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Rev. Dr Joe, P.M. is Being Abused by Oregon Prison Staff


Rev. Dr Joe 2020.09
To All Creators,

Listed here are the people that are illegally detaining me in the long term Intensive Management Unit (IMU) – solitary confinement – at Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI).
777 Stanton Blvd., Ontario, Oregon 97914-8335

* Jamie Breyman
Administrator Office Population Management
2575 Center Street, Salem
Oregon 97301

* Greg Jones
Administrator Office Population Management
2575 Center Street, Salem
Oregon 97301

Phone: 503-945-0950
Fax: 503-373-1173

The agents of JOG are persecuting me as a Creator. They are denying me all rights to Freedom of Religion, and no due process by keeping me in long term status, for which there is no listing for in Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC). I believe this section is being used for abuse and control.

Remember to send those pictures my brothers. RaHoWa!

Rev. Dr. Joe, P.M.

More at

I wrote to Reverend Joe, and I mailed the letter yesterday. What kind of things make it through "customs"? i.e. Books, soap, shoes, shirts...


--- Quote from: DelendaEstJudaica on 30 September 2020 at 19:21 ---What kind of things make it through "customs"? i.e. Books, soap, shoes, shirts...
--- End quote ---

Only some books will get through. You know what they are like. As for the rest, we have to send him money so he can buy everything from the canteen.

If you want to support PM Joe with a little financial assistance, PM Joe and those that know him personally, thank you. There is the option of sending money orders via mail, but the best way is online via To get on CorrLinks, you must send PM Joe your email details and name. PM Joe will then confirm who you are with either me or @Rev.Dibbs or @Rev.Kincade. Then he will send you the invite to CorrLinks. From there, you can send messages via their email system, send pictures and send donations.

Everybody should understand that PM Joe will not reply to any letters or emails until he is able to confirm who you are, by asking somebody he already knows. Which can be done as easily as a phone call. @DelendaEstJudaica I'll be sure to mention your name next time he calls - which could be as early as today, in the next few minutes, or as late as on the weekend some time.



I was talking with PM Joe on the phone this morning. Some mail is being blocked going both ways into and out of the prison. The prison is committing a crime by their own standards, by not notifying PM Joe that mail has been rejected.

 * Mail that is Rejected with a Notification is labelled as a Gang Threat - In relation to the World Church of the Creator/Matt Hale

 * Disallowed Mail: Photos of known Creators, pictures with Church Logos, use of the name Creativity Alliance
    Sometimes the pictures and mail get through - the decisions are entirely arbitrary

 * Mail Rejected without Notification is in relation to the Creativity Alliance' disavowing "Matt Hale and his copycat World Church of the Creator"
Press Release: The Creativity Alliance is Not a Terrorist Organisation

 * And any mail seeking information, or contact information for whistle-blowers regarding illegal detention in the Oregon Gulags

Following is mail he sent just prior to calling me this morning (my time).

--- Quote from: Rev.Dr Joe, P.M. ---Brother,

My captors are not allowing my emails to you to go through. More harassment by the JOG.

I received the picture of Ben. Thank you.

I am well and will speak to you soon.

I am not being notified of any rejections - but mail has been rejected.

They are denying me contact with religious leaders.
(Which is illegal under US Constitutional Law and State Prison Regulations.)

Well take care brother.

Rev.Dr Joe, P.M.
--- End quote ---


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