of the Creator.  P.M.Klassen's tactic of copiously distributing our literature and "Brain Bombs" (our Books) worked well.  To this day, folks who found a discarded White Man's Bible or were handed a Nature's Eternal Religion years ago are coming forward to work with us.  Our continuing missionary-like efforts, though they may seem less glorious than gun battles, are the true guarantor of White Victory.  The wider our dissemination of Creative Ideals, the harder it is for J.O.G. thought-police to erase them.

3) Polarization and Dispersion.  The third aspect of our defense, too, has been written of by our Founder.  Before his passing, P.M.Klassen not only foresaw the need to polarize people around one concrete and all-encompassing belief, but also to disperse Creativity's adherents and resources.  Polarization and Dispersion is partially explained in #1 above and fully elucidated throughout our books.  Dispersion of our leaders, members and resources, all polarized around Creativity, makes the J.O.G.'s efforts to thwart us difficult, if not impossible.  Take out the P.M. and he is replaced by another.  Destroy a church group and the fight goes on.

4) The Leadership Principle and Primary Groups.  Another facet of our defense is Creativity's recognition and support for men and women of ability—The Leadership Principle. It is a basic principle of Nature and Nature's Eternal Religion that the best lead.  Free-lance leaders, like those encouraged by Beam's "Leaderless Resistance," can make gains, but that is the exception rather than the rule.  The program of The World Church of the Creator, on the contrary, is Leaderful Resistance, ala the Primary Group System.  In our case, it is more small church groups than actual primary groups, but the benefits and results are similar, and as these church groups grow it is a small thing to, if needed, break them into the more facile work groups proposed by Rev. Wolf.  In the Primary Group System, a leader starts small and, as he gains experience and hones his abilities, rises to more responsibility.  He is focused by the directives of the experienced leaders above and so is not continually repeating the mistakes committed by those who have gone before, as so often happens in the "Leaderless Resistance" "cells."  A further benefit of the Primary Group-type organization is its training of men and women to become effective leaders.  This ensures a large pool of capable stewards from which to pick should any fall prey to J.O.G. attacks, but most importantly, all of this means a church group's victories, large or small, are not isolated incidents-they are part of an organized and orchestrated campaign for the noblest of goals-the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of our precious White Race.  They are not flashes in a pan, but the first flicker in the dark night heralding the rise of the Creative Phoenix.

5) Tenacious Loyalty and Iron Determination.  The final defenses against our enemies, the ones which drive men like Morris Dees and Harold Covington to fits of impotent rage and support every form of resistance above, are tenacious loyalty and iron determination.  Our religion, Creativity, is not just some political lip-service or stop-gap solution, but our lives and the lives of our children.  It is the embodiment of our White Racial instincts and the result of thousands of years of learning.  It is the manifestation of our natural drive to survive.  Such an elemental desire fittingly results in a fanatical zeal and a rock-solid loyalty to the instrument of White salvation: Creativity and The World Church of the Creator.  These two traits are alien to our opposites.  Creativity is a religion unlike any other.  It is a Promethean Creed—an ideology of forethought. Our strategy for defense, like Salubrious Living, is based on prevention.  In Salubrious Living, we eat well and exercise to enable our bodies to combat disease and to prevent sickness from getting a hold of us.  With a Creative defensive strategy, we protect our Church and our Race from the poison of Jewish influence by making them strong enough to resist.  We take constructive action and learn and prepare in order to limit the harmful effects of the physical and mental impediments we are bound to encounter as we grow, the same as the wolfpup is prepared for life by the "teachings" and training of older wolves, his own efforts and experiences, and his natural instincts.

One final point.  The World Church of the Creator's long-term goal is the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of the White Race, and I do mean long-term.  The Revolution of Values will not happen overnight.  No revolution ever has.  Rushing out to confront the Beast eagerly but ill-prepared is not effective or productive.  Believe me, I know.  Channel your zeal into constructive pursuits such as increased propagandizing, physical training, or courses in marketing, desk-top publishing, or anything you can learn to benefit yourself and in turn, the White Race.  Short-term goals are like the steps on a ladder—keep on completing every step and soon you'll have reached the top.  There is no limit to how high you and we can go.

"United and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined."


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