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Author Topic: Australia First Party SA Protest Harvey Norman Hiring Preferences: Prefers RAPEFUGEES

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I got there before anyone else and had a good look around that store. The few Whites in there that day were mainly there for training the non-Whites who barely spoke English - and from what I heard, the Whites definitely sounded frustrated with the muds and their inability to listen or pay attention.

The copper - whom was polite and I gave one of my CA business cards, telling him to ask his friends at Security Intelligence Section of SA Police about me - told us that nobody from the store called the police. After watching him for fifteen minutes take page after page of notes from the fat slob of a manager, I know that it was the manager that called the coppers on us. That fat slob bitched about it being private property arrogantly demanded that we move well away from the shop, pointing over to the Bunnings car-park over a hundred metres away, and of course we refused. Two of us got stuck into him and he agreed that we just needed to take five steps to our right so that we were no longer behind a parked car (as seen in the photos) which showed up after we got there.

If Gerry Harvey gets his way and he hires muds at discount wage rates, it wont be us protesting; it will be the Reds with their talk of worker solidarity and post-colonial slavery that tear the place apart causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage in each store. I know that I will be ROTFLMWAO at that, as I have been boycotting the over-priced wares and incompetent black bastards that typically work at Harvey Norman for several years now.

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