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George David Loeb: Internet Messages For Publication

Started by Sinn, Thu 26 Feb 2009

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Dr. William Pierce addressed Rev. Loeb's injustice years ago here:

Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina, and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.


"...In May 1991 a young White man, George Loeb, and his wife drove into a supermarket parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, to buy groceries. As they entered the parking lot a car driven by a Black male almost struck their car. The two drivers exchanged angry insults, with the Black calling Mr. Loeb a cracker and a honkie. Then the Black drove off, and the Loebs did their shopping. They had bought their groceries, were back in their car, and were ready to go home when the Black returned -- this time with another Black male and a brick. The Black got out of his car and advanced toward the Loebs' car with the brick in his hand. He announced loudly to Loeb, I'm gonna smash your motherf--ing head in.

"As the Black approached, Loeb responded by tearing open the glove compartment of his car, seizing a pistol his wife kept there for her protection, and firing two shots at the Black, killing him. Loeb was arrested and put on trial. At the trial both the defense witnesses and the prosecution witnesses recounted nearly the same sequence of events. The prosecution witnesses -- the slain Black's friend and a White woman who had been in the parking lot -- both admitted that the slain Black had threatened to smash Mr. Loeb's head with the brick he carried. They claimed, however, that he had dropped his brick just before he was shot, whereas the defense witnesses said that he still had the brick in his hand when he was struck by the bullets.

"The key to the outcome of the trial, however, was the charge made against Mr. Loeb by the Jewish prosecutor that he was a White racist. The prosecutor introduced into evidence books and personal letters seized in the Loebs' residence, indicating that Mr. Loeb strongly disliked Blacks and believed that they should be sent back to Africa. Mr. Loeb was then convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison.

"Does that sound incredible? A conviction for premeditated murder, when the shooting clearly was neither murder nor premeditated but instead was an act of self-defense? Life in prison for a family man, a university graduate with a stable marriage who had never been in trouble with the law and was merely defending himself and his wife against an armed attacker? Does that sound like American justice?

"I must admit that when I first heard the story about George Loeb's conviction, I didn't believe it either. I thought that I was hearing a biased, exaggerated account of what had happened, that surely Mr. Loeb had done something which justified his conviction and the sentence which was imposed on him. So I obtained a videotape of the trial and viewed it for myself. You can do the same if you want. The complete video record of the trial -- which, by the way, lasted only 30 hours, because, unlike O.J. Simpson, that's all the justice Mr. Loeb could afford to buy -- the complete video record is available from the Courtroom Television Network, 600 Third Avenue, in New York City. It is an astounding record -- and horrifying -- and terribly depressing.

"Before I saw that video I didn't believe something like that could happen in the United States..."

I had watched Rev. Loeb's entire disreputable trial on COURT-TV. I told Dr. Pierce about it and informed him as to how he could order a video of the trial, which he did. His visceral reaction to the miscarriage of "justice" was as every Creator's -- every racially-conscious White person with any self-respect -- should be: INDIGNANT, RIGHTEOUS WHITE RAGE!
Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina, and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.


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Illegal Immigration in America: Toward Common Sense Solutions

August 36 A.C.

It is no secret that the economy has soured here.  If for that reason alone, the US should act now to free itself from the burden of illegal immigrants.

Make no mistake.  Illegal immigrants do take jobs from law abiding American citizens.  That is only part of the problem.

A widely overlooked aspect involves billions of dollars sent "home" by these illegals.  That's money that's not coming back, at a time when we need to keep our wages here, to spur growth in sales, if not production.

And, of course, most illegals pay no taxes.  Yet, their very presence here is a burden.  They use our highways but pay nothing towards their upkeep, for example.

They also receive billions in unseen benefits.  When they are injured or sick, they are treated in our hospitals and they rarely pay the bill, for yet another example.

Worst of all the costs incurred and the benefits received come at the expense o the citizens who, unlike the illegals, do pay taxes.  We pay too much because of them.

Likewise, we, as citizens, find that less benefits are available to us because of the illegal presence, of some 10 million merry Mexican criminals.

Some say that there are too many; that they can't be all found, rounded up and deported.  We strongly disagree.  It's merely a matter of political will power.  Nevertheless, we realize that a round up would be a daunting task.  We wonder why common sense measures that would encourage illegals to return home of their own violition are not employed first.

The proposition is simple.

As we continue to build the border barrier, we need legislation that will forever ban legal immigration for anyone caught here having entered the country illegally.

Another method would be to require proof of legal residency in order to send money out of the country via wire transmission.  A law making it a felony for illegals to attempot to do so. an d a felony for anyone to facilitate such a transaction, or act as a sender might not solve the problem but it would be a deterrant, reducing significantly the outflow of American wealth.

These simple proposals might not solve the illegal immigration problem at once.  It would over time, however, reduce the number of persons we must round-up and deport.

Addressing this problem is a necessity.  It should begin at once with simple common sense measures that encourage voluntary compliance with US immigration laws.

The economy has soured.  For that reason alone, the US should act now to free itself of the burden of illegal immigrants.

Want to talk to Rev. George about his comments ??  Please feel free to contact him: George David Loeb, Jr #292124, Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, 5850 East Milton Road, Milton, Florida, 32583, USA.

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