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Author Topic: Legal Issues: Is Creativity a Legal Religion?

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Legal Issues: Is Creativity a Legal Religion?
« on: 11 December 2018 at 23:54 »
This is more a collection of links that Creators may find handy ...

Rev. Dr Joe Esposito: Letter Campaign to Defend Creativity in Prisons,4744.0.html

Reverend Normon Willhoite vs California (1989),5102.0.html

Creativity is a Legally Recognised Religion

2012-07-02 USA - Journal of Antisemitism - Peterson vs the Jew,7166.0.html
See attached PDF

TCM is not a religious group - which means it can be dismissed by any good lawyer should it be brought up
Court Says Creativity Movement Is Not A "Religion",4386.0.html

Probably nothing at this link:
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