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Email to Reverend Joel Dufresne


This was automated, but I thought you'd all like to see it.

I just bought JPay stamps so I can send Reverend Joel Dufresne an email! You can too @JPay_com


--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul ---From:   Cailen Cambeul
Date:   12/27/2021 10:51:47 AM

Apologies my brother for being out of touch for so long. It was my problem. No need to bother you with it.

As I told you, that old pathetic group of toads calling themselves TCM is dead. Nothing has changed there. The last one claiming to be PM and representing Hale was arrested in England. And your old website is now owned by English - Liverpool Police. You know, where the Beatles came from.

Thanks to another old friend of yours, we now own
When I complete your pages on our site, there will be nobody or nothing - no more TCM forum - where you are mentioned other than in good standing.

Joel, I have my Church, and you are my brother. That is all I have in my life. I know I aint living your life ....

Be well. Stay well.

--- End quote ---


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