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Rev.JohnBarletta - "Let the Beast Out"

Started by Rev.JohnBarletta, Thu 22 Sep 2022

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Quote from: Rev.JohnBarletta on Tue 19 Mar 2024The arthritis, the fluid sac building up. I saw something similar to that where a guy layed his hand on a counter top,  and  hit his hand with a phone book to disburse the fluid sac. Just one good hard wack!

It's a similar idea ... plier's thou ??? Sure you ain't from the South?
Sounds like a Redneck thing to me. I thought Redneck was just an American thing? You're Southern Australia?
(Parodying Jeff Foxworthy) "If you use plier's to fix your arthritis, you might be a Redneck." :P

In reply to @Rev.JohnBarletta

I know of Jeff Foxworthy. He was on TV here in the 90's before there was any internet. I don't remember anything that he said, but I know the style, so, using myself as the example:

As you said ...
If you use pliers to cure your arthritis, you may be a Redneck.

If you do your own dentistry at home with a nail file, you may be a Redneck. (That was this morning.)

If you shave your head each morning to hide your bald spot, you may be a Redneck. (I grew my hair long after I got out of the army.)

If you make your own alcohol, you may be a Redneck. (I turn water into beer.)

If you ever had a dog named N., you may be a Redneck.

If you ever go outside to call your current dog and shout "STELLA!" while wearing a wife-beater, you may be Marlon Brando, or a Redneck.

If you use the word N. in common parlance and do not see why it should be deemed a racist taboo word, you may be a Redneck.

If you have 23 thousand tunes ready to play at random in a playlist, and you did not pay for a single tune, you may be a Redneck.

If you only recently discovered that Kid Rock's music isn't that cRap shit and you like it, you may be a Redneck. (That was last week for me.)

If a lot of your friends are in prison, you may be a Redneck.

If you tendency to repair or customise junk for a new use instead of wasting money buying new, you may be a Redneck.

If your black motorcycle with a black painted everything is sitting out the back waiting years for you to work on it when you have the money to spare, you may be a Redneck.

If you don't have money to do anything else because you pump all your money into finishing your car, you may be a Redneck. (I'm finishing it this year!!!)

If your car is matt black on black, you may be a Redneck.

If your car has a loud exhaust, you may be a Redneck.

If you are thinking of adding a horn that plays Dixie to your car, you may be a Redneck.

If your car has solid steel black iron cross badges, you may be a Redneck.

And finally, if your car has door badges that say Redneck Edition, you may be a Redneck.

I think that's about enough there to maybe fill in some gaps and give you a chance to judge whether or not I meet Redneck standards. LOL! So, I'll finish up with a chapter from the Holybooks.

R! 23/23

At home recovering after surgery

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 7051, West Lakes, SA, Australia, 5021

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"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned.
When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
Mark Twain.


"R". Rev. Cambeul

Received your easter messages.

I was going to text you on something similar the other day.

The Judaic media has been bombarded the gullible public with their Christinsane Bible Stories all week.

I saw one, and  started to watch it. I wanted to see how they'd put their "FALSE PROPAGANDIST SPIN" on the filth, and degeneration of the actual biblical story as written in their hokey - I mean "Holy"  =))  book.

Anyway, it was the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot and his wife with his incestuous daughters (who rape their own lush of a father) yet he's supposed to be the ideal example of a "Righteous Man".  HA!

Needless to say, Jewish Hollywood omitted the filth, depravity, and perversion of that story as told in THEIR bible. It's as they do with all their stories, because 99% of the public is too lazy to actually read the book for themselves, and too stupid to even understand what's written in that book, when its spelled out for them.

People see that sanitized, or sanitation version, and that's what they believe, because that's all they know.

Send my respect to the PM. @P.M.JoeEsposito

Respectfully, Yours In This Struggle,

Viscount Barletta
Reverend with the WCOTC then Creativity Alliance
Church Title: Viscount Barletta
Reverend John Barletta - Lord Connecticut
Send a Letter:
John Barletta 219324 Cheshire CI
900 Highland Ave Cheshire CT 06410 USA


To: Cailen Cambeul
RE: "R" rev. Cambeul
16 Apr 24

"R"  @Rev.Cambeul

Honestly, I should ask you to just send the Klassen Audiobooks in. The way they're jerking me around, I don't want to waste your resources if it gets rejected. I keep asking they keep putting me off. I'm still trying.

If you want to try to send it in, send it in clearly marked as religious material. Send it in to me, my name, and  ID number, in care of Counselor Becker. This way it'll go straight to my Unit Counselor, and he knows I've been waiting on approval to get the Holybook audio CD's. So either he'll give them to me, or they'll be here, and maybe I'll be able to get them from the Captain, or via the Appeal process.

Other news, I heard from li'll brother @Br.DustinFletcher  (a.k.a youngster). He told me he talks to Rev. Brother Joe E. / @P.M.JoeEsposito every weekend. I sent him the info to sign up for e-mail.

Mostly watching news. Watching the Jews drag the world into another world war. I'll really be surprised if it don't happen. These arrogant yids think they can do as they please, and get away with it. Leveling Gaza, bombing Iran and Lebanon. They're gonna keep going as long as America supports them.

The Jew hypocrisy! Everyone crying about what Russia is doing when Israel is doing 10× worse in Gaza and bombing other independent nations. And the Jewnited States of Afroamerica supports them. Kikes can do no wrong.

I hope Iran nukes Israel !  (-:

Well gotta go. Workout time.

Respectfully, Yours in This Struggle,

Viscount Barletta
Reverend with the WCOTC then Creativity Alliance
Church Title: Viscount Barletta
Reverend John Barletta - Lord Connecticut
Send a Letter:
John Barletta 219324 Cheshire CI
900 Highland Ave Cheshire CT 06410 USA


To: Cailen Cambeul
RE: "R". Rev. Cambeul
30 Apr 24

"R".  Rev. Cambeul

Spoke with @Br.DustinFletcher yesterday. He's having a problem signing up for the e-mail, all this system tells me, is to tell friends and family go to the web site to sign up for free. He's telling me it won't let him sign up with out a Visa or Mastercard debit card.

The e-mails are free, that's not me putting e-stamps on your account. Makes no sense, but credits you 75 free e-stamps a day.

Quote from: Rev.CambeulSecurus used up my previous $$$, and I had to buy more to email you. So all I needed was to buy a few? They must have changed the sytem somehow. What a rip off!

What makes no sense is I only get 10 a day, without the option to buy more.  so I can only responded to 10 e-mails a day. What makes it so stupid, is say I have 15 (more then 10) people e-mail me a day, I can only respond to 10 a day.

Right now it works out fine. I only have 2 people using the e-mail account. I told Dustin to put just one dollar on the account just to open it up to activate the account. Told him: All communication phones, and  e-mail are free in this state.

I don't know how any of that stuff works, all I know is when someone shows up on my account, I can e-mail them.

Agave plant? Ain't that the plant they make tequila out of?  {Yes ~ @Cailen. Probably shouldn't use a chainsaw, wouldn't get so much splatter that agave juice all over you.

Saw on the news that Washington state has now adopted the European prison policy of Norway. So far two states in this country have done that. Two have a more humane prison system. Now American needs to adopt European sentencing guidelines. Most all European countries 25 year sentence is max and they have to let you out for a second chance, no matter what you did. They have a low crime rate, less violence in prison,  and low recidivism rate because they don't treat their prisoners like animals. They have job training in prison, activities, and programs to help reintroduction into society. And the fact they're not abused/tortured on a daily basis, they can be released in a semi-normal state.

Also been watching all the protests here in America, the pro-Palestine, anti-Israel rallies. Funny thing is, The Head Of The Snake Came Around and Bit It's Own Tail! Everything the Jews worked towards (and achieved) for the destruction, and mongrelization of White America to push their far left Zionist  liberal agenda, they actually lost power, because their new hybrid mongrel mud races, and leftist liberal philosophy CANNOT BE COWERED INTO SUBMISSION WITH THE JEWS CATCH PHRASE OF "ANTI-SEMITIC"! They lost that weapon from their arsenal. The accusation "anti-Semitic" no longer has the power to cower people like it once did.  Well it still works on the self hating guilty White liberal D-bag.

Unbeknownst to the parasite Jew , true to natural law, the parasite ALWAYS KILLS THE HOST IT ATTACHES TO! Now they have less of the host population to feed on, they will whither and die off soon.

This younger, mixed-race generation does not let themselves be beat into submission with the Jews' "left handed liberal guilt club" of anti-Semitic. It's meaningless to them. The Jew is losing their power over the minds of the population. The country is seeing them in their true odious nature, the evil murderous Jew, and are finally speaking out against them.

"DEATH TO ISRAEL"  Ha! Ha! Take that Jews! 

Respectfully, Yours In This Struggle,

Viscount Barletta
Reverend with the WCOTC then Creativity Alliance
Church Title: Viscount Barletta
Reverend John Barletta - Lord Connecticut
Send a Letter:
John Barletta 219324 Cheshire CI
900 Highland Ave Cheshire CT 06410 USA


To: Cailen Cambeul
27 Jun 24

Well, some context, they put a new digital over the air TV station 24/7 cartoons; called " Toon TV ", all old cartoons from the 1930s to the early 1990s

All us old guys are laughing our asses off. was talking to my friend's mother about the political, and social implications of the issues of the day when those cartoons were out.

They had one yesterday, from 1964, obviously America was more a Conservative nation then, the political climate with the filthy leftist hippie movement then.

Well, they had this character telling people, "Out of the way filthy hippie", shoving them aside.

Of course, I can see the political switch now from the 1930s - 1960s
Cartoons have a Conservative ideology.
Then 1970 and on cartoons have more of a leftist liberal ideology spreading their liberal brain pollution.

Ha ha , they had Yogi bear, battling Dr. bigot.  ha ha

Dr. bigot had his hate ray fuelled by prejudice, so Yogi got zapped by the bigot beam, starts freaking out once he realism all the "Different" animals he hanging around with, this one has spots, you got stripes, pointing out all their differences.

Yogi said " get lost I only want to be around bears like me, told boo-boo bear he could come because he's a bear too, even though he's short and weird looking. ha!

(He started picking on boo-boo pointing out all his differences).  the 1974 brain pollution champagne began.

Alright Rev. Cambeul just being silly having fun watching old cartoons.

Hope all is well with you.
Ironic the big bad evil racist is watching kiddie cartoons.

Respectfully Yours in This Struggle, 
Viscount Barletta.

Reverend with the WCOTC then Creativity Alliance
Church Title: Viscount Barletta
Reverend John Barletta - Lord Connecticut
Send a Letter:
John Barletta 219324 Cheshire CI
900 Highland Ave Cheshire CT 06410 USA

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