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The other day I took the time to drop a few bookmarks off around town. A brother sent me some bookmarks a while back, so I got into my truck and ride around town stopping at every phone booth I seen. Maybe it you pay off. R!

Sometimes its these little things that goes a long way. You never know who will find them it maybe new possible members, or even the enemy. But it all helps get the word out there. Keep up the good work

even if the enemy finds it so what all they'll do is troll here if anything at all, when the enemy finds it and it gets on the news as "hate propaganda" thats the best thing for us, free advertising. any disgruntled white to see it, has just found out about us. the bad side, you will have a lot of douchebag reds trying to find out whodunnit. meaning, looking for you who passed em out.
its worth it, as long as you are not a contact point on Rahowa Directory they'll never know who you are and even so they'll only have your email address


--- Quote from: Br.Mikey on 17 June 2011 at 08:54 ---you will have a lot of douchebag reds trying to find out whodunnit
--- End quote ---

To use the jargon peculiar to both the reds and the Hollywood neo-Nazis (who always oppose anyone not part of their gang), all they will attempt to do is "expose you." The reds will "expose you" as a "Fascist" and the Hollywood neo-Nazis will "expose you" as a Jewish, cointel op. The media on the whole will usually try to avoid giving us publicity because Alliance people are not criminal thugs and there are no crimes that they can link us to - not even through our WP "Movement" connections.

Keep up the good work Brother Jim.

Pontifex Cambeul.


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