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Geroge Loeb: How You Can Help


ATTENTION:  Below is former Reverend, George David Loeb Jr.'s new mailing address.  Please pass this onto all forums that has his old address listed.

 * In prison since 1991.
 * Sentenced to 25 years non-parole.
 * Served 29 years.

In the Gallery;sa=view;id=2759
George David Loeb Jr. 292124
Columbia Correctional Institution (Annex)
216 S.E. Corrections Way
Lake City, Florida 32025-2013
Fax: (386) 754-1632
Phone: (386) 292-7212
George Loeb was a Minister with the Premier Church of the Creator under Church founder, Ben Klassen. Abandoned by the copycat New Church of the Creator/World Church of the Creator and publicly ridiculed and insulted by its Skinhead Only successor, George eventually joined his wife's Popish Christian cult. Nevertheless, always our brother, George will forever remain a Martyr of the Racial Holy War.

In May of 1991, George and his wife Barbara drive into a supermarket parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, to buy groceries. As they enter the parking lot a car driven by Harold Mansfield Jr., a black Gulf War veteran almost strikes their car. The two drivers exchange angry insults, with the Mansfield calling Reverend Loeb a "cracker" and a "honkie". Mansfield drives off, and the Loebs continue their shopping. They bought their groceries, were back in their car, and were ready to go home when Mansfield returned - this time with another Black male and a brick. Mansfield gets out of his car and advanced toward the Loebs' vehicle with the brick in his hand. He announces loudly to Reverend Loeb, "I'm gonna smash your head in". As Mansfield approaches, Reverend Loeb responds by tearing open the glove compartment of his car, and seizing a 0.25 mm pistol his wife keeps there for her protection, fires two shots at Mansfield, killing him. Reverend Loeb is then arrested and charged with murder.

At the trial both the defense witnesses and the prosecution witnesses recounted nearly the same sequence of events. The prosecution witnesses - the Mansfield's friend and a White woman who had been in the parking lot - both admit that Mansfield had threatened to smash Reverend Loeb's head with the brick he carried.

Reverend Loeb is ultimately convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 25 years. George's wife, Barbara Loeb, is sentenced to one year in prison on weapons possession charges.

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To the Governor of Florida
The Capital
Tallahassee, Florida 32399 USA

Dear Mr. Governor

I am writing in regard to the case of George David Loeb Jr., a Florida inmate serving a life sentence. Mr Loeb was unquestionably attacked with a brick, yet I'm not writing to debate the facts. I realise that's a matter for the courts. I also want to make clear that I am not proposing clemency or parole for Mr Loeb. He is not asking for mercy - he is seeking justice.

Mr Loeb claims rather convincingly (with documents to back him up) that his conviction was based on the organized perjured testimony of several witnesses. I would like to see his claims thoroughly investigated, or be given some reason why it should not be investigated.

I eagerly await your specific and personal reply in regard to Mr Loeb's case. I thank you in advance.

In the Gallery;sa=view;id=2760

I'll get a version of that in the mail on Monday.

I am in FL so if there is anything I can do locally please let me know. I don't know if you are in contact with him but his wife might need money or he might need money for a lawyer. I would be more than happy to offer any assistance I can to a fellow Creator in need.

Just  saw this  recently on  YouTube and  this is very typical of the raw deals Whites get anymore. Thanks for the address  above!


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