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Brothers and Sisters, this is my first attempt at prisoner outreach and wondered if you would please read through my draft and suggest any pointers that may improve this initial contact letter.  I have written to several prisoners in the past, but their addresses were already posted on one website or another--this one is totally out of the blue.  Reverend Matthew Hayhow was convicted of bank robbery and sentenced to twenty years.  As far as I know, it was in an attempt to raise money for the WCOTC.  I do not approve or condone such behavior, but I believe he thought what he was doing was for a good cause; therefore, somehow, it was OK.  I haven't seen his name/address posted anywhere online so I looked him up on the BOP site.

Here is the text of my handwritten introduction letter.  It is ready to go, but wanted the advice of my peers on the wording and if there were any ideas to improve its effectiveness.  Any suggestions or corrections would be greatly appreciated as I don't mind re-writing the letter.  As it's a JOG gulag, I am not able to use our regular language, but I have put in a few abbreviations.  If no one has any recommended changes I will be sending this off in the next couple of days.

I appreciate your time in helping me,



R. Greetings Matt,

My name is Rasp Starb and I was recently ordained as a Minister in the Church of Creativity.   I was rereading some of your essays for the WCOTC and got to wondering how you were doing and where you were now.  I started a Church Group and thought I would write to you as part of my prison outreach program.  I am assuming you are still a Creator as am I.  We have never met but I feel as if we know each other from your writings.  I've never been to prison but I imagine it is lonely and thought I would do the White thing and contact you.  I also thought I would put your contact info on our website along with the other p.o.w.s from our movement.  That is, if you are interested in receiving mail from other Creators.  I should also ask if there is anything we can send you to make your life a little sweeter, or what we can legally send you in the way of reading material.

This is meant mainly to be an introduction and an offer of friendship and fellowship--write me back with permission to post your contact information on our Creativity Alliance website.  You are also welcome to disregard this letter if you wish to be left alone, but I would personally prefer to start a correspondence with a fellow Reverend.  RHA!

Rasp Starb--DCOC
P.O. Box 986
Draper, Utah

Your letter looks fine to me Reverend Starb, although I would prefer that you removed any reference to P.O.W.'s for now. We will see what he says as to whether he is added to The Directory or not. P.O.W. is a title that is earned.

If it comes to it, we'll just have to create a separate directory or blog for prison outreach and contacts. There are also those that should be rejected out of hand as having anything publicly to do with us. It all depends on the individual as well as the crime committed. Any killing White kids while drunk driving, stabbing Skinheads at parties or part Jew/part Indians shooting their spic brothers in the heat of passion are definitely not the type we want anything to do with.


Thanks Rev. PM,

I see other errors as well, I will rewrite.

Rev. Hayhow was a Reverend as far back as 1989, (see Racial Loyalty issue 55 so he was COTC, not WCOTC.  He was ordained by Klassen and was already in prison before the world even heard of Matt Hale.  I prefer to let him tell his story his own way instead of relying on the anti-White press accounts.

I do not find much mention of CPM online, but I will certainly ask him if he's on their list.  My feeling is they don't exist any longer, and that's where I and Creativity Alliance should step in; to fill the void.  I've never felt comfortable assuming someone else was doing the job; and if so, the more the merrier.


Second draft:

R. Greetings Rev. Hayhow,

My name is Rasp Starb and I have recently been ordained as a Minister in the Church of Creativity.  I was re-reading some of the essays you wrote for the COTC and got to wondering how you were doing and where you were now.  I started a Church Group and wanted to start a prisoner outreach program as well, that is why I am writing to you today.  I am assuming you are still a Creator as am I.  I was inspired by the few writings I have read by you and wonder if you are writing still; that's the main reason I am contacting you, to see if you would like to correspond and share your thoughts.  I have never been in prison but imagine it is a lonely place and you may not have any Brothers to talk with.  I have heard there is a group called Creativity Prison Ministries but do not know if they exist, but I do exist and would appreciate a reply.  Is there anything I can send you to make your life a little sweeter?  What are the prohibitions?  Can I send you some reading materials?  That sort of thing.

This letter is meant mainly to be an introduction and an offer of friendship and fellowship if you are interested.  You are also welcome to disregard this letter if you wish to be left alone, but if you are able, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.  RHA!

Rev. Rasp Starb
Deseret C.O.C.
P.O. Box 986
Draper, Utah

Rahowa! Brothers and Sisters,

I received a letter back from Rev. Hayhow and thought I would share it with you all.  He has some valid concerns about the old Matt Hale style of totalitarian leadership--thankfully these have already been addressed and dealt with by the Creativity Alliance.

I am sharing this for two reasons, to illustrate what a difference one can make in the lives of our P.O.W.s by the simple act of putting pen to paper and sticking a stamp on an envelope.  Rev. Hayhow's day seems to have been made from my outreach and my day was made when I received his reply.  I have much to communicate to the good Rev. about how Creativity has gone in a new direction under the esteemed leadership of P.M. Rev. Cambeul.

The second reason for reprinting this is to give inspiration to other Creators to start writing letters, and if possible write to Rev. Hayhow, Rev. Esposito, Rev. Loeb, Rev. Hale, and any other of our brethren you can think of.  Rev. Hayhow has spelled out some desired reading materials, so if anyone can send him something, please do.  I will be hitting the thriftstores and local library booksales looking for something of interest in the way of magazines or paperback books, but primarily I will be putting together acceptable racial materials and copies of Racial Loyalty.  I also am about to write back Rev. Hayhow with an even longer letter now that I have established contact.

If anyone else cares to write to Rev. Hayhow here's his address:

Matthew Hayhow #62546-061
FCI Elkton
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 10
Lisbon, OH  44432

I print the letter in its entirety to share only within the SPG--do not re-print or re-post this elsewhere without my or Rev. Hayhow's permission.


P.S. Rasp Starb?  I am an the offspring of Old Norse stock and my name has been passed to me from my Father, and from his Father before him, and before.  We are descended from the line of King Harald the Fair and my family tree is peppered with Magnussons, Haraldsons and the like.


Rahowa!  Rev. Starb,

Good to hear from you!  I always enjoy hearing from fellow Creators.  Let me apologize right off for my handwriting.  Itís always been horrible.  I start going too fast and Ö itís intelligible.

Congratulations on your ordination.  We can never have too many Rev.ís.  That little extra effort by the individual seems to give them a little more energy to do things.  Or maybe itís their extra energy that motivates them to become Rev.ís.

Prison is lonely.  Crowded and never alone, with little privacy, but at the same time lonely.  I do have some friends.  No Creators here other than me, but a few whoíve read the NER.  Many, many sympathizers.  Not many Whites these days are happy with JOG or muds.  Itíd be nice if we could capitalize on that.

But it looks like the same old *.  Pardon my French.  Whites on the way to our side are side-tracked by the False Leadership of groups like the Tea Party, and Republicans, etc.

Weíll see.

Maybe itís too late to stop with Sarah Palin?  The banksters still rob everyone blind, and really, our enemies are their own worst enemy.  Canít keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

I havenít been writing much.  The last thing I wrote was for Pax Rahowa.  There are 4 reasons.

There (was/is) no P.M. to run my thoughts past, many of which are a little different than the ďorthodoxĒ activities promoted by P.M. Klassen, etc.  Because of that, Iíd ended up writing about the need for action, over and over.

Iíve also been doing a lot of painting for the last few years.  Mostly learning, but Iím getting pretty good at it.  And last Iím either not into writing or lazy.  Canít tell which!  Iíd really rather do something.  Though Iíd like to write a book someday (probably never!).

The unorthodox things Iíd like to encourage are no more membership.  Do it like the Catholics, etc.  Local autonomy (within limits), some money for H.Q., some for locals.

And Iíd like to encourage Creators to do as the Commies did in the IRA, or Muslims in the Albanian independence movement.  Iíd like us to join groups that have similar aims, be the hardest workers, and push it in our direction.  What groups?  Natíl Alliance, Secular Humanist/Atheist groups, unions, anti-corporate, anti-bankster groups, environmental groups, school boards, etc.

And Iíd like us to start helping Whites instead of talking about how much better we are.

Anyway, itís things like that Iíd like to do, but circumstances limit me.

So what the hell kind of name is Rasp Starb?  Itís as distinctive as Hayhow.  A man with a name like that should be known for doing great things!

I could use reading materials and can receive them with some restrictions.  I can receive mags. And softcover books from anyone.  If from a recognized company (Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.)  There are no hoops to jump through.  If they are from a friend or family, the package must have Authorized Reading Material on the outside.  We canít receive visual porn, but written porn is okay.  Weíre supposed to be able to receive racial material, but if it looks crazy they usually reject it.

For instance, Iíd probably have no trouble receiving books on genetics, racial differences, or Irish history, but White Power or a skin newsletter may be rejected.

Hardcovers must come only from recognized publishers.

If youíd like to do anything like that, let me know.  There are magazines Iíd like to get a subscription to, and/or some used paperbacks I canít find (Iím a sci-fi fan), or you can send me something you want to.  Or not.

Iím doing pretty good, really.  Iím so used to prison after all of these years, I donít really need anything but freedom.  So if times are tough for you and yours, or youíd like to use the money to further Creativity, donít worry about me.

Well, this is already way more letter than you probably expected, so Iím going to end here!

Take care, and write when you have the chance.

For A Whiter and Brighter World!



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