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doing my first flyer drop today.


today my job takes me to an area of the nsw north coast that is thick with sudanese nigger immigrants SO what better time to start not just talking about creativity but to actually do something physically in the starting in this area as the dirty african cockroaches offend me more than my local abos..dont worry my home town is next...i will be dropping flyers provided by br scott(cheers brother)on noticeboards,phone booths and a few other high traffic areas...i will keep this thread updated with my results.

Good work Br. Jamie and best of luck with your first flier campaign!

The fliers Br. Jamie is using are available to every member on this forum - - they have a simple but effective message, "It's Alright To Be White."


cheers home from  and did a few good drops.
drop 1 was at a busy rest spot on the was full of robe wearing muds..i dropped on a bench smiled and walked off.

next drop was on a notice board at a shopping complex in the middle of an abo community..

then i dropped at a few phone boxes in the centre off coffs harbour,busy streets full of niggers...

i hope it was worth while..if i have touched one white person ill be happy..

A good first effort. I'll explain the legalities in Australia of how, where and when for flier drops later in private. Anyway, with any luck somebody with our kind of ideals will respond and join us. Or maybe the media will forget their blanket-ban on publicity for the Alliance and play right into our hands claiming that it is NOT Alright to be White?  8)

A good effort on the whole.




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