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Title: P.O.S - Piece of Shite's Letter to Rev. George Loeb
Post by: Private on 21 November 2009 at 00:01
Received a letter in the mail today from Rev. Loeb.  In it, he wrote out, word for word, O'Sullivan's latest letter to Rev. Loeb.

This is really something....... (all spelling mistakes are Patrick's)


After reading your last letter to me I was angry and dissappointed.  Disappointed that you would be gullible enough to believe the utter bullshit that that queer snitch C.A. has been spouting.  Angry that after being told time and time again about these unstable treacherous scumbags you persist to take their side and blindly repeat the lies and slander they invent.

Rev Logsdon has met Brother Allen in person.  I have seen several photos of him.  He is certainly not part mud.  So C.A. sent you a phoney photo of him?  That's what happens when you pay attention to a rodent like C.A.!  No TCM member ever snitches or laid charges against C.A..  He had some trouble (of his own making) with someone from the Klan and ended up getting charged and fined for making threats against him.  C.A. in fact went to the Feds claiming that this Klan guy and Rev. James were going to sell a rifle to shoot Obama which of course was a total lie.  So thats C.A. is a snitch, running around making up false claims about real Creators.  The * that they spew about myself, Rev Logsdon and others is patitetic.  By the way the C.A. posted on the internet the exact location of Ben Klassens gravesite {That's a LIE - Metzger did that}.  It does'ent take much brains to work out that stupid act puts Klassens gravesite at risk of vandalism thanks to those CA scum trying to make themselves appear like they are active.  Rev Logsdon said if you continue to associate with these CA and other fake vermin, than dont bother calling yourself a Creator minister.  I've told you about these scum before and you don't listen.   Rev. PoS
Title: Re: P.O.S - Piece of Shite's Letter to Rev. George Loeb
Post by: Private on 21 November 2009 at 00:15
I went through all of the letters that I sent to Rev. Esposito and Rev. Loeb.  Could not find any mention of Allen Goff.   There were however, only two mentions of Logsdon, here they are:

August 4, 36 AC

Sorry that I could not get back to you in a timely fashion.  All I can say right now is that someone working with James Logsdon filed a false police report that I harassed him and was picked up by the police.  I am out now and the prosecutor doesn’t even believe the charges against me.  When this is over, I will make a public statement against Logsdon and The Creativity Movement.  

November 7, 36 AC

James Logsdon is going to prison next week for his latest DUI, his sentence is for 18 months.  The twerp is going around telling people that I am now working for the SPLC and CIA, and that he was set up by me.  What a damn moron.  Anyone who still considers him a leader of Creativity needs to have his head examined.
Title: Re: P.O.S - Piece of Shite's Letter to Rev. George Loeb
Post by: Private on 21 November 2009 at 00:27
All of you should see that I hardly ever mention TCM when writing to both Rev. Esposito and Rev. Loeb.

Instead, I have been writing about the positive things that all of us at the Creativity Alliance have been doing.

Rev. Loeb tells us to keep up the good work.   :)

He also wrote in the latest letter to me:  "Heard from Rev. Joe E.  He has many good things to say about you.  It seems that you continue to impress, at least here among the sane and sincere."

Oh, did not see this....right after O'Sullivan's letter, Rev. Loeb wrote:

"So there it is.  Amazing letter.  Most coherent item he has ever sent to me.  He still comes off sounding like a lunatic."