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Wallace Men Feud
The Miami News - Dec 7, 1967,1137192&dq=ben+klassen&hl=en

White Supremacist Plans Church in N.C. Mountains
The Dispatch - May 25, 1982,5663059&dq=ben+klassen&hl=en

White Supremacist Minister Gets Seven-Year Sentence
The Times-News - Dec 18, 1986,4917526&dq=ben+klassen&hl=en

Gets Tax Exemption - Is Supremacist Group a Church?
Star-News - Aug 26, 1991,4637008&dq=ben+klassen&hl=en

Tax-Exempt Status is Revoked in White-Supremacist Religion
Star-News - Nov 9, 1991,3264147&dq=ben+klassen&hl=en

Supremacist Group Was Low Key
The Milwaukee Sentinel - Jun 27, 1992,6622650&dq=ben+klassen&hl=en

Supremacist Group Moves to Milwaukee
Ocala Star-Banner - Jun 28, 1992,4803820&dq=ben+klassen&hl=en



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