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Author Topic: Fake Creators: Creativity Prison Movement Attacks CA & Rev.Masten

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For the Creativity Alliance - Church of Creativity Prison Ministries - see

Admin Note: The Church of Creativity Prison Ministries has no affiliation with other groups outside the Creativity Alliance that claim the title of Creator.

Fake Creators: Creativity Prison Movement Attacks the Creativity Alliance & Rev.Masten Personally

Why? Because we exist. No other reason.

Quote from: Private
My Fellow Creators, It has come to my attention that Stephen Masten has resurfaced in Pennsylvania and has managed to worm his way back into the Creativity Movement, even being placed in charge of the pennsylvania branch of The Creativity Alliance. I am quite familiar with Stephen Masten and his past actions, as he was involved in the Creativity Prison Ministries while he was incarcerated and was placed in a leadership position in our church- The Ecclesia Creatoris-after he was released. He even moved out to Porterville, California to live at our Headquarters and served as my Liaison for a time. During his time as my Liaision, he actively worked to create dissension in the ranks of our church, attempting to drive a wedge between Reverend Jeff Lodor and myself, and sabotage our efforts to find common ground with other Church factions, deliberately misleading both myself and Reverend James Logsdon of The Creativity Movement of what the others intentions were. Stephen was eventually given the option to resign from his positions or have them stripped from him as a result of his failure to fulfill his duties and engaging in activities unbecoming a Creator. He chose to resign, moved out of our HQ and began acting as a criminal thug in Porterville. After a short time, he had a falling out with one of his cronies and began carrying a gun in preperation for a confrontation with his former friend. However, before this showdown took place Stephen was arrested for carrying a loaded and concealed .357 Magnum. In California, an ex-felon carrying a gun is a mandatory five year prison sentence. There are no exceptions to this rule. Yet Stephen found a way to serve only six months in County Jail and be released with a suspended sentence: He became an informant for the authorities and tried to take down the Church. While in County Jail, he came across Rev Lodor , who was being held on charges of commiting a " Hate Crime" ( he posted a Creator Skinhead Movement flyer on the window of a jewish-owned jewlery store). Rev Lodor was subsequently released with no charges filed, and , surprisingly , Stephen was released right around the same time- after having established a connection with Rev Lodor and getting him to agree to allow him (Stephen) to move back in at our HQ. Against my advice, Stephen was allowed to stay at HQ again, and it didn't take long for Stephen to get to work. Stephen contacted me trying to gain my confidence and get information on our future plans and activites. I told him bluntly that I didn't trust him and was suspicious of his being released from jail when he should be serving time in prison. Almost immediately after that, the FBI, ATF and Washington State Police raided the home of Reverend Patrick Noble and arrested him on suspicion of organizing a Criminal organization for the purpose of commiting hate crimes, and conspiring to overthrow the U.S. Government. After Rev. Noble was arrested, Stephen stole property from our HQ (including many of our holy books) and went into hiding- never to contact us again. If you are naive enough to believe this could be a coincidence (ignoring the fact that he stole from us and disappeared after an arrest was made and he was already under suspicion), take into consiederation the fact that after Stephen took off, the charges against Rev. Noble were dismissed due to the fact that prosecutions witness had disappeared. Furthermore, Stephen has remained in hiding for a few years hoping this would blow over. Finally, friendly elements in the Porterville Law Enforcement communtiy have made it clear that Stephen had an agreement to work as an informant, and currently has a warrant out for his arrest for failing to live up to his end of the bargain. The resurfacing of Stephen Masten in a leadership postion in our Movement is a concern to us all-perhaps he is in trouble again and trying to find a way to take down large portions of the Movement to save himself. I urge everyone in the Movement to avoid this man and to avoid any who have ties to him if you wish to avoid being arrested on trumped-up charges and thrown in prison. My duty to warn others of the treachery of this treasonous informant being done, I will allow you to make your own decisions. Anyone desiring more information should feel free to contact us at the addresses provided below. Keep up the fight and never give in, my Brothers and Sisters. We will prevail in the end, despite the treason which threatens our existence. RAHOWA!
For Church and Race, Rev Mike Todd P.P
Pontifex Primus~Ecclesia Creatoris

W.Smith (Canada)

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The line i find most interesting.........."Finally, friendly elements in the Porterville Law Enforcement communtiy have made it clear that Stephen had an agreement to work as an informant, and currently has a warrant out for his arrest for failing to live up to his end of the bargain."...........

So the author of the post is communicating with the police? And Rev. Stephen has a warrant for not sharing information with the police? :-\

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Well, Mike Todd has just burned his bridges (there's more, but I wont waste my energy dwelling on it). Todd's running to TCM with information (think gossip) to publicly expose one of our members rather than doing the right thing and acting as a brother should and informing us on the quiet, was not the act of a Creator. So instead of listening to the gossip with an open ear, we choose to reject it, marry it with the information that Reverend Masten and others have already given us on this matter and then as Brother W Smith has done, we find fault with the writer and his willingness to consort with enemies of the Church and so-called "friendly elements" within government law enforcement agencies.

As far as I'm concerned, the Creativity Prison Movement (and whatever other names they claim to go by these days) have just relegated themselves to the same class as TCM and will therefore be treated as such from now on.

Creators within the Alliance who wish to pursue their own form of Creativity Prison Ministries are now free to do so.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 420, Oaklands Park, SA, Australia, 5046

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Creator Flags, the Holybooks of Creativity, Shirts & More ...

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." Mark Twain.

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Sounds like a load of tripe to me, as per usual from that gang of deformed inbreeds.

If Rev Masten could go through this statement and dispell/clarify each accusation made, we can throw this where it should be, the trash.

Formerly a Minister with the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC)

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     RAHOWA!  Racial Loyalist Greetings and Hail to you comrades.  Seeing as how these heinous allegations have been thrown against me, I will take the time to easily dispell Reverend Todd's claims... although I should not have to partake in such slander and backbiting.

     To begin, as I have told many of my comrades in the Creativity Alliance, I did indeed work with the Creativity Prison Ministries and also lived in California with Reverend Todd's family.  I disclosed this information of my own free will.  Would I have done this were I to commit an act of treason against the CPM or the Ecclesia Creatoris?  That would clearly not be sensible.

     To be blunt, I was never asked to resign either, but Rev.  Todd and Rev.  Lodor did grow angry with me due to the fact that I left the Creator Skinhead Movement and joined a separate skinhead organization.  Ironically, I still possess the letter from Reverend Todd telling me that this was treason against my comrades, although in the same letter, he tells me that I will retain my Ministerial title.  I can mail this to Reverend Cambeul, P.M. if he so inclines to read this proof for himself.

     The Porterville home was raided after Reverend Jeff Lodor posted these flyers and used the Creator Skinhead contact point as the same one for the Church.  He also posted his personal cell phone number, which was listed as 'Carolyn Schmidt,' the owner of the home.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on there, especially when Reverend Lodor was already under police scrutiny.

     Every confidential informant has a c.i. number.  I urge Reverend Todd, or any of his affiliates, to supply one next to my name, paperwork I signed, a police statement, a statement from court, or a comrade who can say I took the stand.  Without this information, which he does not possess, nor does anyone, because it never occurred, his allegations are bogus.

     I left the CPM for a number of reasons, namely the fact that the leadership was not establishing the Ecclesia Creatoris (Church of the Creator) as our Founder intended.  From the dates of May 8, 2008 to April 9, 2010, I was incarcerated.  This should not be construed as hiding.  Of course I am now active in Pennsylvania, because I was born and raised here.

     Personally, I am wondering why one would claim to have any contact with law enforcement in the first place?  Or to be proud of their involvement with Logsdon?  And yes, I did expose Logsdon for what he is at the time.  Up to this point, I have never slandered the EC or the CPM and have even offered to contact them to consolidate our efforts.  I have also previously informed Reverend Cambeul of my leaving them under disagreeable terms.  However, at this point, such a low blow, as well as their involvement with Logsdon, leaves me no choice but to declare them traitors to Creativity.

     I not only state this due to the personal effect that this has had on me after my devoting years of my life to their cause... but I also declareit as a Guardian of the Faith. 

     If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.  The choice is yours what you will decide, but if you so wish to contact "Reverend" Todd on this matter, I urge you to ask for proof.

     Racially and Creatively Yours for a Whiter and Brighter World,

     Reverend Stephen Masten, PCOC - GFC, Creativity Alliance
* Currently serving 40 years in prison because of lying Skinhead police informants.
* More @
* Remains a Friend of Creativity but chose to worship childish spooks whilst in prison.

Write to Mr Masten in Prison
Rev. Stephen Masten #MK3933
Benner Township State Correctional Institution
301 Institution Dr, Bellefonte
Pennsylvania U.S.A. 16823
Email via Connect Network

Note: Emails sent to Mr Masten through this Forum will no longer be redirected to the Church of Creativity Prison Ministries.