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Pentagon Investigates Itself, Finds It Did Nothing Wrong In Bombing Civilians


Pentagon investigates itself, finds it did nothing wrong

May 17, 2022

The Pentagon made sure it set up these labs far from it's own shores
 Nobody will be held accountable for an airstrike that killed up to 64 civilians, a report states.  An internal Pentagon investigation has found that a 2019 airstrike  that killed up to 64 civilians in Syria did not violate US rules of  engagement or the law of war, and was not carried out with “wanton disregard.”  Some military officers considered the incident, which the Pentagon  still maintains was necessary to take out ISIS fighters, a war crime. On March 18, 2019, a US F-15E fighter jet dropped a bomb on “a large crowd of women and children huddled against a river bank” near the Syrian town of Baghuz and then proceeded to drop several more, killing survivors...US Central Command admitted that the strike killed 80 people, of which only 16 were alleged Islamic State terrorists. The  military admitted to killing four civilians, but insisted that the  remaining 60 may have been terrorists, as “women and children in the Islamic State sometimes took up arms.”

Who does the Pentagon really serve?
 The report states that the US commander on the ground acted to target ISIS militants, and attempted to distinguish civilians from combatants. Despite the strike killing dozens of civilians, the report states that the military “took steps to mitigate harm.” The  initial New York Times report claimed that officers watching the strike  through a drone camera were horrified, and questioned whether they had  just witnessed a war crime. Furthermore, the blast site was bulldozed  and internal reports on the strike were “delayed, sanitized and classified,” the Times claimed.

The Pentagon can always point the blame for it's actions
 However, the Pentagon’s latest report states that there was no “malicious or wrongful intent” behind the delays in reporting the incident, and that no evidence could be found to suggest that the military attempted to “conceal decisions or actions.” The  full text of the Department of Defense report, including a final tally  of civilian casualties, remains classified.

Pentagon investigates itself, finds it did nothing wrong — RT World News


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