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450 Creativity Iron Ons


For 50 dollars you could get 50 sheets of heat transfer paper.

You can fit 9 decent sized patches on each sheet.

50 bucks is now 450 creativity shirts..

Sell them for 25 cents each and get more than double your money back.

I've tried it before. It's a standard paper available from stationary suppliers that melts when put through a laser printer so requires older fashioned ink jet printers - something many of us have long ago moved away from. Still, if you have the equipment you are able to print it out and turn any hat or shirt into Creator  clothing with a design of your own. The next problem is that iron on transfers tend to peel until the item is soon no longer wearable in public and your shirt is wasted. So my advice is, do not invest in setting yourself up as a home printer. Anything you do using this method, do so expecting a loss of 100%.



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