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Rev. Loeb holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Admin, and is a former consumer advocate. Co-founder of Citizens for a Better Florida Inc., Loeb and his firm produced his state's first telemarketing no-call list. Loeb has also worked in retail management, sales and customer service.

Cuban immigration made Loeb a virtual foreigner in his home town of Miami. "Bussing" showed him the violent disruptive nature of Negroes. Moreso, Rev. Loeb says his name itself set the stage for others to reveal their racism.

"80% of all people named Loeb are Jewish," says Loeb, who grew up in a neighborhood having a significant Jewish minority.

"They treated me like kin when they thought I was one of them. They treated me like a dog when they found out that I wasn't." Thus, Rev. Loeb's favorite rallying cry:

Loeb was born 3 February 1957, in Holy Name Hospital, in Teaneck, New Jersey. He has traveled extensively within the US. Raised in North Miami, he has also lived in Boulder, Colorado; Tampa, Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida.

Attacked By Street Savages, Framed By Jews

Following a traffic incident, Rev. Loeb was wildly cursed by another driver, an American street-savage [negro] named Harold Mansfield. Loeb was called redneck, cracker and mother-f'er.

At the insistence of his wife, Rev. Loeb ignored the foul offensive and racist remarks.

In good spirits, the Loebs' continued on and into the nearby grocery store. Meanwhile, the other driver went to his home. He returned minutes later with a savage accomplice and a brick stolen from a neighbor's yard. As the Loebs' were entering their car, the other car skidded to a stop alongside. The driver, Harold Mansfield, jumped out, saying he would "smash" Loeb's "head in". He came forward and was shot once in the chest by Loeb (using his wife's tiny 25). As the accomplice crouched nearby, Loeb fired several warning shots as he drove away, to safety.

A cover-up began immediately. Initial TV news stories and "America's Most Wanted" recounted the story with the assistance of police and prosecutors. No brick was mentioned, though it had been recovered at the scene.

An incredible series of injustices followed, with the jewish media and jewish prosecutor, Harry Shorstein, focusing on "Loeb-the-Racist". The government's tool, as always, was perjury - and George Loeb has the documents to prove it.

The bottom line ?? George Loeb, an innocent man, was convicted of PREMEDITATED MURDER, based primarily on his COTC membership and dedication to his race. He is currently serving a life sentence.

For more information - and to find out how you can help free George Loeb - write to him at the following address :

George David Loeb Jr.


Florida State Prison

7819 NW 228th Street

Raiford, Florida 32026 USA

Here's How You Can Help

All persons with an interest in justice can begin by writing letters on behalf of George Loeb.   Below is a sample letter.

It is only a sample; you should use your own words.  The sample is for a letter to the Governor of Florida but you can write to anyone (the Governor of Florida is a good start).  You should keep a copy of every letter you send and note the date it was mailed.  As a courtesy you might want to send copies of the letters you write and those you receive to Rev. Loeb and, of course, you should share all positive responses with us here at Click here for a PDF version of the below letter.

Sample Letter

The Governor of Florida
The Capital
Tallahassee, Florida 32399 USA

Dear Mr. Governor

I am writing in regard to the case of George David Loeb Jr., a Florida inmate serving a life sentence.  Mr Loeb was unquestionably attacked with a brick, yet I'm not writing to debate the facts.  I realise that's a matter for the courts.  I also want to make clear that I am not proposing clemency or parole for Loeb.  He is not asking for mercy - he is seeking justice.

Mr Loeb claims rather convincingly (with documents to back him up) that his conviction was based on the organized perjured testimony of several witnesses.  I would like to see his claims thoroughly investigated, or be given some reason why it should not be investigated. 

I eagerly await your specific and personal reply in regard to Loeb's case.  I thank you in advance.

Rev. Loeb and COTC give thanks to all who participate in this letter writing program.

After Taking No Prisoners,

They're Taking No Chances

11th February 34 A.C.

The army of George Bush the Elder killed 85,000 Iraqis.  Most were intent on surrender but forced to retreat.  Many, if not most, were shot in the back.  Believe what you want but the orders were clear.  Take no prisoners.

Now the army of George Bust the Younger has invaded Iraq, behind what were known to be lies - ask Hans Blix, or see the Downing Street Memo, if you have any doubt.  The doubt thus resolved, how can the invasion be seen as anything but genocide ?

And what of the aftermath ??  With America failing to maintain order in Iraq, there has been death on a scale never contemplated by the likes of Saddam.

And let's not forget the raping, the cold blooded murders, the secret captures, the CIA prisons, the pattern of torture, etc.

So what if Iraq were to defeat the US forces ?? What if reasonable nations were to band together ?? Is it impossible to believe that either or both of the George Bushes could be taken into custody and charged with war crimes by the so-called International Criminal Court ??

Well, as unlikely as it may be, the Bush Family's taking no chances.

Not long ago, the United States entered into a treaty of sorts with the tiny South American nation of Parguay, just to prevent such a scenario.  A US military base was built.  Paraguay also granted blanket immunity to any and all members of the American Government and military, so that none could be extradited regardless of where they might be wanted and by whom.

Now, the Bush Family has purchased a huge estate in Paraguay, not far from the military base constructed to protect them !!

Despite near total US control of the world's media, the news got out.  The news about would-be war criminals with a guilty conscience, news about who took no prisoners, gave no compassion and are taking no chances.  News brought to you by the Church of the Creator - where White Survival is sacred.

As an addendum, we note that even if Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, those weapons were no threat to the US>  Thus, the invasion of Iraq was  always necessarily  for the some unstated purpose.  The clear implication was that the US invasion of Iraq was for the protection of the Jews and the nation of Israel, in a war shedding only non-Jewish blood.  Perhaps we need to expand our definition of genocide to include "bought-and-paid-for" mass murder, such as this.

Perhaps there are still some doubts.  We direct attention to this ironic fact.  In the word, JERUSALEM, the USA is in the middle, controlled at both sides, right and left.

The only question is who is running whom ?? With the money being delivered to the White House by Jewish bagmen such as Jack Abramoff and Irving Libby, all doubt should be set aside.

What's the going rate for treason ??  And how much does it cost to compromise the sovreignity of a small Latin American nation ??  Well, we don't know but we hope to have an answer soon.

Have no doubt.  The world is waking up.  We are doing our part.  You can help by joining or with your generous donation .  We thank you all.

Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.

More Happy Headed Ho's

17th April 34 A.C.

For nearly a year, three White Duke University lacrosse players stood accused of raping a black stripper - unwisely hired to entertain them at a team beer bash.  The Jewish media was quick to condemn the Whites.  Meanwhile, they worked overtime to portray the 27 year old purported victim as a mother and part-time student, at North Carolina A & T or whatever - some black racist university where remedial reading poses as research.

All that aside, the facts soon emerged.  Semen of several men was found in her, on her and on her clothing.  None matched those she had accused.  Still, that's a busy beaver - a nappy headed ho, if there ever was one.

Don Imus can't bring you this kind of perspective.  We can and we will continue to do so but your help is needed.


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