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Title: George Loeb 2010-06-10
Post by: Private on 02 June 2010 at 19:57
  I have received notice that your March 17th letter to me was supposedly returned to you by corrections officials. In any case thank you for writing, obviously we must be careful in what we write and what we say in general, but particularily so when is being read/inspected coming in, and going out. Then again, short of advocating violence, or approving of past violence and alike I would say be bold (at least to the limit of your own risk tolerance). Of course that is easy for me to say as I am serving a life sentence, regardless I would appreciate it you would give it at least one more try. Write again, often the results depends entirely with who is working in the mail room on any particular day.

  Certainly you can tell me about yourself and your Church. I like to have an understanding of all.

  For now I will leave it up to you, if you have the time or sufficient interest. You know whether you can deal with the hassle of having the occasional letter and or enclosures rejected. But for me I have no choice all I can do is wait and hope that some of my mail from our people will get through. Otherwise things are a little depressing. So understand [and allow others to understand] that every letter is appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your ally in the stuggle,.
George David Loeb Jr. 292124
Martin Correctional Institution
1150 SW Allapattah Road
Indiantown, Florida
U.S.A. 34956