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Title: The Exclusivity of the Creativity Alliance
Post by: Private on 09 January 2021 at 01:24
In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler states, "Creating a National-Socialist trade-union is senseless if there are other unions operating side by side. Our union must be totally convinced that it alone is necessary to distribute its World-Concept; it must not tolerate other similar or hostile organizations, and it must emphasize its own importance - it is necessary to the exclusion of all other organizations. There must be no common arrangements and no compromise with similar organizations. We must maintain the absolute, sole right to exist."

This can and must be applied to the Creativity Alliance/Church of Creativity. Our cause is of the utmost importance, to the exclusion of all others, when it comes to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of our glorious White Race and the dissemination of our Creed, the Creed of Creativity. Similar movements are not our movement and our activism places us at the forefront of the White Racial movement as a whole.

A merger with a similar movement (Church) means an increase in numbers but also an invitation for the weak to enter our ranks. If we were truly so similar to another movement, we would not have multiple factions but would already be one movement; and the Creativity Alliance is a movement of its own. A whole movement to the exclusion of all others. No matter the difference that exists, there is a difference.

Even if our strength as the true Church causes others to founder, why would we then accept the weak that our strength has culled out? For example, what would we be if in the past we merged with The Creativity Movement or the Ecclesia Creatoris? What if we again accepted Hale as PM? These "Churches" already destroyed themselves in the face of our activism and a merger would only pollute the strength of our Church. To be blunt, I don't even acknowledge their members as Creators and will not waste my time with them at all. This also applies to other White Racial Movements also.

There is a reason why we are not permitted dual memberships. Besides, Creativity is the only salvation for the White Race. And we are the one and only, true and revolutionary, "Church of the Creator." It is our duty to save the White Race. This must be our stance in the White Racial movement as a whole.

Hitler also stated in Mein Kampf, "The greatness of a movement is only guaranteed by the unhampered development of its inner strength, the protection of that strength, and the constant increase of that strength until it achieves final victory over all rivals." We have achieved this with our Church! And we have done this in the face of much adversity! We must not only be fanatical with the dissemination of our Creed, but with the exclusivity of our Church also.

Delenda est Judaica! 14/88

Rev. Masten, PA Church of Creativity