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Bomber Jacket - James Lewis;sa=view;id=2654

Bomber jacket

Badges purchased from NSM? The generic Creator Logo looks like one of theirs.

Creativity Storefront Redesign or

Take a look and let me know if there's anything you think I've missed or that you don't understand.

Just letting you all know that a fresh batch of round circle Creator patches (better than the NSM version and everything is Australian Made), CA patches, good quality button pins and large 6 foot flags are on their way from South Australia to Texas. They'll be arriving in about two weeks.

It's not a lot but it should be enough to hold you over until we can find a US supplier. R! Ask @Rev.HaroldWilson for details.

We have the designs and we have the method for purchasing shirts, but as our currently does not need to make a profit to survive, you may want to source your own shirts and other items. Currently, is having a significant discount you may want to take advantage of ...

Take 25% off* with code CAFELOVE at checkout.


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