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Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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Rev. Loeb holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Admin, and is a former consumer advocate. Co-founder of Citizens for a Better Florida Inc., Loeb and his firm produced his state's first telemarketing no-call list. Loeb has also worked in retail management, sales and customer service.

Cuban immigration made Loeb a virtual foreigner in his home town of Miami. "Bussing" showed him the violent disruptive nature of Negroes. Moreso, Rev. Loeb says his name itself set the stage for others to reveal their racism.

"80% of all people named Loeb are Jewish," says Loeb, who grew up in a neighborhood having a significant Jewish minority.

"They treated me like kin when they thought I was one of them. They treated me like a dog when they found out that I wasn't." Thus, Rev. Loeb's favorite rallying cry:


Loeb was born 3 February 1957, in Holy Name Hospital, in Teaneck, New Jersey. He has traveled extensively within the US. Raised in North Miami, he has also lived in Boulder, Colorado; Tampa, Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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Attacked By Street Savages, Framed By Jews

Following a traffic incident, Rev. Loeb was wildly cursed by another driver, an American street-savage [negro] named Harold Mansfield. Loeb was called redneck, cracker and mother-f'er.

At the insistence of his wife, Rev. Loeb ignored the foul offensive and racist remarks.

In good spirits, the Loebs' continued on and into the nearby grocery store. Meanwhile, the other driver went to his home. He returned minutes later with a savage accomplice and a brick stolen from a neighbor's yard. As the Loebs' were entering their car, the other car skidded to a stop alongside. The driver, Harold Mansfield, jumped out, saying he would "smash" Loeb's "head in". He came forward and was shot once in the chest by Loeb (using his wife's tiny 25). As the accomplice crouched nearby, Loeb fired several warning shots as he drove away, to safety.

A cover-up began immediately. Initial TV news stories and "America's Most Wanted" recounted the story with the assistance of police and prosecutors. No brick was mentioned, though it had been recovered at the scene.

An incredible series of injustices followed, with the jewish media and jewish prosecutor, Harry Shorstein, focusing on "Loeb-the-Racist". The government's tool, as always, was perjury - and George Loeb has the documents to prove it.

The bottom line ?? George Loeb, an innocent man, was convicted of PREMEDITATED MURDER, based primarily on his COTC membership and dedication to his race. He is currently serving a life sentence.

For more information - and to find out how you can help free George Loeb - write to him at the following address :

George David Loeb Jr.


Florida State Prison

7819 NW 228th Street

Raiford, Florida 32026 USA
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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Here's How You Can Help

All persons with an interest in justice can begin by writing letters on behalf of George Loeb.   Below is a sample letter.

It is only a sample; you should use your own words.  The sample is for a letter to the Governor of Florida but you can write to anyone (the Governor of Florida is a good start).  You should keep a copy of every letter you send and note the date it was mailed.  As a courtesy you might want to send copies of the letters you write and those you receive to Rev. Loeb and, of course, you should share all positive responses with us here at www.qcotc.asn.au. Click here for a PDF version of the below letter.

Sample Letter

The Governor of Florida
The Capital
Tallahassee, Florida 32399 USA

Dear Mr. Governor

I am writing in regard to the case of George David Loeb Jr., a Florida inmate serving a life sentence.  Mr Loeb was unquestionably attacked with a brick, yet I'm not writing to debate the facts.  I realise that's a matter for the courts.  I also want to make clear that I am not proposing clemency or parole for Loeb.  He is not asking for mercy - he is seeking justice.

Mr Loeb claims rather convincingly (with documents to back him up) that his conviction was based on the organized perjured testimony of several witnesses.  I would like to see his claims thoroughly investigated, or be given some reason why it should not be investigated. 

I eagerly await your specific and personal reply in regard to Loeb's case.  I thank you in advance.

Rev. Loeb and COTC give thanks to all who participate in this letter writing program.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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After Taking No Prisoners,

They're Taking No Chances

11th February 34 A.C.

The army of George Bush the Elder killed 85,000 Iraqis.  Most were intent on surrender but forced to retreat.  Many, if not most, were shot in the back.  Believe what you want but the orders were clear.  Take no prisoners.

Now the army of George Bust the Younger has invaded Iraq, behind what were known to be lies - ask Hans Blix, or see the Downing Street Memo, if you have any doubt.  The doubt thus resolved, how can the invasion be seen as anything but genocide ?

And what of the aftermath ??  With America failing to maintain order in Iraq, there has been death on a scale never contemplated by the likes of Saddam.

And let's not forget the raping, the cold blooded murders, the secret captures, the CIA prisons, the pattern of torture, etc.

So what if Iraq were to defeat the US forces ?? What if reasonable nations were to band together ?? Is it impossible to believe that either or both of the George Bushes could be taken into custody and charged with war crimes by the so-called International Criminal Court ??

Well, as unlikely as it may be, the Bush Family's taking no chances.

Not long ago, the United States entered into a treaty of sorts with the tiny South American nation of Parguay, just to prevent such a scenario.  A US military base was built.  Paraguay also granted blanket immunity to any and all members of the American Government and military, so that none could be extradited regardless of where they might be wanted and by whom.

Now, the Bush Family has purchased a huge estate in Paraguay, not far from the military base constructed to protect them !!

Despite near total US control of the world's media, the news got out.  The news about would-be war criminals with a guilty conscience, news about who took no prisoners, gave no compassion and are taking no chances.  News brought to you by the Church of the Creator - where White Survival is sacred.

As an addendum, we note that even if Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, those weapons were no threat to the US>  Thus, the invasion of Iraq was  always necessarily  for the some unstated purpose.  The clear implication was that the US invasion of Iraq was for the protection of the Jews and the nation of Israel, in a war shedding only non-Jewish blood.  Perhaps we need to expand our definition of genocide to include "bought-and-paid-for" mass murder, such as this.

Perhaps there are still some doubts.  We direct attention to this ironic fact.  In the word, JERUSALEM, the USA is in the middle, controlled at both sides, right and left.

The only question is who is running whom ?? With the money being delivered to the White House by Jewish bagmen such as Jack Abramoff and Irving Libby, all doubt should be set aside.

What's the going rate for treason ??  And how much does it cost to compromise the sovreignity of a small Latin American nation ??  Well, we don't know but we hope to have an answer soon.

Have no doubt.  The world is waking up.  We are doing our part.  You can help by joining or with your generous donation .  We thank you all.

Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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More Happy Headed Ho's

17th April 34 A.C.

For nearly a year, three White Duke University lacrosse players stood accused of raping a black stripper - unwisely hired to entertain them at a team beer bash.  The Jewish media was quick to condemn the Whites.  Meanwhile, they worked overtime to portray the 27 year old purported victim as a mother and part-time student, at North Carolina A & T or whatever - some black racist university where remedial reading poses as research.

All that aside, the facts soon emerged.  Semen of several men was found in her, on her and on her clothing.  None matched those she had accused.  Still, that's a busy beaver - a nappy headed ho, if there ever was one.

Don Imus can't bring you this kind of perspective.  We can and we will continue to do so but your help is needed.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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All About Nappy Headed Ho's

17th April 34 A.C.

New York radio personality, Don Imus, was fired recently for referring to the predominantly black Rutgers University Women's basketball team as "a bunch of nappy headed ho's".  We here think Imus was very wrong to apologize for those comments - and here's why.

"Nappy" means : 'coarse in texture, tufted, fibrous' - like a towel.  Thus, the truth of the matter on point 1 is that "nappy" accurately describes the hair of negroes.  [Unlike the hair of human beings, the hair of negroes is readily plaitable; many of us refer to it as "nigger wool"]

As for the term "ho" being putatively objectionable, we note that it is a term of negro origin, used by most negro males to describe all females, particularly negro females.

And so, being black and female, the women of the Rutgers University Women's basketball team ARE a bunch of nappy headed ho's.

Meanwhile, those who have professed outrage and spurred the firing of Imus would have us presume that the Rutgers ball-bouncers are ladies of virtue and paragons of academic excellence.  Frankly, we have our doubts.  We suggest that Mr Imus is soft if he fails to fully investigate and expose the truth of their backgrounds.

Are they marginal students, admitted to a university in place of better qualified White students because, as simians, they jump high and run fast?  Were they slinging sex at age 14 like so many of their kind?  Have they smoked a little crack perhaps?  Perhaps even a few are lesbians, like their counterparts on other university's basketball teams.

Perhaps we will never know, because the relevant questions never asked and answered by Imus, like so many others, cowers in fear of the Jews media and the Jewish government.

Here, at the Church of the Creator, we have no fear.  We will continue to call a spade, a spade (and a kike, a kike) because we can.  Because the truth, though often racial, is never racist.  Because you, our supporter members and reverends, expect the truth from your Church and this web site.  AND we speak the truth because the truth - our truth - will set you free.  RaHoWa !!!  It's  great day to be White !!
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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Abortion: Ending the Debate

3rd September 34 A.C.

In every election cycle we see the Abortion debate renewed. It is time to break the pattern and end the debate. This is, and always has been a very private matter.
    Politicians and Demagogues began this debate, that much is clear. The flames are fanned by those hoping to build or maintain constituencies while lives are being lost.     

Clearly the debate should have never begun. Clearly it should not exist today: A real and permanent solution has always been and remains close at hand.
    In a word the solution is privacy, We need a law or laws requiring lengthy mandatory prison sentences for any person revealing medical information to any other person, any group, organization, business entity or governmental agency without the specific written authorization of the patient. Such a law or laws would also make it a felony (with mandatory sentences) to attempt to obtain, obtain or possess any unauthorized release of medical information with no person having immunity from criminal and civil liability.
    And so, that would be it. No bullets. No bombs. No pickets. No protests. Just privacy and peace.
    All that stands in the way are those that speak the longest and the loudest–the politicians and the demagogues. We must demand their silence. We must demand privacy and an end to a debate that should never have begun.
Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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The Word holocaust: A New Strategy for White Victory

15th November 34 A.C.

    We have, in many places, triumphed in the debate.  We have pointed out the many lies.  We have noted the total absence of proof.  Moreover, we have said "if any doubt remains, consider the source".  And yet, despite our best efforts, the lie remains; the hoax continues to be promoted by governments and media the world over - even to this day, nonsensical as it is.

Recently, here in our prison chapel, we had "inter-denominational services".  Of course, this too was nonsense.  It was all about Jewish-Christianity.  There was even a token kike among the so-called volunteers.  Stereotypical in all regards, his name was Sol Rabinowitz.

Like a talking frog, he told us that he was against intolerance - he said,'he knew about intolerance...'. He literally said "... all seven of my grandparents perished in the ovens of Auschwitz".

I alone spoke up.

"SEVEN?  Seven grandparents ?  How's that work, Sol ?"

What followed was a drowning series of remarks about his "extended family" in which aunts and uncles are apparently counted as grandparents.

Then, perhaps unwisely, I said, "OK, what about the ovens, Sol?" [It was at this point, I was asked to leave]

Later, I was accused by fellow inmates of having been insensitive.  It was hopeless to point out that "ovens" were not seriously proposed as a means of execution by anyone [with the exception of Sol Rabinowitz].

As I explained to my fellow Whites that cremation (that is, use of "ovens") is common place even today, as an alternative to burial.  I could feel my audience slipping away.

Such is the inexplicable desire to believe anyone and believe anything when it comes to this so-called holocaust.

And, realizing this, I was angry, not for hours, but for days ....


As my anger subsided, I thought deeply - "How can we fight this ?".  Subsequent events provided an answer.


Just  a few days ago, inmates here were found to have spit in supposedly clean drink cups.  Later, some servings of food were found to have been literally poisoned with a chemical disinfectant.

In the aftermath, I noted that many inmates were "writing it up".  I termed it "a Holocaust of grievances".

Of course, staff bitching and reprisals were expected.  But, surprisingly, in this instance, there were no reprisals and the only real bitching was by an inmate.

Apparently a stealth kike, the inmate loudly objected to my use of the word holocaust, as an ordinary (lower case) noun.

Continuing, strident and unexpected, the complaint regarding usage quickly became a real eye-opener.  An "ah-hah" moment.

I had never before realized how desperately Jews covet exclusive use of this word; how central the word itself is in promoting their lies - in furtherance of the 60 year old scheme to turn undeserved sympathy into unearned income.

But, now, the weakness is known and thus a new strategy has emerged.


To us here at Church of the Creator, it seems obvious that we should use the word holocaust as often as possible, to diminish and ultimately extinguish its shock value and its supposed link to WWII era events.

Yes, holocaust [with a lower case "h"] is just a word.  Meaning "numerous", but of relatively minor significance, it's a word we must begin to use daily.  Perhaps, particularly the word should be used to describe current events in a creative way.


I have described the convictions of White House insiders, Jack Abramoff and Irving Libby, as .... "A holocaust of Jewish corruption".

I have described the claim of Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction"and denials of "torture" as .... "A holocaust of lies".

It rained yesterday; today, I proclaimed it .... "A holocaust of gnats!".

I'm just getting used to this myself.  But I see the Jew wince every time I do it.  I foresee widespread usage, leading to long term success.  I see future generations of White children, disputing use of the word in the fact of weakened propaganda.  Yes, I see VICTORY RAHOWA  !! 

With or without any holocaust ....

Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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Jew Control of America Exposed : Following the Money

12th January 35 A.C.

We begin by stating the obvious. It is the U.S. government that helped create and continues to support the largely segregated Jewish nation of Israel. The support in question now exceeds 8 BILLION dollars annually and no nation receives more. Yet Israel is a tiny nation and not at all impoverished as any other nations are. More importantly Israel is a nation whose racist policies make apartheid-era South Africa appear benevolent. By comparison, to be blunt, U.S. aid to Israel is unneeded and entirely undeserved (by rights, the nation should probably be under UN sanction).

Further analysis shows that support of Israel is actually counter to U.S. political, economic and strategic interests. One obvious point is that support of Israel, a nation with no oil to speak of, angers the many Islamic nations whose oil America depends on. As the old saw goes, it seems obvious that the U.S. is cutting off its nose to spite its face.

Not surprisingly, every survey of the U.S. voting public shows that citizens are overwhelmingly opposed to U.S. aid to Israel, regardless of the amount.

And yet, not a single U.S. Senator, Member of the House or President, has ever mounted a serious effort to discontinue Israeli aid - and none ever will. The fact is this - Jews have purchased the silence of every U.S. politician and both major political parties as well - all bought and paid for by and through a secretive and slimy billion dollar lobbying organization called AIPAC - the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee.

Here at the Church of the Creator, we call Jewish lobbying bribery. We call it extortion when those who hesitate to take Jew bribes are threatened with financial ruin. Finally, we call acceptance of Jew-Israeli money corruption. We call it cowardice and we call it treason. By and through this treason, wrong as it is, Jews control America. Always have, always will, so long as Jews remain.

We at COTC are proud to say that we are working towards a solution - a final solution.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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USA Politics and Race - All About Osama Obama

6th March 35 A.C.

Primaries, caucuses, conventions, nominations, the general election and inauguration.  One thing is certain : In early 2009, the George W. Bush era will finally come to an end, for better or for worse.

We note that many say that with a new president, Americans can do no worse.  We are not so sure.  For we also note that half-breed negro Barack Obama is still among the candidates. His race and his reputation lead us to fear the worst.

* * * * *

Lest we be accused of being racist we note that Obama's bi-racial background and other matters that we will raise here have been covered extensively both in the campaign itself and in the media.  Yet, we think all have missed the key points, perhaps intentionally.

In the 28th January, 2008 issue of "Time", for example, black Harvard University professor, Randall Kennedy, asked - as many others have - whether Obama is "black enough" to appeal to black voters.

This "black enough" phrase is like some sort of dirty masonic code.

When decoded it is an admission by blacks and even by liberal race traitors - they know what all of us should know - black voters are racists that intend to vote for Obama (or anyone) they deem to be "black enough.

But how can Obama ever be "black enough" ?  Perhaps he will be viewed as "black enough" because he isn't clearly white, as are his opponents Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and others.

But let us be clear on this :

Obama's father is a black [Islamic] African; his mother is white - a race traitor perhaps, but white.  Not mulatto, not quadroon, octaroon dusky caste or even high yellow.  She is White.

But as a matter of political expediency that we call PURE SLIME Obama has chosen to portray himself as black

* * * * *

Again, let us be clear on this:

Obama's black African father came to America, mated with a White woman, and returned to Africa, leaving the White woman to raise the half-breed offspring alone.

This is a typical black racial conduct - genetic in root cause, it is true the world over as it is in America.  Male parental neglect and abandonment. - Our View - A man not responsible enough to raise his own children is irresponsible to the very core.

This is the type of man Obama is
This is the type of man Obama wants to be. Black and irresponsible - like his father.

* * * * *

Yes, adopting the race of his father in an attempt to corner the black vote is slimyAnd yet, slimy as it is, there is an aspect 100 times more slimy! Slimy enough to make you sick.  We come to that next.

As we noted earlier, Barack Obama was abandoned by his black father.  Obama was, in fact, raised entirely by Whites - his white mother (with notable involvement of his White grandparents)

Thus, Obama's decision to portray himself as black (to be "black enough" for the black voters) is a slimy slap in the face to his mother and his grandparents who bore the burden of raising him.

There is no greater dishonor - period

* * * * *

Despite having lived in diverse locales in his youth (including Indonesia and Hawaii), Obama's background is most like that of the White upper middle class children of that era.  Throughout his high school years that is a notion that Obama steadily sought to reinforce.  It's all there in a nutshell and plain to see in his oft published high school year book photo - he called himself "Barry".  Barry Obama - the Almost White Kid.

* * * * *

Then it was off to college for "Barry".  He didn't go to Howard University or any other of the historically black universities.  Oh no, for Barry Obama, it was Columbia, then Harvard law !  Ivy League all the way.  The ultimate bastions of White snobbery where Barry again sought to fit in, admittedly by "doing a little blow" (illegal and reckless, perhaps this was Barry being a little too black, like his father, a heavy drinker who died young in a fiery auto crash).

Regardless, it was still "Barry", the Almost White Kid, throughout his college years.

* * * * *

Well, we mock Obama for calling himself Barry, it's true.  But what's in a name ?  Actually, quite a lot.

* * * * *

Barry's real full name is Barack Hussein Obama.  Consider how closely the name resembles that of America's most hated enemies :

Saddam Hussein + Osama bin Laden = Barack Hussein Obama. To make our feelings clear on this, we call him Osama Obama.

* * * * *

Finally we note that to overcome the implicit Islamic ties and his former "white enough" stance Obama now has Oprah Winfrey by his side, on the campaign trail.

Funny in a way.

Consider the name "Oprah".

Her mother intended to name her Orpah, after a character from the Old Testament.  Q. What kind of person gets the name of her own child wrong ?  A. The mother of the endorser chosen by Obama.

* * * * *

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, they say.

Will Barack Hussein Obama , the man who has lately chosen to be black like his father, someday also choose to be Islamic like his father ?  Will he turn his back on the USA, the nation he seeks to lead, the way he has turned his back on the White Family that raised him ?  We cannot know but his reputation leads us to fear the worst.

Of course, to us, his election as US President would be the darkest day in recent world history - perhaps the beginning of the end.

But, in a way, it doesn't matter: if he is not elected this time, he will continue in politics - Osama Obama is not going away.

Let us make this last point most clear : Osama Obama is not going away unless or until we recognize that this slimy shape-shifter is not white enough, not black enough and not man enough to be worthy of our respect - or the vote of anyone white or black.
  Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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Discover Magazine - Letter to the Editor

18th May 35 A.C.


Letters to the Editor

90 Fifth Avenue

New York, New York, 10011

Dear Discover,

I am writing in regard to your June article, profiling renowned biologist, Dr Peter Duesberg.  Your writer noted that the good doctor "repeatedly refers to gay people as homos and blacks as schwartzes".  ironic as it may be, it appears that yours is the inappropriate racial commentary.

Homosexual (Homo for short) is the technically correct terminology as opposed to "gay" which is far more a fashion than a description.  Furthermore, in discussing people whose own reckless behavior made them sick (and who expect others to help pay the bill for research and treatment) use of the term "homos", even if derisive, is still probably more respect than is deserved.

As for "schwartzes", the word is German - as is Duesberg - and literally means "blacks", precisely the term you propose as proper in English.  Your cultural ignorance is showing.

For your information, the more common term for "blacks" in German is "neger".  Had Duesberg used this term, we would nevertheless again consider the proper degree respect due - addressing a race characteristics by abject failure, criminality indolence and immorality.

The question of whether black failure is based on genetic limits of capacity or environment may still be a topic among left leaning pseudo-scientists, others ask "Where is the racism and oppression within racially homogeneous indigenous African areas where they remain in a pre-Stone Age state of development - and but for White colonial influence are not for far removed from eating their own young for food ?"

Duesberg (and Watson) are true pioneering geniuses in cancer research and DNA sequencing.  Perhaps impolite, they speak the truth.  Your readers must ask why Discover and so many others lack similar courage.  We must also recognize that your quibbling criticism make the work of these geniuses doubly difficult perhaps delaying cures that may be of benefit to all, both black and White.

George David Loeb, Jr


Tomoka Correctional Institution

3950 Tiger Bay Road

Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124

  Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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John Walsh and America's Most Wanted Termed Frauds

13th July 35 A.C.

I called a friend and asked how he was doing.  "Better than you", he said.  He went on to explain how I had been on America's Most wanted, shown supposedly killing a black US Navy sailor for no reason - the implication being that the motive had been racial.

And so I inquired further about the so-called re-enactment.

Was there mention of the prior traffic related argument ?  Did it show that the decedent, Harold Mansfield, had gone to his home and returned with an accomplice ?  Did they mention the brick and the threat to smash my head in ?

"No, no, no", my friend said, "nothing like that.  Just showed him pulling up and you capping him when he got out of the car."

I asked my friend to call the John Walsh Tip Line to set the record straight.

I was in less than a week later watching television when the next episode of America's Most Wanted aired.

"Captured" was the key word accompanying my photo.  Yet John Walsh was careful to explain that his show had nothing to do with my arrest.  What Walsh could not explain was why the initial re-enactment had been inaccurate and why it was left to "viewers calls" to indicate "Loeb might have been threatened with a brick at the time of the shooting."

To me, there was nothing to explain.  I had always suspected America's Most Wanted and John Walsh of being throughly dishonest in what they presented as fact.

First and most obvious was the occasional profiling of those supposedly wanted on relatively minor charges.

They wouldn't be shown on America's Most Wanted unless they were actually wanted for for more serious offenses.  It is as simple as that.

Equally obvious was that re-enactments in the more serious cases routinely omitted facts and circumstances that might explain and excuse the wanted individual.

Even the reason why was obvious.

The sole purpose of America's Most Wanted is to get friends and family of the so-called suspects to snitch, where they would never do so if the truth were told.

It all seemed so obvious, and yet I don't know for sure.  Now, as a victim myself, I have my proof.  John Walsh and America's Most Wanted together are frauds.

In my case, police and prosecutors knew beyond a doubt that I had been attacked.  Witness statements had been collected, the brick itself had been taken into evidence.  The same police and prosecutors were on hand when America's Most Wanted filmed the re-enactment.  And yet the re-enactment showed no threat, no attack and no brick.  Under the circumstances, there can be no excuse.  What John Walsh is doing is intentional.  It's all about John Walsh being able to say he's had another "scumbag" captured.  It's all about him.  His show.  His ego.  And, thus, America's Most Wanted's lies are his lies.

Maybe the lies would be more palatable if John Walsh was not quite so sanctimonious, not so miserably hateful.  Some will say that John Walsh has his reasons.  Nearly thirty years ago, his son was kidnapped and brutally murdered.  But I remember John Wash from those earlier days.  When he spoke before Congress about missing and exploited children, I saw him as grieving but also as being miserable and hateful, as if he had been that way all along.

Regardless, John Walsh told Congress and he's told the public ever since that what he does is not a matter of hate - just him doing his part to preserve his vision of America.

Well, my vision of America includes a vision of justice, which is to say "justice for all".

John Walsh knows that his show made me appear guilty before the entire nation.  He knows that what was shown on America's Most Wanted was a fraud.  But John Walsh has never lifted one finger to right the wrong done because John Walsh is not interested in justice.  He doesn't care about the innocent lives he ruins.  he cares only about himself. And it is for that reason, more than any other, that John Walsh has been and always will be a fraud.

  Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
Title: George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication
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Lay Down With Dogs ... Wake Up With ... AIDS

November 35 A.C.

We shouldn't have to tell anyone anything.  A genetically healthy White person is simply not physically attracted to members of other races.  Anyway, most Whites are in fact sickened and repulsed by the very sight (and smell) of a nigger (or Jew).  Sickened by the gook and Mexican, too.

Of course, all good White parents re-inforce the genetic predisposition to mate only within our race, by teaching that racial loyalty is an all important virtue.

Finally, a sense of racial community draws a line in the sand, enough even to compensate for genetic weakness and racially negligent parenting.

The niggers had a saying : "Once they go black, they never go back".

We had a saying of our own : "Once they go black, they can't come back."  "Polite" people said race-mixing was "taboo".  WE said then as we do now - the only thing worse than a nigger is a nigger lover !  It is a mindset that serves us well.

Thirty-five years ago, Ben Klassen, Founder of Church of the Creator, pointed out that the races of this world are in competition - competing for scarce resources and, indeed, for the very world itself.  Yet, even today it seems that the White Race is the only one that isn't competing in an organized way.  That fact changes nothing.  Other races are competing.  They are organizing and they're winning.

Certainly the niggers have had their organizations for their own interests for years, as well. by speaking before their Assemblies, a succession of US presidents and candidates have served to legitimize these clearly racist organizations such as The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.  By the name itself, it's clear that they are not here to help us but only to help themselves.  They are competing and organizing ... In that, it is clear the niggers are our enemy.

A failure of genetics, parenting neglect and poor racial community all notwithstanding, they call it racial treason for a reason.  It is "sleeping with the enemy" and surely it should have its consequences near term.  But we can now wait because the wages of racial sin is death, by and by thanks to a gift of nature.  The gift is called AIDS and the statistics speak for themselves.

Consider 2006, the most recent year for which CDC statistics are available.  Among new case patients, 45% were Negro, 17% were Hispanic non-Whites, 3% were "other" (including Asians, Indians and alike).  Thus, just 17% were White.

Factoring out the ankle grabbing queers and needle-using dope heads, we find that nearly 90% of all White heterosexuals getting AIDS contracted it through racial treason. They sleep with niggers and/or "others" (or with someone White who does) and the stage is set.

The racial breakdown for venereal disease has been remarkably consistent - from disease-to-disease and from generation-to-generation.  It was true of syphyllis and of gonhorrhea.  It is true with herpes and genital warts - the niggers are infected (in fact, infested) with disease ...

... Even a hundred years ago, it gave rise to an expression - Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

Well, no doubt race mixing and fleas make us sick.  But today we have AIDS and it will make you dead.  If anyone ever, sadly, needed a reason to avoid race-mixing, this is it.  So, practice racial loyalty or  ....


[Rev. Loeb is White because his parents practiced racial loyalty.  Rev. Loeb is healthy because he too practices racial loyalty.  RAHOWA!  White Children bringing us victory.]
  Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
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How's This For Hypocrisy!

December 35 A.C.

In 1994, the State of Florida, State Senator W.D. Childers, Pensacola Attorney Fred Levin and Governor Lawton Chiles drew up legislation that led to the State's civil action against American tobacco companies.  The case, in turn, led to a 13 BILLION [U.S.] DOLLAR SETTLEMENT!

AND YET, to this day, the State of Florida continues to tax and profit from tobacco sold to the state's 99,000 inmates.

It is rumored that the practice will soon end.  Even so, it will not erase the stain of hypocrisy that has for 14 years undermined respect for government in general, and sullied the reputation of this once great State.

In the interest of full disclosure, we now note what has become of those involved in Florida's suit against the tobacco companies:

- Fred Levin received 250 million [U.S.] dollars in legal fee for his work

- W.D. Childers is in prison in an unrelated bribery case, and

- Lawton Chiles is deceased.*

*{As Florida Governor, Lawton Chiles appointed State Attorney Harry Shorstein who prosecuted the case against Rev George Loeb.  Loebs claims regarding misconduct committed during his trial will appear later on this site.

  Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
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Why There Was No Fight

The George Loeb Case And Your Questions Answered

February 36 A.C.

I have always encouraged people to ask questions regarding my case.  Lately, some of the questions have been more in the form of an accusation.  I am compelled to answer for myself, as a representative of the Church of the Creator and for all who have doubt without understanding the reasons why.

One lady wrote and said "Why didn't you get out of your car and fight?". 

As the question attacks my character and courage, I will answer IT before all others.

In regard to the issue, "to fight or not to fight", let me begin by saying that I was under no obligation, of law or honor, to engage in hand-to-hand combat against two homicidal niggers, one of which was wielding a brick.  This was particularly true as I was with my wife, potentially the next victim, had I been killed or beaten, perhaps reduced to a blithering idiot by the niggers as was Reginald Denny.  Dead or brain-dead "heroes" don't do much for us in any case.  If it happens - so be it - RAHOWA, Hail the Hero.  But, as for me, (a White man and a representative of my Church), given a chance I would in all cases reject suicidal hot-headed combat in favor of thinking first and winning - winning big where possible.  It's not just a matter of policy, it's a matter of common sense

The decedent, Harold mansfield, had gone home and returned with an accomplice [and a brick].  I certainly did not owe him an honorable combat.  Even if I had killed him and  his accomplice outright, upon their approach, I would not have felt wrong. (Their intent was already apparent)  I question the White Racial heart (and sanity) of those who disagree.

And yet, the facts in my case are far more consistent with honor than the bare minimum of "better safe, than sorry".  I clarify it further, below, as a challenge to all the doubters.

Yes, I was with my wife.  Yes, there were two niggers.  Yes, one had a brick.  And, yes, both of them were considerably younger than I was.

I WANT EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND - NONE OF THAT MATTERED AT ALL, for, under the  circumstances, to fight or not to fight, was never a matter of choice!

Harold Mansfield had returned to the scene.  His car was taking a wide turn through the parking lot.  I could see that he was no longer alone - he had gone to get a friend.  It seemed entirely reasonable to believe that he had gone to get a gun as well.  At some point, I told my wife to open the glove compartment where she kept her .25.  Mansfield's car came to an abrupt halt alongside us.  We struggled with the keys and balky lock.  Mansfield was coming forward - yelling - saying he was going to smash my head in.

When I finally got the gun in hand, separating it from the holster, I saw Mansfield just 3 or 4 feet away, brick held high like a football - and I fired.

There had been no decision, and no time to fight.  No opportunity for a warning shot.  No opportunity to shoot to wound.  Just circumstances such that I am neither hero nor coward.  Merely a man, and a survivor.

I hope this will serve to answer the first of your many questions.  Other pointed or frequently asked questions and similar straight-forward answers will appear here soon.  Please do keep asking.  I am in a unique position for I truly have nothing to hide.

And if the questions are asked in the form of an accusation, even by our own people, so be it.  I will continue as I have, supporting all honorable White Racial causes, and particularly promoting what I believe to be the one true path to victory, Creativity. RaHoWa!

CREATORS - the few truly working for White Survival.

Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
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Their Greatest Leaders: Only Three-Fifths Of What They Ought To Be

April 36 A.C.

 About a month ago, a letter the the editor appeared in USA Today, authored by Bobby Rush, a Negro and a member of the United States House of Representatives (representing the people of Illinois).

In his letter, Rush condemned racist as having once counted his black ancestral brothers and sisters as three fifths of a person - perhaps less than human and perhaps rightfully so in one view, but in the view of history, Bobby Rush is entirely wrong.

We, as White Racial Activists, have been over this point time and time again but now for the first time, we make this point here at QCOTC.

In the US, it was the Republican Party (yes, the REPUBLICAN party) that was formed to end slavery.  The year was 1850 [The issue wasn't slavery, per se.  Far from altruistic, the Republicans were Northern farmers and factory owners who saw slavery as an unfair labor advantage enjoyed by their Southern competitors].

Then came the Civil War.

When it was over, it was pro-slavery, and presumably racist Southern politicians who wanted freed slaves to count as one person [so that the South would have a greater number of representatives in Congress; as member of the House are alotted based on a state's population].

Thus, it was the anti-slavery and presumably racist Northern politicians who wanted the freed slaves to count as zero -  as a non-person.

The three-fifths compromise that followed was driven, not by racists, but by the liberals of the time.

A present day Member of the House of Representatives, and black, Bobby Rush surely should know the facts regarding the three-fifths compromise.  Yet, the proof is there in his own words - he is either shockingly ignorant or he is a shameless liar stirring racial hatred - and based on something that happened more than 150 years ago.

In a day and age when Obama is president and Bobby Rush can be a member of the House, there is no basis for black political racism, and no excuse.  Shame on Bobby Rush - he is perhaps what the people of Illinois have come to expect, but just three-fifths of what they deserve.

And with enough blame to go around - shame on USA Today for printing the race-baiting lies of Bobby Rush, without comment or correction !

In the face of black racist lies and liars, and in the face of the Jewish mass media support for such scum, we are here at the Church of the Creator to set the record straight.

An informed White Race is a powerful, invincible force !  Truth is our first weapon of choice. RAHOWA !

Help us keep our enemies accountable.  Keep this site on-line, as it should be.  Make your donation today in these tough times whatever you can spare is appreciated.
  Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32124, USA.
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Rev. Loeb has about 35 Creators who write to him regularly, I am one of them.  In his latest letter to me, he enclosed a letter exhorting all Creators to do more street activism. 

My eyes are not what they used to be and with my slow typing skills, I have only finished transcribing half of the letter so far.  In the gallery, are four webcam shots of the envelop, first page, and a part of the second page.

Rev. Loeb is hearing good things about you guys in the Creativity Alliance - that is why I joined the forum.  Thought you all would appreciate the following letter: 
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Rev. George Loeb has high hopes for the Creaivity Alliance, the key, as he points out several times is to get out there and recruit!

Here is the letter:

Recruiting Toward a Whiter, Brighter World

Reverend George Loeb, Jr.

July 2, 2009

In the past several years we have been presented with golden opportunities where the issues were ready made.  We had the chance in one instance to polarize the White Community with the campaign of Obama.  We had the chance to publicize the Jewish root cause with this current recession.

And we did nothing.

We were disorganized, progressively fewer in number and nearly to a man, inactive.  It is a consequence of (and not coincidental to) an absence of an identifiable public leader.

On one hand, there have been the apologists and the stone throwers.  They made excuses for those that failed to lead and reserved to vile insult directed to those who expressed well intended frustration.

On the other hand we have seen activists hoping for a better day at TCM, forced to go it alone and forming new alliances for recruiting and activism.  It is in the highest tradition of Creativity – it is good for the White Race – and rather than being divisive, it is a form of unity as well, uniting with those that can and do promote the Church, and separating from those who can’t and don’t.

The sad part is that out of some misguided contest of loyalty, a few good people will stay with the crowd best known for idleness.  The goodness of these good people is smothered and sullied in a sea of poseurs and hobbyists.

As many now know, two new groups have emerged.  Mike Todd’s Ecclesia Creators, born from the prison ministries, puts the Creed and Program in its rightful place (where it has been neglected by others).  The other group is Cailen Cambeul’s Creativity Alliance, through his website, is bringing people together world-wide, re-uniting Reverends and members who have been forgotten by prior groups.  

So it seems that we are beginning again.  The first step as always is recruitment.

A well organized and venerable church with a stable, relatively high number of veteran leaders could think in terms of mass recruiting.  The idea being that 50,000 would sound strong and be strong even if 45,000 were more brawn then brain.  They could be led, and we could lead them.

Today, however, it is imperative that we recruit in terms of quality rather than quantity.  We need stable persons.  With skills and education, young men with serious potential…and yes the few real ex-cons who have changed their lives through Creativity.  In short we need professional Creators, as opposed to those who are thugs that aspire to be nothing more.

A sound Church of activist White Racial professionals will still attract the thugs.  That is as it should be.  But a church of thugs will attract no professionals.  That is just a statement of fact.

So there it is my Creative challenge to you all.  The question is how can you present yourself and represent our Church in a way that is acceptable and attractive to the people that we need most.  We will need to upgrade our personal appearances.  Frequent better neighborhoods, even mold our way of speaking to the language of the colleges and universities, leaving behind the language of the factories and warehouses.

Some of us may have to actually step inside the bastions of jewish communism to take courses, to do battle on the front lines where opinion makers are created.

Who will be our first commercial airline pilot?  Who will be our first accountant?  Maybe it will be you.  But then again maybe it will be the man or woman you recruited, that will be a measure of your success.  In our experience, activism and recruiting go hand in hand.  Thus we strongly encourage activism, which we view as fun and easy.

Five thousand brightly colored business cards and 1,000 brightly colored half faced flyers (with a smart, but controversial subject matter, can be enough to stir an entire community).  Distribute them in any major college campus and see….just see what can be accomplished for a minimal investment.

Will it create media interest, multiplying the effect?  Will it create debate where little usually exists?  And will it, perhaps, attract on lonely stand-up White man drowning in a cesspool of race-mixing Marxism?  If so, you have saved a life!

That is victory – that’s Rahowa, in action!

Have ideas?  Send them.
Have success?  Tell us about it here!  We eagerly await.  And please that any contribution to our cause is appreciated.


Rev. George Loeb    COTC since 1989.

Rev. George Loeb is a relentless street activist.  He hopes to one day, rejoin us on the front lines.  The sooner the better.  RAHOWA!
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Dr. William Pierce addressed Rev. Loeb's injustice years ago here: http://natvan.com/free-speech/fs9510b.html

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"...In May 1991 a young White man, George Loeb, and his wife drove into a supermarket parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, to buy groceries. As they entered the parking lot a car driven by a Black male almost struck their car. The two drivers exchanged angry insults, with the Black calling Mr. Loeb a cracker and a honkie. Then the Black drove off, and the Loebs did their shopping. They had bought their groceries, were back in their car, and were ready to go home when the Black returned -- this time with another Black male and a brick. The Black got out of his car and advanced toward the Loebs' car with the brick in his hand. He announced loudly to Loeb, I'm gonna smash your motherf--ing head in.

"As the Black approached, Loeb responded by tearing open the glove compartment of his car, seizing a pistol his wife kept there for her protection, and firing two shots at the Black, killing him. Loeb was arrested and put on trial. At the trial both the defense witnesses and the prosecution witnesses recounted nearly the same sequence of events. The prosecution witnesses -- the slain Black's friend and a White woman who had been in the parking lot -- both admitted that the slain Black had threatened to smash Mr. Loeb's head with the brick he carried. They claimed, however, that he had dropped his brick just before he was shot, whereas the defense witnesses said that he still had the brick in his hand when he was struck by the bullets.

"The key to the outcome of the trial, however, was the charge made against Mr. Loeb by the Jewish prosecutor that he was a White racist. The prosecutor introduced into evidence books and personal letters seized in the Loebs' residence, indicating that Mr. Loeb strongly disliked Blacks and believed that they should be sent back to Africa. Mr. Loeb was then convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison.

"Does that sound incredible? A conviction for premeditated murder, when the shooting clearly was neither murder nor premeditated but instead was an act of self-defense? Life in prison for a family man, a university graduate with a stable marriage who had never been in trouble with the law and was merely defending himself and his wife against an armed attacker? Does that sound like American justice?

"I must admit that when I first heard the story about George Loeb's conviction, I didn't believe it either. I thought that I was hearing a biased, exaggerated account of what had happened, that surely Mr. Loeb had done something which justified his conviction and the sentence which was imposed on him. So I obtained a videotape of the trial and viewed it for myself. You can do the same if you want. The complete video record of the trial -- which, by the way, lasted only 30 hours, because, unlike O.J. Simpson, that's all the justice Mr. Loeb could afford to buy -- the complete video record is available from the Courtroom Television Network, 600 Third Avenue, in New York City. It is an astounding record -- and horrifying -- and terribly depressing.

"Before I saw that video I didn't believe something like that could happen in the United States..."

I had watched Rev. Loeb's entire disreputable trial on COURT-TV. I told Dr. Pierce about it and informed him as to how he could order a video of the trial, which he did. His visceral reaction to the miscarriage of "justice" was as every Creator's -- every racially-conscious White person with any self-respect -- should be: INDIGNANT, RIGHTEOUS WHITE RAGE!
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All information available at the Creativity Alliance Legal Portal: http://rahowanow.com/crime-loeb.htm
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Illegal Immigration in America: Toward Common Sense Solutions

August 36 A.C.

 It is no secret that the economy has soured here.  If for that reason alone, the US should act now to free itself from the burden of illegal immigrants.

Make no mistake.  Illegal immigrants do take jobs from law abiding American citizens.  That is only part of the problem.

A widely overlooked aspect involves billions of dollars sent "home" by these illegals.  That's money that's not coming back, at a time when we need to keep our wages here, to spur growth in sales, if not production.

And, of course, most illegals pay no taxes.  Yet, their very presence here is a burden.  They use our highways but pay nothing towards their upkeep, for example.

They also receive billions in unseen benefits.  When they are injured or sick, they are treated in our hospitals and they rarely pay the bill, for yet another example.

Worst of all the costs incurred and the benefits received come at the expense o the citizens who, unlike the illegals, do pay taxes.  We pay too much because of them.

Likewise, we, as citizens, find that less benefits are available to us because of the illegal presence, of some 10 million merry Mexican criminals.

Some say that there are too many; that they can't be all found, rounded up and deported.  We strongly disagree.  It's merely a matter of political will power.  Nevertheless, we realize that a round up would be a daunting task.  We wonder why common sense measures that would encourage illegals to return home of their own violition are not employed first.

The proposition is simple.

As we continue to build the border barrier, we need legislation that will forever ban legal immigration for anyone caught here having entered the country illegally.

Another method would be to require proof of legal residency in order to send money out of the country via wire transmission.  A law making it a felony for illegals to attempot to do so. an d a felony for anyone to facilitate such a transaction, or act as a sender might not solve the problem but it would be a deterrant, reducing significantly the outflow of American wealth.

These simple proposals might not solve the illegal immigration problem at once.  It would over time, however, reduce the number of persons we must round-up and deport.

Addressing this problem is a necessity.  It should begin at once with simple common sense measures that encourage voluntary compliance with US immigration laws.

The economy has soured.  For that reason alone, the US should act now to free itself of the burden of illegal immigrants.

Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, 5850 East Milton Road, Milton, Florida, 32583, USA.